Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

Breaking! Jack Markell shares plans to run for U. S. President with his family

Is Governor Markell forming a charter school law review group?

So Jack, let me get this right; You’re calling your stakeholders together to review the charter school law but you’re not allowing each school district a seat at the table?

I would think the school districts would have a great stake in charter schools operating in their district without “their” approval.

Jack don’t you think it’s time to do some house cleaning at the Delaware Department of Education? What was that Jack?? What would I do? Thanks for asking! I would fire your ass as education czar! Tell Skipper to look for property in Sarasota, Fl and stay there! Let Lillian do her job as a professional educators not some political pawn.

Jack Give my communication officer Rick Jensen a call and perhaps I can spare you a few minutes. Better yet, how about the Green Room. I know a nice power table in the far left corner. I am good with Opus One.