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Newark Charter modification application might be in jeopardy

Mike O raised some concerns the Newark Charter requested previous school records as part of the application process. I pretty much said he was full of shit because, Newark Charter does not use a specific interest preference as Charter School of Wilmington and they “only” use the 5 mile radius , sibling preference and employee / board children preference. well here it is, a copy of Newark Charter School 2011-12 application. READ THE FINE PRINT AT THE BOTTOM!

“Signing this form authorizes Newark Charter School to access this student’s school records for purposes of evaluating this application”

Holy shit !!!!!!!!!!! Smoking gun on this one Mike O. Why do they need this information prior to applicant being admitted?? NCS does not use specific interest preference!!!!!!!!! Looks like someone is playing a slick game of cherry picking or something!  Hey Lizzie, somebody needs to come clean 🙂 I wonder are some of these applicants being counseled out prior to the lottery? Hey DOE Dan, what do you make of this? I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!


Newark Charter asked to come clean on admission data

Author : Citizen

@pbaumbach et al.: Last night I emailed John Carwell at the DDOE Charter schools office, along with an NCS clerical staffer and (in case CSD maintains this data) Dr. Freeman Williams requesting data about the NCS lottery that would provide the following information for each year since its K-4th grades opened:

1. How many children applied for admission to each grade and how many were accepted?
2. Of those accepted, how many were siblings of NCS students (so given a “sibling preference” in admission)?
3. When students entered NCS from other schools (i.e. after kindergarten), where did they transfer in from?  Even data about this for just the lower school’s first year would be appreciated (since after that most new entrants were presumably in grade K).

No response so far–if anyone knows other places where such data may be obtained, please post

I would also like to know Race & Ethnicity breakdown of the applicants. Hey Citizen, you might have to wait until Markell gives DE DOE permission to respond to you!

Mitt Romney needs to come clean on Race to The Top

Hey Mitt, it’s time to put the cards face up! If you want to blow Arne Duncan get behind Governor Markell and do it on your own time not ours. It’s bad enough we have to pay a governor to drop to his knees but we don’t need a president want-to-be to do the same.

Santorum would end Race to The Top federal intrusion !

Rick Santorum Opposes and Would Repeal Race to The Top: by Truth in American Education

In an interview I had with former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) on Monday we talked specifically about Race to the Top and the Common Core State Standards.  He said that he opposes and would repeal all of the Obama education executive orders, including Race to the Top.

Hey Rick Jensen ask Newt if he would do the same and ask him home much he was compensated for being part of Arne Duncan’s Race to The Top dream team with Al Sharpton?

Newt Gingrich will be on WDEL’s Rick Jensen show today at 1:30 p.m. Put him to the test Rick!

Go for it Santorum ! Get Washington out of our local schools and out of the asses of our local school boards!