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Cafeteria alternative for Newark Charter School

Revolution Foods Expands To Delaware

OAKLAND, Ca. – Revolution Foods, the organization dedicated to ensuring that all children receive access to healthy, fresh meals and nutrition education in schools has announced that they are expanding to serve over 4,000 meals per day meals in Delaware.

“I was excited about bringing Revolution Foods to Prestige Academy the moment I heard their mission,” said Jack Perry, Founder and Executive Director at Prestige Academy Charter School. “Our young men deserve the best education and the best food they can get. I’m looking forward to seeing smiles during breakfast and lunch.”

Become a Revolution Foods School

Looks like a possible solution for Newark Charter School


Pround NCS Mom of Two has NCS Breaking News

Proud NCS Mom of Two, on March 18, 2012 at 5:34 pm said:

Everyone would be happy to know that NCS will be participating in the federal free and reduced lunch program starting Sept. 2012 in the elem and middle school. The proposed high school has always planned tp participate. NCS parents were informed – it has also been given to DDOe and tha DE ACLU. One thing everyone should remember is that the federal program IS NOT mandatory!!! REALLY! You can read all about it on the USDA website. I’m sure all of you NCS haters will find another issue to dwell on but for now the food issue is resolved. And please don’t say you know it’s just a ploy or fake promise because that really just proves some of you wouldn’t be happy with anything NCS does!

So suck it NCS haters!!! And yes I’m a CSD graduate were decorum was not taught!!!

Yes it’s not mandatory and relies on the passion of the schools to be good community stewards. Will be kind of interesting to see what kind of nutritious lunch can be served without a cafeteria? BUT word has it from DOE mouse pressure is being put on NCS to add a cafeteria to the new building. Yes state law apparently does not require public schools to have full service cafeterias. Looks like change is coming down the pipeline. The issue is not Newark Charter school and is the charter school law. Perhaps it was assumed that when charter schools build it would include a cafeteria. Perhaps the food service can be provided by food vendors who bring the prepared meals in! Does anyone know how other charter schools address this concern?

I think once the “promise” is put in writing in the charter modification it’s a done deal. But to go forward on just saying it is a concern.

To all NCS parents hand tight because I am 100% confident that the issue will work out. I don’t think there will be any changes in the 5 mile preference. The lunch thing is very important. And it say to think even a CSN parent wouls say tough shit to children in need. Throwing them a peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and some chip if they ask for food might clear the school leader’s conscious but I would hope even DOE Dan see the passion here. I find it very disturbing the Longwood Foundation didn’t question this issue.

Delaware Charter Schools from Beth’s Soapbox

Beth, on March 18, 2012 at 8:42 am said:

I am not “against charters,” I am against the way they take resources away from the wider population. I am against the way they attract the students with the most advantages and then continue to flaunt the test scores as if socio-economic conditions have nothing to do with them. I am against the way they can EASILY and WITHOUT FEAR OF LAWSUITS OR STATE SANCTION kick students out. Where do those students go for an education? Back to the public school. The public schools have always been saddled with doing more than providing instruction. This is the law. We cannot expel students who do not conform to performance standards. We do not hound them or their parents for underperforming; we realize that many students do not have the advangtage of homework-supervising parents at home. IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE CHILDREN!

Delaware has always had the NCS option in the form of private schools. These take away resources. Now the charter schools have compounded this and the rest of the schools, left to educate so many, are left with less funding AND legal (not to mention moral) obligations to provide the best education possible to the majority of the state’s students.
You should care about the public schools’ students: they are our countrymen.

WOW Beth !!!!!!!!!!! Amazing !!!!!!!!!! For me, I not against charters either. But I am against the Delaware charter school law crafted and penned by the same people involved in expanding charter schools and I am not talking about legislators! I am talking about those who own the legislators and don’t give a rat’s ass about fair and equitable education for “all” children! They buy into Mr. Meece’s analogy that children are like crabs in a basket! If your not strong enough to crawl out of the basket too bad! Same goes for Delaware’s new queen of the charter network! For those who aren’t accepted in charter schools due to over enrollment or not meeting the specific interest, make programs in traditional school for them. Charter School of Newark is a wonderful school and the expansion will happen. Charter School of Newark in “not” violating any written law! However, the written charter school law violates the morals and social justice laws meant to protect and serve all people.

As far as charters counseling out undesirable students for poor academics and non-criminal behaviors sending them back to their home school district, I wonder why charters aka public schools aren’t required to provide alternative placement as traditional public schools do? Why is common practice for traditional public schools to include cafeterias when constructing new school buildings and charter schools are exempt from this same practice?

It’s kind of odd that people who stick up for fair and equitable education for all and hold principles of  moral and social values above handcrafted laws that seem to serve one segment of the student population better than another are naysayers.

As much as I am angered at what I see, I will not blame Newark Charter parents who are doing their jobs as parents and want to protect something working for their children. However, we must consider “our children” as a society as a whole.

We have a governor named Jack Markell who seems disconnected from morals and responsibilities he is charged with as “public servant” to all citizens. He has sold his soul to Wall Street and their local agents for the sake of feeding his own self-centered ego. Jack, I was born a nobody and will die a nobody but I can look in the mirror knowing that my passion for what I do doesn’t have owners who own me! I suggest you take a trip to the holy wall and bang your head a few times! The blinders you wear to keep out the naysayers only imprisons your wrongheaded ego!