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Delaware’s Race to The Top failing! Gov. Markell still trying to sell it to parents!

Panel: Education a team endeavor; Parents, teachers, community all cited as keys to improving Delaware schools. Written by NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

The session featured four experts discussing Delaware’s public school system at an event titled “Delaware’s Race to the Top: Strategies for World-Class Schools.”

The event should have been called, Addressing the fractures in Delaware’s education reform plan. We’re two years into Race to The Top and Markell and his political puppets are trying to still selling to the public.  Markell signed on to Race to The Top and Common Core Standards before holding meaningful dialogue with parents. He sounds himself with all yes people and ignores those who are concerned. People are getting tired of Markell’s just buy it and we’ll indoctrinate parents as we go!

“Gladney shared how Howard High engages families before students arrive on campus. She said every incoming freshman gets a home visit from a school staff member. And the school also reaches out to parents to ask them what information they need from the school, she said.”

Kind of sounds like what Hodgson and Delcastle does! Were is the innovation Howard High?

“Legislating parental engagement seems fraught with difficulty,” Jenner said, adding that getting parents involved is a key to success, but laws may not be the best way to approach it.

That’s because Delaware are full of the would “may” whereas, they need more “shall” and “must”. Involvement is what we really need. Engagement to ensure their kids get to school, homework complete, fed breakfast and rest is the foundation for successful students. Parents who refuse to attend “critical” requested meeting or even phone conferences need to be fined. But yea Jenner, I know what you are talking about.

Jenner noted that she’s seen several approaches in Delaware to engage parents, citing a home-visit program by Pulaski Elementary School in Wilmington.

And that’s a good approach! But we don’t need contracts with third-parties via contracts especially with community leaders running side businesses . We need teams from the schools.  $8.2 million dollars for Data Coaches could have been better served providing Parent Coaches.

Early childhood education is also critical to the success of K-12 schools, Jenner said, noting that children who enter kindergarten without the skills they need are being set up with a deficit before they even begin

Sounds good! But we need to address the loss in gains for students moving from elementary to middle school. Sure go head with Preschool but we’ll hear the same concern that children aren’t ready for Preschool. Who knows, the next president of the United States might call for pulling teachers in birthing rooms. Parents are their child’s first teacher and if they aren’t prepared children fail. Delaware high school dropout rate is 3.7% far better than teacher retention rate. Sure the Graduation Rate of about 82% could be better, But the fact is students are willing to stay one more year to graduate. Delaware has one of the lowest dropout rates in the country, 3.7% a 30+ year low. The downward trend started before Race to The Top. Will we ever see 0%?

Adriana Bohm, a mother of two students in Highlands Elementary school in Wilmington, raised concerns about racial and socioeconomic segregation of neighborhood schools.

Lowery said charter schools and school choice are options for Delaware parents.

So Lowery said, segregation is by choice using Choice and Charters? Its what society wants?

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper asked the panel what more they would like to see. Jenner said parental engagement; Lowery said “more time” to continue work on efforts under way; Gladney said more parents involved in a meaningful way; and Bernal said more professional development for teachers.

Sounds like there is some truth to the concerns that Race to The Top is unproven and we need more time to sell the lie! No we need to get professional bankers out of education and allow teachers to do their jobs as “trained” education professional.  Any changes in teacher development needs to be a the college levels where teachers are being trained. U of D Harker needs to get his head out of K-12 and focus on his house that produces teachers ill-prepared.

As the recipient of two major federal grants, Delaware has an extra $119 million meant to improve public K-12 schools and $50 million to boost the state’s early childhood education efforts. Those efforts have been supported by elected officials, the union and business leaders

The problem is, the grants are being run like a mandate! Changing state education regulation to pacify a grants who the first clue something was wrong.

Nicholas M. Marsini Jr., regional president of PNC Bank, noted that Delaware must boost its low graduation rate, and reaching children early is an important part of that work

Can you lower your creditcard rates so parents can put more food on the table?

The decision to focus on education was because the quality of the public school system is an important issue for Delawareans.

Yea and lets dismantle traditional schools at the same time Race to The Top is being implemented! Race to The Top is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for charters.