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Markell sends in the DOE FRT to fix his budget cut mess!

Delaware sends recovery team to help Laurel schools ward off projected budget shortfall

The News Journal of Wilmington, Del., (http://tinyurl.com/8xgyshc ) reports that Laurel’s operating funds are projected to fall nearly $106,000 short of the district’s budgeted expenditures on June 30. Education Secretary Lillian Lowery requested the team of advisers under a special provision that allows the state to intervene when school districts or charters are in “financial distress.”

Hopefully the team of advisers come back at tell Markell  stop sticking it to public schools. I’ll bet Markell made $106,000.00 in unrealized gains in his K-12.inc and Wireless Generation investment. He’ll wait until before K-12.inc announces trouble before he makes those gains realized! Just like what he did with NexTel. Jack, take those profits and you can start a Facebook like social-media platform. You can call it AssBook 🙂 😉


Markell visits Glasgow High School ! Did you bring handcuffs ?

Kilroy’s Delaware housekeeping and more!

I’ve changed the settings in the comment section that allows the comments to flow one after another so you won’t have to hit reply. This way you just scroll down the comments time-stamped in order. If you want to respond to a particular person or comments just copy and past section of their comments in to your comment and respond! If you just want to call names just do it :).

Sometimes I get rumors and facts E-mail to me or via phone calls. I have to weigh the on their merits. You’ll see rumor has it comments or DOE Mouse tells me and some times you’ll see, I’ll give this one 50%. Pretty much every controversial new story in the world feeds off of insider rumors such a the WMD in Iraq that started a war killing people. But for-sure pushing rumors yields the ugly truth. As far as these debates on charter schools I feel things people did know and what people thought they knew get’s in the mix.

As far as the Newark charter battles between supports, non-supporters and concerns about charter school and education in general the truth is there are issues. As for me mine is with certain charter school laws not the schools. If charter schools are public schools then I feel some restrictive preferences are wrong, Charter schools should be unique and different like Delaware Military Academy. Certainly if one wishes to attend DMV they must follow the military protocol embedded in DMA’s program. But I know the folks at DMA and when they interview applicants when parents start of with “we” as in specking for their young adult child, DMA folks shifts to the “we” to the student as in what do you want and expect!  No only does DMA want to build student achievement and success it also wants to build personal character in their cadets. Charter School of Wilmington applicants process seems to be built on past academic achievement. One would think just by the fact a student completes a CSW admission application that would satisfy “specific interest”! But it doesn’t ! What does Charter School of Newark have that CSD schools doesn’t ? Let me guess! A school full to the most part of students who want to learn and parents who provide fulls support to their child’s education and the schools existence. He lies the privilege of being accepted to a charter school. It’s kids of sad that the school leader sees charter schools a crab race out of the basket. As I said about Race to The Top, someone will win and others will remain at the starting gate. Education shouldn’t be a competition but rather a student, parents, teacher, administrator and state legislators responsibility with all doing their equal part.

Parental instincts is to defend and fight for their own child and this is happening in education. Some care about the other kids left behind because they don’t have strong advocates and others just say too fucking bad! Delaware’s public education is getting like a cruise-ship with first, second and third-class passengers. 

Blaming the unions all you want but they aren’t the only special interest in the game. Teachers want good pay, good benefits and job security in a shark tank where others will back-stab in efforts to move into administration. Yes indeed their are bad teachers. But to have Skipper Rodel’s front-man trash all teachers who belong to unions as evil pieces of shit is wrong! Sending 8.2 million dollars to Wireless Generation subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is for data coaches is near criminal. We need parent coaches not data coaches! 

Yes it’s been rumored that Governor Markell has been engaged in conversation in regards the Newark Charter debates. Markell wants everybody to keep the naysayer blinders on and forge forward. Newark needs not to make concession because they are within the law. Moral issues to cafeteria is in violation of the law! Moral issue of a self-serving 5 mile attendance radius is not in violation of the law. The real problem with many of the provisions in the Delaware charter school law is with morals of those who enacted that law. Vegas has Jack Markell getting reelected and it’s a sure things when prominent republicans are blowing in the education reform dice Markell rolls ( relax Matthews it’s cryptic).

This time next week these debates involving Newark Charter will be done and Newark Charter will be basking in the successful approval of their modification request. The price of real-estate in the 5 mile radius will jump 10%. Markell will be on the phone to Newark Charter saying, “whose your daddy” and “F” Kilroy! However, to all you Newark Charter parents I understand your position and respect you for being the best advocate for your child and know many if not most have heart for others. But always remember students at CSD schools are someone children where many are just as successful as any NCS student. Who knows perhaps Newark High School might produce another Delaware governor. Hopefully one with a better set of morals and passion for equitable education for all children.        



Delaware state legislators staining their hands with blood re: school safety

Del. lawmakers eye changes to school crime reports By Associated Press

The goal of the legislation is to ensure that the most serious offenses are reported to police while allowing school officials to handle minor offenses without having to report them.

Is H.B. #243 putting protecting school ratings before student safety?

Which one of these reported crimes taking place in Delaware schools will you trust school officals with handling without reporting to the police?

Senator David Sokola do you honestly trust school officials with discretion in reporting crimes? We’re taking crimes listed under the criminal code not talking in class or chewing gum!

(6)  Offenders under the age of 12. — When a misdemeanor offense listed in this subsection has allegedly been committed by a child under the age of 12, the principal is not required to notify the appropriate police agency but must file a written report of the incident with the Department of Education within 5 working days.  When the alleged offense is a violent felony, the appropriate police agency must be notified by the principal of the incident even when the suspect is under the age of 12.

Parents the misdemeanor festers into serious into bullying and putting school building safety at high risk! Look even Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden as concerns about school administration ability to report school crimes associated with bullying he has to call for legislation to address the lying of school officials Delaware legislators introduces bill to keep school officials from lying on bullying reports.

So this legislation allows students to break certain laws while in school but if on the streets it’s a police issue. Again, we’re taking misdemeanor crimes listed under the Delaware Criminal Code and this law deputizes school administrators to waive the law at their discretion. I hope local school boards adopts policies to require all crimes to be reported to the police and let the police decide which ones to waive. Let the school administrators complete a critical incident report and fax to the police and the police respond with wavier.

Do we really want to wait until a tragic incident to say where did we go wrong? Does it take a death to say maybe we we’re wrong? We can’t strengthen school security but weak laws and allowing school officials acting a police, judge and jury!

If this legislation is signed into law it will be one of Delaware’s darkest days!