Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

Will First State Military Academy be DE DOE sacrificial lamb ?

I am getting some information that Delaware Department of Education / Charter Office may be poised to shoot-down First State Military Academy’s application.

Perhaps Markell wants to flex his charter muscles in response of DE DOE lack of capacity that ignores the fact that new proposed charter schools plan on having no cafetieres and try to find ways  out of providing free and reduced lunch to the most neediest students. So perhaps some charter applicants may take a fall for political purposes! Markell will screw anyone to same face. But there may be a darker secret to not approving this application.

I looked First State Military Academy’s charter application over and noticed this:  “First State Military Academy does not plan to unitize the service of a management company”. Interesting!!!!! See how many charter application get shot-down without Innovative Schools rubber stamp! But rumor has it Tom Carper gives this school a thumbs-up. Look out Tom, Markell might primary your ass!

Now I see why some brave Delaware State legislators are preparing to form committees to address the flaws in Delaware charter school laws and the charter approval process. Governor Markell has been scrambling to create a study group to fend of any new charter legislation unfavorable to him and his Wall Street buddies.

Delaware Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery could show some bravery and require all charter school review committees be recorded and put he foot-down on committee members from doing business outside the meeting dates. Much of what goes on with the charter school approval process is predetermined and if applicants play ball with the right people they application approval is a done deal before the ink dries.

In Delaware it’s not always who you know but rather sometimes who you blow! So get on your knees with Jack Markell and follow his lead. When the prize serves personal wealth or feeds self-centered egos lacking morals join Jack Markell in swallowing a little pride.