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OMG! War breaks out in the Christina school board race !

Anti Harris blog emerges  Vote No on Val Harris 4 Christina School Board OUCH

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Kilroy Esquire takes on Delaware charter school lottery law

Delaware Code Title 14, Chapter 5, 506 Restrictions (a) (2) (b)

 b. By lottery in the case of over-enrollmen

My interpretation of this section of the law suggests that if there are more application that seats available “all” application goes into a lottery.

Charter School of Wilmington webpage notes this “Admission is highly competitive and unfortunately, there are always well qualified students who do not gain admission.” Which leads to believe all highly qualified applicants are selected first and others go on some kind wait list hoping an approved student changes their mind. I don’t know if CSW has a lottery process for those on a wait-list or if the order of the wait list is based on application qualification rankings?

Delaware Military Academy  webpage notes this,  “At present, our enrollment projection for the new 9th grade class is filled.  A lottery was conducted on February 7 for non-preference applicants.  If openings occur, applicants will be contacted by phone for an interview from this list according to their lottery number.  As applicants are called, the list is adjusted appropriately”.  DMA makes it clear the lottery is for “non-preference applicants” suggesting an selective application. BUT in on another DMA page it states this. “A lottery will be used in the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of openings after preference is given to siblings and Red Clay School District residents”. So to be fair I’ll assume “non-preference applications” is just that.

DMA doesn’t come out a say they use the “specific interest” preference even for Red Clay preference applicants.

As for Charter School of Wilmington

A. Students who have specific-interest in CSW’s methods, philosophy or educational focus
B. Students residing within in the Red Clay School District
C. Siblings of students enrolled in CSW
D. Children of CSW permanent Employees
E. Children of CSW Founders

I wonder if siblings, children of employees and founders are required to meet “specific interest”?

As for Newark Charter Schools, its my understanding other than the 5 mile radius preference and sibling, employee children and founder’s children preferences, NCS takes all applications and puts them in a lottery. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Obvious with any of these charter schools the lowest grades have the most open seats. Obvious, once you are in you’re in each year without reapplying.

The assumption that “all” application are dumped into a lottery is false.  Those going into the lottery are behind those with preferences or specific interest.

Wow hats off to MOT charter besides sibling, employee and founder preferences MOT has this preference, “Applicant living within the Appoquinimink School District. Applicant must live in the Appoquinimink School District at the time the offer of enrollment is made to receive this preference”. MOT isn’t chartered by Appoquininmink school district. CSW and DMA uses Red Clay preferences because of the charter agreement with Red Clay.

The preferences aren’t mandatory (except in the case of Red Clay) because the preference law says this , “charter school may be given preference under the following circumstances as long as the school has described its preferences in the school’s charter:” See the word “MAY”! Newark Charter does not list “Specific interest” therefore cannot cherry pick beyond the scope of their established preferences.

The reality of the charter school law is, not all Delaware students have equal access to charter schools due restrictive preferences.

Do traditional public schools have preferences ? Yes!

Traditional public school have preferences such as must live in the district unless choice application is approved, must attend schools within the district based on assigned feeder-patterns unless choice application is approved, public district magnet schools applications must be approved and Votechs applications must be approved.

Lowery Delaware’s rising star sucked in by political black-hole

Dr. Lowery served Delaware well

Congratulations to Lillian Lowery. Gov. Markell’s secretary of education is moving next door. She has accepted the job of state superintendent of schools in Maryland.

Well the News Journal just highlighted the real problem and failures of Delaware education! “Gov. Markell’s secretary of education”. She was to be “Delaware’s” secretary of education.

Under her leadership, the department developed a system — a controversial one, for sure — of confronting and righting failing schools throughout the state.

The plans were developed by the business roundtables of Delaware and American and was shoved in Markell’s back pocket with campaign contribution.

She also was instrumental in winning the federal Race to the Top competition for Delaware.

Remember that in two year when Race to The Top goes unfunded.

The selection of the next secretary of education will be an important one for Gov. Markell and for Delaware.

If so important why was his selection made back in February and after Lowery’s announcement he still sits on that information? Obviously he wants to make it look like he gave it long thought.

Good luck Lillian and a message to Maryland parents; tell your governor to let Lillian do her job and keep his hands out!  She was a shinning star in Delaware but was held back by the political black-hole that sucks all common sense out of public education. Image, a banker controlling education reform! A banker and innovator that needs TARP! Guess who’ll pay the Race to The Top TARP? You got  it local taxpayers!