Daily Archives: April 14, 2012

Breaking news! Delaware Libertarian returns

Steve Newton is back as the The Delaware Libertarian !

Delaware charter schools crying the $$$$ blues

Attached is information sent out by the charter school network asking parents to contact state legislators for increase funding for charter schools.

It appears Delaware charter schools are heading into financial distress. Those who started charter schools knew the funding stream and now cry funding isn’t fair. I am for equal operational funding and even capital funding. However, we’re a long way off from achieving that. The charter school law needs to change ending discriminatory practices. The cherry picking and dumping undesirable charter students back on the traditional schools needs to end. Traditional public schools don’t require entrance test and review of students current academic performance. Perhaps charter schools need to stop feeding charter school management companies and hire competent school leaders.

At this point, Delaware taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to provide more funding to cover paying for charter school buildings. Charter schools are corporations where the state has no ownership in real-estate. If a charter school corporation decides to fold they take the property and use if for non-education commercial use. I’d like to see better funding for charter schools but until charter schools have admission practices equal to traditional public schools I can’t support the call for more funding. Cherry picking and building charter school solely for minority children needs to end. Let’s not use taxpayers money to segregate public schools via charters.