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Race to The Top is destroying America and Newt Gingrich is in on it

Welcome to Delaware Newt and please keep moving on! We don’t need you and your Washington butt buddy Arne Duncan intruding on local school control!


CSD blogger shares some grim Delaware charter school news! YIKES

The Next Generation of Charter Legislation by Children & Educators First 

Along the way, 15 years into Charter creation, we have lost sight of the original intention of Delaware’s charter law. These schools were to be incubators of innovation. Yes, that tired word, innovation, used long before Arne Duncan poisoned it with RTTT. THE EXPERIMENT IS OVER

Yes indeed! The original intent wasn’t to dismantle the existing Delaware public school system! But I agree, duplication isn’t innovation! Control poverty and  minority enrollment isn’t the kind of innovation we expected! Super honors only charter schools doesn’t address the achievement gap! Locking out free and reduce students doesn’t serve fair and equatable! 

Go read this blog post 

Maybe Newark Charter School expansion isn’t a done deal? But I think they’ll be grandfather in and be apporved.

Transparent Christina trips on something big! Could Delaware be involved?

DE exposed in Blockbuster Atlanta cheating scandal followup report?! #netDE

Despite all the assurances that cheating is not a threat, we know somewhat firmly that behavioral incentives and policies that create perverse behavioral/performance incentives often drive behavior in unexpected (should be expected) and unintended ways…..rarely for the better…I again ask the question, could this be happening in Delaware? The policies of our state’s Governor clearly place us at risk.

It’s a must see on this one folks

Another Race to The Top forum April 5, 2012 U of D Clayton Hall

Imagine Delaware an open forum on Race to The Top; Strategies for world-class schools. Check it out and see who the panelist are. Moderator David Ledford Executive Editor of The News Journal

Thursdays, April 5, 2012 University of Delaware Clayton 6:30-8:00 p.m. Free Admission. Register online here.

(thanks Greg)

WTF! Race to The Top funding is good for another two years. All the plans have been made with not real public input until after all MOUs and RTTT were approved. So what is the point of this forum?  They tried getting parents to drink the Kool-aid and no I guess the’ll put the Kool-aid in enema bags and pump it our asses! Get Wall Street and Washington out of our local schools and give us back local control! It’s time Delaware local school superintendents start answering to their school boards not Jack Markell.