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Racial Isolation in Charter Schools; Something about Delaware

This is the work of a young student who appears to have passion in many of the concerns associated with Delaware charter schools. A view from a Delaware student. Enjoy.


Kilroy to brave the house of charter big wigs!

Mae West may need help with seating arrangement!

Things are really moving in the background with the charter issues. Hey Jack, consider dropping in for some a.m. coffee at the place we last shook hands.

I hope we can address the flaws in the charter school law so I can propose a workable charter capital funding plan. We can’t get to the capital funding until we bring charter schools closer to real public school and still allow that autonomy.

Hey Popeye see you at 0730. Looking forward to meet the star of the DSEA charter debate YouTube.

Newark Charter modification state board vote delayed??

BREAKING: No vote today on charter, Meece says Posted on March 15, 2012 by Nichole Dobo

Newark Charter’s Greg Meece confirms to Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery told him early this morning the vote was postponed due to the ACLU’s letter about the proposed expansion. (Read the rest)

Looks like ACLU letter to Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery cc: Governor Markell and State Board of Education was a game changer!

So what’s the game plan now? Governor Markell spread some of his special love around to some influential minority leaders who will redirect the ACLU’s thinking? (Matthews, that’s cryptic for rolling brothers and sisters under the bus)

In defense of Newark Charter School, nothing in their application appeared to be illegal and surrounds around moral issues associated with Delaware charter school laws. Governor Markell raised concerns during the election bid for office that Delaware charter schools may have created re-segregation of Delaware school and raised the concern of skimming and creaming of students aka cherry picking. Here we are heading down to the last few month of Markell first term as governor and he hasn’t made good on his campaign promises to address these concerns. But rest assure he’ll work his political $$$ magic and next month the state board of education will give a yes vote.

This is what DE DOE told the News Journal this morning about Newark Charter’s school leader Mr. Meece conversation with the News Journal, “DOE spokeswoman Alison Kepner said she had no knowledge of any delay”. The board meeting started at 1 p.m. so we’ll have to wait until the official News Journal followup

Delaware Daycare Lunch Nazi legislation under fire

Lawmakers push to bag lunch regulations for day care centers Written by DOUG DENISON The News Journal

A bill authored by Rep. John Kowalko aims to roll back regulations that require day care center operators to make sure all food served to children under their care meets state nutritional standards.

Day care centers are required to check lunches packed by parents and replace foods that don’t meet the standards, then send those items home with a note reminding parents of the requirements, which prohibit items like processed cheese and sugary cereal.

“Is this where government is overstepping?” Johnson asked. “The same standard isn’t applied to public schools.”

Interesting! I wonder if this bill is defeated will the next move be Lunch Nazis at public schools checking for Cheetos at the front door? Thank God the federal government proclaimed pizza as a vegetable or else Newark Charter’s lunch program would be shutdown.


Delaware charter school day of reckoning! State board of Ed put to the test

The State of Delaware Board of Education meeting is set for 1 p.m. The board will be voting on the Newark Charter Schools request for modification.

The application went through the official Delaware Department of Education Charter School Review process and to an open public session. The review committee led by DE DOE officials voted in support of Newark Charter’s request and made it’s recommendation  to the Delaware Secretary of Education who was appointed by the governor. The state board of education a body of citizens appointed by the governor will vote on the question today and most-likely support the secretary of education’s recommendation which usually support the recommendation of her subordinates who head the charter school review committee.

The is weak speculation that Charter School of Newark will agree to add a cafeteria to the proposed high school and extent the 5 mile admission preference to include the entire Christina School District. HOWEVER, as I said, the review meetings are complete and the committee made it’s vote and the public session was completed. Don’t ask me how why the committee voted before public comments but that’s the Delaware way! “If” Newark Charter makes changes as speculated the board of education may not be able to vote at today’s meeting.

The state board’s policy     states no public comments can be made on charter schools during a meeting where a vote is to take place. As I see it, the board will be voting on the results of past meetings and that of the secretary of education. It is not a hearing where Newark Charter School gets to weigh in or be asked question. If so it denies the public the same option to support or rebut any new information. Furthermore, I can’t see how Newark Charter can agree to changes via conversations with DE DOE or individual members of the DOE charter school review committee. I don’t think the law intended to allow private meetings and side deals but than again it’s the Delaware way!

My prediction is, the board will approve Newark Charter request in-which nothing within is illegal and any moral concerns are subjective to just a matter of opinion on supporters and non-supporters.

As far as the state legislators and nearly all those running for public office (except Evan Q) they refuse to engage and take positions on growing concerns regarding charter schools and Delaware’s education agenda led by Governor Jack Markell that is laced with Wall Street agenda and federal intrusion. Education my not be the only concern with the people but for some reason education reform is America’s future as far as being a economic competitor it the world aka global economy. As far as Evan Q, go ahead a debate him on his views. However, right or wrong Evan is willing to hold conversation and debate those concerns. Where is his opponent on these issues?