Daily Archives: April 5, 2012

Kilroy to RECOM: The Drones are coming

Drone use in the U.S. raises privacy concerns

(CBS News) – Unmanned aerial vehicles, a key weapon in the hunt for terrorists overseas, are coming to America. In February, President Barack Obama signed a bill that opens U.S. airspace to thousands of these unmanned aircraft.

The drones come in just about any size you want – as large as a passenger plane – or as small as a hummingbird

“They’re technologies that not only give you capabilities that you couldn’t have imagined a generation earlier,” Singer said. “But they’re also technologies that cause questions that you weren’t asking yourself a generation earlier.”

I wonder what ramifications the use of Drone would have on the Plain view doctrine? Will video from miniature drones be probable cause via plain view doctrine to make an arrest without a warrant? Would evidences from an intrusive device not be able to withstand legal challenge?

OMG will Paul Clark use Drones to survey the county looking for violations re: not keeping yards in compliance? How about one for Secret Squirrel at Red Clay flying around looking for pot-heads smoking weed at McKean? Wait, one for Kilroy! Blogger in the sky! I can see it now, Kilroy post, dontdestroychristina buys underwear from Ringling Brothers. Kilroy’s blog Drone flies past dontdestroychristina’s clothesline and scans label on underwear “handmade by Ringling Brothers”! LOL 🙂