Governor Markell’s failed education policies pushes Lowery out!

Education Secretary Lowery leaving for Md. job

Delaware Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery has accepted a job in Maryland as the secretary of education of that state.

Remember this folks Let’s just pretend Lowery is leaving Delaware DOE on June 30th Posted on February 17, 2012 by kilroysdelaware and this, Just in Lillian Lowery “may” be leaving DEDOE June 30th Posted on February 16, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

Now guess who will be the next Secretary of Education ??? 🙂

28 responses to “Governor Markell’s failed education policies pushes Lowery out!

  1. lastDEconservative

    Now guess who will be the next Secretary of Education ???

    A. Kilroy
    2. Deputy Dan
    D. Lois Lane


  2. dontdestroyncs

    I vote for DDC!! Let’s make it happen!!


  3. Meece


  4. kilroysdelaware

    Dan is not qualified under state law!
    § 102. Secretary; Deputy, Associate and Assistant Secretaries; Acting Secretary; appointment.

    (a) The administrator and head of the Department shall be the Secretary of Education, who shall be a graduate of an accredited college and shall have not less than 5 years’ experience in teaching and administration, with experience in each such category.

    Word has it Dan will be going with Lil !

    Kiloy !! LOL I am over qualified

    I know who is on the list! Conversations have started long ago!


  5. Pushed out? Seems like a big promotion to me. Maryland schools are ranked, I think, second in the country, and it’s a bigger state.

    … Go for it Kilroy!! 🙂


  6. lastDEconservative

    Joe Miro, Dream Act PanderDaddy


  7. lastDEconservative

    I can’t get Lois’s blog to load. Anybody else?


  8. I vote for pandora or coolspringer.


  9. kilroysdelaware

    Meece ??? what does he know about public schools ? LOL

    Newarkmom! didn’t you see Kilroy’s rule #1 ? Kilroy’s tells the jokes! LOL Sure it’s a bigger feather in her hat but she’s not leaving because ot that! Hopefully the governor of Maryland will let her do her job!


  10. kilroysdelaware

    OMG Pandora ?? She’ll want like 200K just for wine allowance ! LOL

    Coolspringer ? Now that’s a thought!


  11. Oops, I forgot your rule!! LOL. It’s like the presidency….who in their right mind would want that job right now? :-/


  12. dontdestroychristina

    Dr. Marica Lyles is available. So is Dr. Tony Marchio and likely Dr., Merv Daugherty.

    If asked, I will not serve.


  13. Joanne Christian

    Wrong, wrong and wrong. Godspeed Dr. Lowery–you are a marvelous, terrific, principled woman who has the integrity to say this “Race” has gone too far.


  14. What is the rational for having teaching experience as a requirement?


  15. Darn. I was just warming up to her.


  16. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Newarkmom…YES, MD has accomplished having a Baldrige recipient schools district – Montgomery Cty – in the same time as Delaware
    failed to expand the success of our work in MIlford schools.

    Dr. Lowery will have the added benefit of helping to direct efforts that
    will now be deployed state-wide as well as a high performance team
    and state-wide understanding of the tools of continuous quality improvement.

    I, for one, will look forward to her ability to accelerate MD’s education
    achievements and, if asked, will provide technical assistance, tools,
    and support.


  17. Joanne, MD also won RTTT.


  18. correction: won should read “won”


  19. “OMG Pandora ?? She’ll want like 200K just for wine allowance ! LOL”

    Life’s too short for bad wine!


  20. Greg MAZZOTTA


    Nice comment and well stated; I concur…Godspeed, indeed.


  21. Joanne Christian

    But not w/ the phrenetic scrutiny we did.


  22. true, but there are opponents there too.


  23. I wonder if MD will allow Dr. Lowery as much job flexibility as she had in DE? You know, like admiting information into the public record after the deadline (i.e. flawed/baseless ACLU letter), delaying her recommendation to consider more conjecture, I mean information after the deadline for public comment had passed and imposing illegal requirements on one charter school but not all charter schools. Other than that, she did a great job with the NCS charter expansion.


  24. Good one Patriot.


  25. Greg MAZZOTTA


    If I may interject here…MD schools have a 10 yr. start on designing,
    building, and revising/sustaining the business/operational processes that support Quality Education.

    Specifically, Montgomery Cty Schools is driven by hundreds of such processes…see link below


  26. For the record- Lillian was a class act all the way and the fact that she was run out of town is a trememdous loss to our state. It speaks of a serious serious problem in the lack of the Balance of Power with Markell and we have to get serious. Deputy Dan is a serious threat to the future of education in the state. Now that Lillian is gone, other valuable employees will feel more vulnerable to Dan’s fury and not feel safe harbor anywhere. This is serious

    Dear Colleague,

    I write to let you know that I will be leaving Delaware for another opportunity and to thank you for allowing me to serve with you. It has been an honor to work under the visionary leadership of Governor Jack Markell as a member of his Administration. While I have been privileged to serve as Delaware’s Secretary of Education, I am excited to be joining the Maryland State Department of Education as the State Superintendent of Schools. This new opportunity will allow me to work in another wonderful state, hopefully having a positive impact on many more students, while being closer to my family.

    We have made so much progress in Delaware over these last few years and I look forward to applying all that we’ve learned. I am convinced that years from now, observers will look back at our efforts the past few years as a time when Delaware led a nationwide movement to make our schools all they can be. And while I will miss being involved on a day to day basis in Delaware, I will be following the progress closely and cheering the successes here every step of the way.

    I have learned so much from each of you. Your talent, passion, and commitment to excellence have enriched me both personally and professionally. Leaving Delaware will be bitter sweet. I will carry the heartfelt friendships, lessons learned, and profound respect for each of you in my heart always.

    With deepest gratitude and respect,



  27. Coolspringer

    *Blushing* Owe you both a beer! Or maybe a really nice glass of pandora-inspired wine… But I suppose I’ll remain a backseat blogjockey & board addict, I feel more useful that way, anyway! 😉

    Greg – Montgomery County IS an interesting example. Very concerted effort to socioeconomically integrate the schools (in concert with housing) there, featured in a book I’m reading.


  28. I was going to say if Pandora is a wino we would get along great. 🙂 But then she had to say she doesn’t do cheap wine 😦 We could still get along, she could share her expensive wine 🙂