U.S. Sec of Ed Arne Duncan snubs parents and classroom teachers

Be sure to visit Transparent Christina to see this: Governor Markell gets his groupthink on: Private, exclusive meeting today with Arne Duncan #netDE

So,who is a “key” stakeholder? Parents? Apparently not? Classroom Teachers? Well, it is being held at 12:15P on a school day so draw our own conclusions. But mostly who are “other key partners”? Vendors? Consultants?  I guess us in steerage will have to wait for the media to do its job. I hope there is a critical eye  who is there and who ISN’T. Also, I am curious about questions asked v. topics just discussed for the sake of discussion. (read the rest)

11 responses to “U.S. Sec of Ed Arne Duncan snubs parents and classroom teachers

  1. The whole story says “teacher union leaders” were invited. Wonder who attended, and what they’re going to report.


  2. Steve,

    I differentiate between teachers and teacher union leaders. I think both should be there. I did see the DE TOY in a still pic I think…but they are not listed in the invitees list for public consumption.


  3. this sums it up well…just count the platitudes….

    Governor Markell, I urge you to rethink your hero worship…..


  4. kilroysdelaware

    What did he mean “3500 young people your losing between 9th and 12th grade every year”? Delaware total dropouts for 9-12 last year was 1,442.students The dropout rate was 3.7% one of the lowest in the nation.

    Go point Steve re: union representation! I wonder if district union reps were invited.

    Wait……. just checked in with the Mind of Mr. Matthews blog and he said this:

    “US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is visiting Delaware today. I attempted to score an invite to this event, but was rebuffed by event planners. This is my usual piss-poor procrastination at work, so I’ll forgive them this time.”

    Shit he drank the kool-aid 🙂

    But for real read:http://mindofmrmatthews.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/arne-duncan-makes-a-visit/#comments


  5. I was told one member from each local was invited. So, that means that at least 19 current teachers should have been in attendance.


  6. kilroysdelaware

    Interesting! I wonder if all attended? Wouldn’t really matter because surely it was all scripted.


  7. John Kowalko

    I guess my invite got lost in the mail
    John Kowalko


  8. dontdestroyncs

    And we are all glad for that…


  9. Mine too John. As Colonel Jessup said so famously they “can’t handle the truth”


  10. harpo@gmail.com

    Another act of political BS….real thinkers with no political motive other than our children do not get invited…another puppet show…Mr. Rogers
    is holding the strings along with those who do not believe Dunkin Donuts either


  11. Harrie Ellen Minnehan

    Must have been a slow mail week, nobody from my school (or Board) got their invitation either….