Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Arne Duncan sprouts an Einstein gene! What a Putz !

Black students are more than three times more likely to be suspended from school than white kids, a Department of Education report finds. Secretary Arne Duncan calls it a violation of civil rights.

The disproportionately high rate at which black students are suspended from school represents a violation of a civil right inherent in the “American promise” of equal education, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Tuesday.

Wow let’s give Arne Duncan the Nobel Peace Prize ! Arne nothing new ! Putz! Hey Arne did you know in Delaware if you are black and what to attend a charter school there is a 80% chance you’ll be diverted to a charter school designed for minorities? Delaware law allows charter schools to locate just far enough from areas with high concentration of minorities and poverty to set preferences zones to exude minorities and high poverty students. And charter schools can be built without cafeterias to discourage those in need of free and reduced lunch from applying. And guess what Arne? We have charter schools that can exclude at-risk students! Delaware’s charter school law was penned by a few racist who wanted a way out of desegregation!  Arne perhaps you should look Jack Markell in the eyes rather than stare down at the top of his head and ask him about these facts?


Newark Charter School public meeting place has been moved

Public meeting for Newark Charter School’s expansion request has been moved to a new location. Word has it, Newark Charter parents are going to the meeting in FORCE!!!!!! There wouldn’t be enough space at the original site. Those opposing Newark Charter expansion request are wasting their time! It’s a done deal! As for those of you bickering with the charter school parents you need to divert that energy and take it to Governor Markell and your legislators.The problem isn’t with parents who elect charter schools as an option for their kids but rather with  the charter school law.