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Delaware Dream Act price tags seems low-balled?

BILL:                      SENATE BILL NO. 169



SPONSOR:               Senator Marshall



  1. Fiscally effective for the school year beginning September 2012.

  2. Entitled the “DREAM” Act, this legislation would allow undocumented students to pay tuition and fees at the in-state, resident rate at Delaware public higher education institutions.

  3. This Act also provides that undocumented students shall be eligible for SEED and INSPIRE scholarships if the student meets the eligibility requirements for the respective scholarship.

  4. Undocumented students are currently eligible for the SEED program under existing admission policies at Delaware Technical and Community College (“DTCC”).

  5. There are currently 2 undocumented students attending the University of Delaware’s Associate in Arts Program of a total enrollment of 667 students.  These students would otherwise be eligible for SEED but are not classified as Delaware residents.

  6. The cost estimate is based on the following:

  • an annual tuition rate of $4,220 (inflated by 5% in the out years)

  • each eligible student will receive the maximum SEED or INSPIRE award as undocumented students cannot receive federally-funded financial aid; and

  • 4 students receiving assistance at the University of Delaware or Delaware State University in F.Y. 2013 and 7 students in F.Y.2 014 and F.Y.2015.


             Fiscal Year 2013              4 students x $4,220             $16,880

             Fiscal Year 2014              7 students x $4,430             $31,010

             Fiscal Year 2015              7 students x $4,650             $32,550

Office of Controller General         (Amounts are shown in whole dollars)

March 20, 2012



Kilroy’s says once the Delaware Dream Act is the law of the land it will be a popular destination for more illegals. Just another state sponsored Trojan Horse. Less than $35,000.00 and the colleges and universities can’t absorb the cost and need legislation! Something is fishy here!

Newark Charter expansion passes unanimously

Reported by Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Passes unanimously #ncsapp

Well there you have it folks! The done deal is done! Newark Charter School request for a high school / modfication has passes unanimously!

Congratulation Newark Charter School parents! But don’t fall asleep because calls for changes in the law very likely.

Take cover Dontdestroychristina !

Board approves Newark Charter expansion Written by WADE MALCOLM and NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

Lowery issued her recommendation last week to allow the expansion as long as Newark Charter met certain conditions to diversify its student body. Without specifying how it should accomplish this, Lowery said Newark Charter must do significant outreach to attract more minority applicants. Currently, about a third of the students are racial or ethnic minorities.

The school also will need to add a free and reduced lunch program for low-income students, a change charter school leaders had agreed to add during the application process.

In her recommendation, Lowery said the conditions were added because the school did not reflect the demographics of the surrounding community. She also wanted students from a wider range of backgrounds to benefit from the school’s impressive track record.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent are at the state board meeting tweeting!

Nichole Dobo ‏ @nicholedobo  RT @wademalcolm: Heffernan warns not to expect “king Solomon” type wisdom on charter issues … #ncsapp

Kilroy says; State board to have Crab Imperial for Dinner 🙂

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm When we get to charter part of the meeting, the board will weigh Campus Community modification first #ncsapp

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Then Newark Charter will be next followed by Sussex Academy

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Looks like we’ll be taking a short break before getting to charter stuff. 10 min recess #ncsapp

Lois Lane is reporting 90 more minute of other presentation before getting to Newark Charter! Relax CSN parents, its a done deal! No way Markell will allow a no vote! One or two board members will vote not to make it look (politically) good.

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Newark Charter up for discussion now

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Newark Charter expansion plan is moved and seconded. Now discussion #ncsapp

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Whittaker says we ought to see the diversity plan before they vote on it #ncsapp

Kilroy predicts two no votes coming but NCS approved

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm  Whittaker said a plan is just a plan unless you prescribe a desired outcome #ncsapp not sure if it will be effective

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm  Cruce says we have time to work with charter on diversity plan bc high school won’t open until 2013 #ncsapp

 WadeMalcolm: Newark Charter expansion is approved#ncsapp [via Twitter]

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Christina needs to raise its game with its high schools Heffernan says#

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm If Christina HS were better this whole discussion never would happen he says

Wade Malcolm ‏ @WadeMalcolm Passes unanimously #ncsapp

Farewell to Newark Charter School parents

Today the Delaware State Board of Education will be voting YES on Lowery’s recommendation to approve Newark Charter School’s expansion request. So with that YES many if not all the Newark Charter School parents who have stopping by Kilroy’s will be moving on.

I just want to urge the Newark Charter School parents to stay objective and weight the issue based on the fair and equitable impact that should be meeting all students needs. Changes in the charter school law are coming so be objective.

I am sure Newark Charter School parents are going to be busy celebrating and baking crow-pies for Dontdestroychristina. So I just wanted to send out my early congratulations. And whatever you do Newark Charter School parents please don’t hold a crab-feast fundraiser for Newark Charter School. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Its be great having all you Newark Charter School parents visiting Kilroy’s and I think for many it was a two-way learning process. Shout-out to Pandora for hanging-out at Kilroy during this NCS crisis. Hopefully you’ve attracted some new DL fans. For those who love the flavor of Kool-Aid here is a new blog for you Kendall’s Charter Adventures  Blogger is a rookie to the blog world and if you visited her blog more often perhaps she’ll do more than one post a month. So if you like a blog where one lies to it and the other swears to it you’ll enjoy this new blog.