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No college handouts to illegal aliens in Delaware!

Legality of tuition benefits for illegal immigrants debated Written by WADE MALCOLM The News Journal

The concerns raised by some legislators and higher education leaders stem from suits brought against similar laws in other states. Opponents to such legislation claim federal law forbids offering tuition benefits to students without legal residency.

Delaware’s version of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (known as the DREAM Act) is scheduled for hearing April 25 before the Senate Education Committee. The University of Delaware and Delaware Technical Community College already offer in-state tuition rates for undocumented students who meet certain qualifications.

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My position remains the same, I oppose this legislation to allow illegal aliens instate tuition. Also, I oppose illegal aliens access to SEED and Inspire Scholarship. Did you know SEED and Inspire pays for what federal education grants don’t and all students applying for SEED and Inspire “must” apply for federal assistance first! You can’t apply for federal assistance without a Social Security Card. So what that means, illegals will get 100% of SEED or Inspire. Students from surrounding states who are American citizens are required to pay out of state tuition. I feel for these illegals whose parents brought them across the borders but there is a way to becomes a legal American. Join the military.