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Delaware’s education Dream Act of children of illegal immigrants

Senate Bill # 169 

Sponsor: Marshall     Additional Sponsor: Miro

Co Sponsor:Sen. Henry & Rep. Keeley

This is the Delaware “DREAM” Act.  “DREAM” is an acronym which stands for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act.  The Delaware DREAM Act will permit undocumented students to pay tuition and fees at the in-state, resident rate at public institutions of higher education in the State of Delaware.  If an applicant meets the criteria of the Act, they will qualify for in-state tuition rates and consideration for the SEED and Inspire scholarship programs.

As far as SEED there currently is provision for undocumented students. But here is a big problem.

SEED requirements 

“A student shall have applied for all appropriate forms of financial aid for which the student is eligible including, but not limited to, the Federal Pell Grant, financial aid programs administered by the Delaware Higher Education Commission, financial aid programs administered by Delaware Tech, and shall have accepted all such financial assistance offered or awarded to the student, except for loans. If Pell Grant funds cover full tuition, the SEED Scholarship will NOT be awarded. If Pell Grant funds do NOT cover full tuition, the SEED Scholarship will be awarded to cover the difference.”

“A student must apply for financial aid by completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is available online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. A student must complete all institutional forms and supporting documentation as requested by the campus. A student should apply for financial aid by the priority deadline date of April 1 of each year.”

Kilroy’s question? Don’t you need a social Security number to apply for financial aid?

I have mixed feelings on this issue and certainly feel for the student! But if they acknowledge they are illegal won’t their application with parents name on it give the authorities the address of their illegal parents?

Shouldn’t we be working on a pathway for citizenship for these students?


Crackheads and Rodel

What Delaware’s Mid-year Race to the Top Evaluation Tells Us

This week, the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) released a mid-year “progress report” on Race to the Top reforms. The report includes statewide DCAS data, as well as highlights from the mid-year performance evaluations of the students in twelve districts (districts participated or not based on the size of their grant and/or their past performance).

DCAS and Race to The Top are two different beast! Long before Governor Jack Markell was elected DCAS was sent to replace DSTP. Teachers and parents were calling for a better test that measured student growth which would enable teachers to provide timely intervention. Those business leaders who handed us DSTP were accusing teachers of stalling and not wanting to be accountable to DSTP. On November 9, 2006 the United States Department of Education accepts Delaware Growth Model plan. DCAS was in the pipeline however, on May 17, 2007 DE DOE announce DCAS was being delayed due to financial constraints. July 25, 2008 the United State Department of Education renewed Delaware’s Growth Model Plan to continue to measure AYP.  Markell was elected in November 2008 and took office in January 2009. The call to replace DSTP with a growth model test was already made an in the pipeline.  Markell takes credit for DCAS / growth model test that he had no involvement in laying the foundation for.

So let’s forget about Governor Markell taking credit for DCAS. DCAS came way before Race to The Top and should have merits of it’s own irrelevant to Race to The Top.  To suggest Race to The Top is working without giving DCAS any merit is unjust. It was the call to measure student growth via multiple testing that was the innovation. Race to The Top is to provide teacher with better means to evaluate the DCAS results to adjust instructional needs. The growth model plan via DCAS would be in place even if Race to The Top didn’t exist. To even suggest DCAS would fail to show positive results without Race to The Top would something a crackhead smoking crack through his ass would say.

I remember back in 1997 a year prior to rolling out DSTP many were pointing out the flaws within. The business roundtable were calling parents and educators “misguided” and saying they wer trying to undermine accountability. It’s kind of ironic that the business round-table was wrong and yet the were allowed to hijack DCAS and Race to The Top as their little Vision 2015 Trojan Horse.

So where do you separate the success of DCAS and the success of Race to The Top? To me it looks like DCAS is the horse and Race to The Top is the cart.

And now guess whose coming to dinner Goodbye DCAS and hello Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium! and more Nationalized Standardize Test for America’s students! Wall Street wins!

Big Delaware charter school discussion forum with low public turnout

I don’t know were all the sleepyheads were today but they missed a public forum between local school boards of New Castle County and charter school boards, principals and organizers. Kilroy and one other person from the community were among school board members, education leaders and one state representative.

The Q&A session went pretty good and was a first-step towards renewed dialogue between school districts and charter reformist. However, there still exist a layer of ice and mistrust.

I don’t want to get into a play by play of who said what. The sad part is the lack of interest by those who have some much to debated. It’s very unfortunate that Jack Markell didn’t show up because he would have seen the need for renewed discussion on charter schools and the law.You folks had a charter to real weigh in on the charter school debate and provide input to address the concerns.

The forum was open with no requirements to submit questions beforehand.       

Delaware Governor drops the ball on charter school laws

lowery says she needs more time to give Newark Charter proposal ‘due diligence’

Written by WADE MALCOLM and NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

“There’s no way I could do my due diligence,” Lowery said, given the short amount of time she had to review the “inordinate” amount of feedback and concerns.

“We want to carefully consider everything. We don’t want to approve something and then have to pull it back late,” she said

Many people for get or just don’t understand the DOE charter review committee’s job is to review the charter school application, hold the meeting including the public meeting, vote on their findings and present their “recommendation” to the secretary of education who in-turns reviews all material including public input and them make her recommendation to the state board of education. It the state board of education who makes the final vote to approve charter school application or other action. The system worked here but the reformist who are so use to controlling the game aren’t use to hearing wait, hold on or even no!

   “It’s about my kids. It is now political, and I don’t know how it got that way,” she said.

The parent who said this is right on about concerns with her children. However. the charter school reform movement was driven by politics and the law is so skewed even those who seeded the charter agenda knew a day will come to serious question the law. Didn’t matter to them back then because their kids needs were met to circumvent desegregation. Today’s charter parents who weren’t part of the agenda see charter schools as quality education for their children but we’re setup by those who allowed a skewed charter law.

Lowery said the letter will not be used in her decision, but information and public comments submitted before the deadline raised similar concerns.

And see is 100% correct! Even Governor Markell has concerns with resegregation and skiming and creaming of students as he phrases it.

“It’s an excellent school,” said Lowery. “Since they are doing such excellent work, who wouldn’t want their child to go there?”

And she is 100% being honest! Newark Charter School isn’t going anywhere. The problems will be resolved.

Meece has said part of the school’s effort to expand includes adding a free- and reduced-lunch program.

Get approval and then trust that it will be added?

Meece said he then emailed supporters, but the general public was not told about the delay.

Sounds shady!

During the board meeting, department spokeswoman Alison Kepner said she did not know about Lowery’s plan to delay the vote and that the secretary had already informed some people.

I guess Lowery wanted to allow Meece to break the news to parents rather than information going out on speed-dial to the News Journal. But Lowery could have waited 30 minutes and then tell the PIO.

Meece was unhappy with the delay and that the added time would allow the controversy to continue.

“It’s not doing anybody any good,” he said.

Might to those getting fucked by a flawed charter school law some good. His statement shows a concerning disconnect to equitable education for all children. Doesn’t he realize charter schools do have an impact all public education that damages existing public schools.  Trashing Christina is fine however some of the school rated poor do have students exceeding the standards and great teachers. Kicking the foundation out from under them does help fix the problems. Seem like everyday Race to The Top is a big scam that first thought. Charter organizers seem to know Race to The Top is destine to fail and their is no need to slow the charter train.

Brian Selander, a spokesman for Gov. Jack Markell, said the governor and Lowery talked prior to the meeting, and he supported the delay.

If Markell delivered on his campaign promise Newark Charter parents won’t be going through this stress now! There would be a cafeteria and no 5 mile preference. Markell continues to let these problems fester and keeps his blinders on avoiding the truth. Jack meet me for coffee this morning ! You know the place, the last place we shook hands. Those of us who have concerns about the charter school law are enemies, were concern citizens who see all children as ours even Newark Charter students who have their rights. The law is out of balanced and needs to be fix!