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How do you do a 5 year school turnaround plan when 50% of RTTT money is already spent?

Review of Restructuring Plans for FY 2012-2013
   Warner Elementary
   Central School
   Richardson Park Learning Center
   Lake Forest High School

Per Delaware DOE Title 1 is now for all students not just high poverty


IV. Presentations (Tab 2)

A. State Board of Education –

Title I is the largest federally funded, pre-collegiate education program in the country, providing more than $17 billion in federal aid to schools and districts serving students in poverty. The goal of Title I is to ensure that all children, especially those living in economically disadvantaged conditions, have the opportunity to receive a high quality education. Schools selected for national recognition must have a poverty rate of at least 35 percent for the selected year and have met or exceeded state standards for making adequate yearly progress for federal school accountability for two or more consecutive year

Newark Charter public meeting doesn’t matter; State Board set to approve

Application to Modify an Existing Charter: Newark Charter School
(For Action) The Board of Directors of this school submitted a Modification Application before the deadline of December 31, 2011 seeking approval to add a high school. The Charter School Accountability Committee has issued its reports on the application. A public hearing on the application was conducted on March 7, 2012.The Secretary will make her recommendations with respect to the application.

State Board of Education is March 15, 2012 and word on the street is board will vote YES! Public meeting on the 7th  irrelevant! The issue with admission preference is a non-issue with the review committee and the state board because no laws are being broken.  This will be the ruling to counteract protester.

How can the Charter School Accountability Committee issue a report before completion of public meeting on the 7th? No disrespect to Newark Charter school and parents but for really! How can a report be complete before the required process is competed. It makes it appear public input doesn’t matter. But anyhow, an early congratulation to Newark Charter.

Odyssey gets green light from Delaware DOE

Application to Modify an Exsiting Charter – Odyssey Charter School
Facilities Letter
   Letter with Condition

Odyssey is expansion included the old  Wanamaker building in Wilmington

Beau Biden earns Kilroy Gold Star re: School bullies

Next step in reining in school bullies

However, Lt. Gov. Matthew Denn, Attorney General Beau Biden, and a lot of residents have good reason to believe that bullying incidents are going unreported to parents — those most able to end a school-related cycle of physical and mental intimidation.

Both men met with DOE officials and the 19 school superintendents to express their concerns and alert them of the consequences for reporting failures.

Included in the new reporting mandate is an order to better publicize the Attorney General Office’s bullying hotline (1-800-220-5414) on each school district’s website and in a “conspicuous” place in each school.

Beau just to let you know, I will vote for Ferris Wharton again if he ran for A.G.. However, I must say thank you for stepping up to address school bullying and protecting our children while at school. Personally, I think there should be criminal charges against school administrators for willfully refusing to report bullying incidents. As far as that 800#, let’s put a tagline on it to also tell students to call and report the sick bastards (school employees) molesting students.   

You have more to fear from the U.S. Government than Gay people

Sorry to interrupt the education war but I want to make a comment about all the talk of Gay marriages.

First I like to say, I am not gay. And second, God created us all! If God didn’t want Gay people he wouldn’t have created them.

As far as I see it, the United States Government has been more intrusive and disruptive to the right of all individuals than gay people. We honestly have more things to be concerned about that who is screwing who. 

Let’s worry more about getting the perverts out of our schools and purging those administrators who sweep thing under the rugs.