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Delaware tells Newt to KISS OFF !!!!!!!!!

Call it quits Newt ! You kissed Arne Duncan’s ass and you can kiss mine!

Homework for Delaware Rep. Schooley

Academy of Dover board minutes: Last board minutes post August 2010

Campus Community School: March 28, 2012. Thank you board but can we see minutes archived?

East Side Charter School: Last meeting minutes posted 01/25/2012

Family Foundations Academy: I see no minutes but agenda in which last agenda posted was June 20, 2010

Kuumba Academy : Click dates open and you tell me what you see

MOT Charter: Last minutes posted January 2012

The New Maurice J Moyer Academy : Looks like the new charter taking over from K12.Inc is getting setup. I see no board minutes but it’s my understand the new charter organization takes over July 1, 2012. But where are the minutes under K12.Inc “apparently” they were exempt by DE DOE.

Newark Charter see previous post

Pencader Charter School: Last minutes posted February 23, 2012

Positive Outcomes Charter School: On the ball, last meeting minutes March 9, 2012

Prestige Academy: Nothing posted since December 2010

Providence Creek  : Last minutes March 2012 but where is the board agenda?

Reach Academy  : Last minutes March 15, 2012. Mentions board meeting dates on upcoming events but don’t see agendas.

Sussex Academy : Last minutes March 28, 2012. Don’t see agendas.

Thomas Edison : No minutes or agendas but board dates are noted on school calendar.

*Charter School of Wilmington noted on previous post.

*Delaware Military Academy  : I don’t see minutes or agenda. See if you can find them.

*Delaware College Prep. : Last meeting December 2011. No agenda but does provides dates of mettings

Odyssey Charter  I see no board minutes or agendas. I do see financial reports

* Red Clay is oversight authority

As you can see there is a communication mess here! Schooley needs to answer-up as why no uniformity and consistency is charter school board meeting minutes and agendas. The Delaware Department of Education lacks capacity in the oversight responsibility of Delaware charter schools and Governor Markell apparently doesn’t care ! Jack has been at it again selling his transparency but has his head in the sand when it comes to the truth.

I wonder what would happen if the traditional school districts behaved like this?

Boot the Newt! Gingrich supports federal control of local schools

Please get out and vote today against Newt Gingrich! Romney has it in the bag. Delaware parents need to send Gingrich a message we don’t like the federal government dictating to our local schools and school boards. Let this primary election in Delaware be about sending a message to Gingrich and his buddy Arne Duncan. 

Newt Gingrich is bad for public education Kilroy’s November 22, 2011

Is CSW board of directors undermining chief’s openness?

Charter School of Wilmington new chief Baldwin brings a new fresh reality to the school. He is smart enough to see all the arrows being fired at charter schools and knows in time laws will be tweaked. He is taking action. Cautiously but forward.

I could only image when the chief first sat-down with his new crew the crew didn’t want changes. I am starting to think the crew is seeding a mutiny that might be employing some board of director leaders. Communication is key to any successful organization and it appears the Charter School Board of Directors have created a blackout on their meeting minutes. Pay attention Rep. Schooley! Look closely at this, CSW Board Agenda & Minutes. Looks like CSW board adopted a new policy of operating in the dark. And looks like Newark Charter is in on the game!  Hey Schooley do we really need public meetings with state legislators to address the obvious? Your lack of attentiveness to the laws and your responsibilities has help enabled charter schools to run backroom games! Where is the uniformity in the responsibility of charter schools reporting to the public aka taxpayers? Yes Nancy perhaps Schooley needs to go because, she is now trying to play asshole shell  games with the public.
























Block Scheduling Workshop









Schooley playing games with charter school law

Charter schools subject of hearing; Legislators seek public comments Written by WADE MALCOLM The News Journal

After heated debates over the future of two charter schools, Delaware legislators plan to hold a public hearing next week to get input from residents as it considers changes to the state’s charter regulations.

“There may be some things [the Legislature] should tweak a little bit or maybe something we should discuss a little bit,” said Schooley, who chairs the committee. “I think it could be the beginning of taking a fresh look at charter schools.”

If Schooley can’t comprehend the issues of concern surrounding charter schools and education reform she needs turn-in her keys to Dover.

The public hearing will produce a wave of pro charter parents organized with paid transportation by their schools. They’ll be backed-up a large statewide  parent organization who is bias to the goals of Governor Markell and the business roundtable. Schooley wants to play-down her intelligence on education issue and the overall impact of charter schools.

Why didn’t the state legislators host public hearings on Race to The Top and Common Core States in which both will impact state and local education funding? Markell’s defense for charter will be Race to The Top is one of the  requirement options for school turnaround in which state legislators approved via RTTT MOU. ! If state legislators put a moratorium on charter schools the feds could hold back Race to The Top funding. What we need is changes in the charter school law not a moratorium.

If Schooley can’t wrap her head around something is wrong with public schools aka charters not building cafeterias we need to end her legislative meal-ticket. If Schooley can’t wrap her head around “specific interest” admission requirements is discrimination of public school students by intelligence, she needs to step-down from the House Education Committee. If Schooley can’t see a new dual language charter school blocks from Red Clay Lewis is nothing more than duplication of services and adds no innovation to education then perhaps Schooley needs to visit Red Clay administrators. If Schooley can’t see the biggest problem with charter school approval and oversight  is inconsistent, unprofessional and driven by egotists people at the Delaware Department of Education, then she need to forfeit her state provided healthcare and all retirement benefits due her.

Hey Schooley, why is it that Moyer Charter School is exempt from H.B. #119?

Rep Schooley have you ever considered sitting down with local school district administrators to hear their side of the charter school impact?

The end-game is meeting the needs and demands of parents re: CHOICE ! I support that. But the legislators have a responsibility to ensure fair and equitable education for all students under any form of state funding public education. We don’t need public meetings at legislative hall to ensure legislators commit to their legal and moral duties.

Rep. Schooley go back and find out why Dave Sokola manipulated the close of legislative session 2002 where Title 1 , Chapter 2, Subsection I; 207 was repealed? I know you were elected 2004 but check it out!  Why was there no public meeting on that? Stop hiding behind the public to avoid your moral obligation to ensure fair and equitable education for all public school children. Honor the law not your special interest groups.

“§ 207. Legislative educational impact statements. Repealed by 73 Del. Laws, c. 312, § 334, effective June 25, 2002.”