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QTD? Should charter school board members be allow to sit on other charter boards?

How is it charter board of directors members are allow to sit on other charter schools boards directors and traditional board members can’t sit on other traditional or charter school boards? Obvious answer, traditional board members are elected officials and can’t hold two elected positions. Also, in case of traditional school boards, the board member must live within that district. But shouldn’t there be a law prohibiting charter school board members from serving on more than one board? 

Delaware Dept of Ed refuses to release charter review minutes

The Delaware Department of Education Charter School Office held various charter school approval meetings in February 2012 and now starting next week some of the charter application go to public meetings where the public can weight in on proposed charters and modification of others. However, the DOE charter school office refuses to post meeting minutes of initial meetings. By doing so the Delaware Department of Education is inhibiting public input in an attempt to skew the meetings in favor of DOE position.

Here is a link to previous charter school review meetings and you’ll notice no minutes of any meeting has been posted for months. Once again where are the state legislators? Where is Jack Markell? Where is Lillian Lowery? SLEEPING ON THE JOB! 

There are important public meetings scheduled for next week and those seeking to address the committee are left in the dark. 

It’s a three way school board race for Christina

 Children and Education First It’s On! A Three-Way Race for District G had it before Kilroy. Caught me sleeping on the job 🙂

Christina School District

Valene Harris (2-13-12)

Shirley A. Sutton-Saffer (2-21-12)

Stephen Lee (3-2-12)

William Hicks Anderson’s disciples call to action

Today, I attended the first of many Friends of Title 1 parent /community Title 1 Education Forum.

A few of William Hicks Anderson Title 1 and education civil rights disciples presented their call to action to renew the fight for education equity for Title 1 students and all students.

There is a concern with the impact of charter, magnet and choice schools is having on Wilmington children. Poverty is becoming a greater profit center for additional administrators, consultants, testing companies, education supply companies and other lining up for a piece of the pie. 

There is a growing concern for Wilmington’s school children and desire to address the need for changes in school district boundaries calling for a city of Wilmington school district or the reshaping of existing districts into two district representing Wilmington not the current four. There was discussions on the impact of charter, magnet and choice schools.          

A year ago Governor Markell was put to the test and he failed Kilroy crashes breakfast with Governor Markell.

Lillian, all is not well! The voice of Title 1 parents has been hijacked by Race to The Top, Common Core Standards, Vision 2015 and Teach for America programs that were sent in motion disregarding Title 1 Section 1118. Title 1 parents didn’t play a role in meaningful planning as required by the law. You helped Governor Markell and Skipper push the faces of our Title 1 children in the mud! Markell is using the backs of their heads as stepping stones to Washington. I know when I look in the mirror sometimes I feel bad that I have to add so much insult here. But I wonder if you have remorse for your participation into the profiteering off of Title 1 children! Are you a leader or a puppet on a string?   

A new education civil rights movement is brewing and the political thunder and lightening will come Delaware DOE’s way. Hicks may no longer be with us but his disciples still carry his message and the torch he lit. A new generation of Hicks disciples are reaching to help carry that torch and change is in the wind. Markell might get another term as governor. However, the brooms will come one day and sweep the floors of DE DOE and the purge will take place.