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Lowery using Newark Charter as whipping post for the ills of charter school laws

To: The Delaware State Board of Education
From: Lillian M. Lowery, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education
Re: Newark Charter School Application for Charter Modification
Date: April 12, 2012

The above is a link to Delaware Secretary of Education’s opinion and recommendation on Newark Charter School modification request.

The questions regarding the 5 mile attendance radius is a bit harsh against Newark Charter School and I see nothing in the state charter school law requiring NCS to formulate an outreach plan to promote racial and ethic balance. Shouldn’t this be a requirement of all charter schools including Wilmington Charter School.

From the News Journal by Nichole Dobo ” In a letter released today, the Delaware Secretary of Education recommended approval of the Newark Charter School expansion, but with conditions, including that the school improves its outreach to poor and minority students.

This requirement needs to apply to all charter schools. Also, where is the Delaware Department of Education’s responsibility to “effectively” communicate charter school options for all students? Again the problem is with the charter school law.

As far as the Free and Reduced Lunch question, I support Newark Charter’s  willingness to address this concern. Also, the charter school application process should have addressed this concern. The application process is FLAWED!

If you think I am flipping-flopping on the issues you’re wrong. I stated over and over, the problems which “are” valid concerns are flaws in the Delaware charter school law. The 5 mile attendance radius preference is a concern. But one could question some of Red Clay’s feeder-patterns. This one has been a tough one as I tried to view concern from all angles and perspective. Newark Charter School is within the law.

Its time to review Delaware charter school laws from top to bottom. Its time to  put a hold on all new charter school applications until a complete review has been completed and adjustments to the charter school laws have been made.