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Nationalized Standardize Test for America’s students! Wall Street wins!

DCAS, Another Test Has Been Added in the Spring! from blog Red Clay Now

In the spring, students will take the test two times in Reading and Math and their highest score will count. If your child receives a Performance Level 4 the first time taking the test and you do not want him or her to take the test a second time, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.

Go to the link and read the entire post. The last three words of this blog post are, “Too many tests!”

DCAS as many of you know is a growth model test. Students tested in at the begining of the school year, the middle and the end. It helps teachers identify students academic weaknesses and provide intervention. But I just wonder, is that intervention more about passing the the DCAS test than a broad well-rounded education. HOWEVER, get readying to say goodbye to DCAS as we know it because  Goodbye DCAS and hello Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium! That Common Core Standards Governor Markell ordered without legislative approval comes with a nationalize standardized test. Folks talking about narrowing the scope of education and teaching to the test, I think we’re almost there on a countrywide format. So much for local control and hello to federal intrusion. Let’s just call it NCLB on steroids!