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Beau Biden should add criminal charges for school leaders falsifying school crime reports

Legislation would require districts to report bullying, be audited; By Amy Cherry

Attorney General Beau Biden says that’s something that obviously isn’t happening and the statistics show.

“Last year there were 38 incidents of bullying reported from Lauren to the DOE. William Penn High School, which represents well over 2,000 students, 0 cases of bullying reported,” explains Biden.

Biden goes on to say four districts total reported 0 incidents of bullying, which Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn says “simply isn’t true.” 

The legislation also calls for schools to be audited randomly by the state Department of Education to ensure they’re telling the truth.

Hey Beau, let’s put a little meat on your proposed law! Let’s add criminal charges for the school and district administrators who falsify school crime reporting records. 

This is what I posted back on January 27, 2012 Is H.B. #243 putting protecting school ratings before student safety? This legislation will allow even more school crime to be swept under the rug. 

“The bill simplifies the mandatory report requirements for schools, ensuring that the most serious offenses shall be reported to law enforcement while giving schools discretion to handle minor offenses without mandatory reporting.”

ALL OFFENSES MUST BE REPORTED! Giving school administrator more flexibility to fudge reports is totally insane and dangerous to student and staff safety!

TABLE H.B.#243


Wilmington Delaware city council resolution may delay approval of Newark Charter’s modification request

The copy of this document comes to Kilroy via: http://dontdestroychristina.wordpress.com/.

Rep Heffernan out of touch with GI Bill Re: Veterans Education

New legislation would allow vets to take online classes for free by Amy Cherry

Rep. Deb Heffernan introduces legislation that would help Delaware veterans returning home from Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere overseas

The legislation would allow returning veterans to take online classes at the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and Delaware Tech free-of-charge within five years of their honorable discharge

If passed, I asked the Brandywine Hundred Democrat whether there could be plans in the works to get veterans actually in the classroom.

Very noble of you Rambo Heff by but it’s cover!  http://www.gibill.va.gov/

“We’re starting with the online classes because that would have a little more flexibility for these returning service members and not put as big a drain on the colleges and universities,” explains Heffernan.

OMG ! You did not say that! They drain their blood and sweat defending this country and having these heroes in our college classrooms is a hardship for those who didn’t serve?

Rep Heffernan if you want to be a noble hero stop acting like a zero on addressing discriminatory  admission laws governing Delaware charter schools. Veterans do have school age children and wouldn’t it be nice for them to enjoy freedom to attend any school with out prejudiced?

Dontdestroychristina is at it again! Newark Charter getting bitch-slapped

There she goes again! Newark Charter is in the verbal cross-hairs again!


Civil Rights action brewing on Delaware charter schools! Wilmington City Council fired up!

Wilmington city council looks to block DOE funds for Newark charter

Wilmington City Council is urging the State Department of Education to withhold funds for Newark Charter School.

Wilmington City Councilwoman Loretta Walsh says she wants education equality for all kids in Delaware and state funds targeted for Newark Charter School won’t make anything even.

Like I said in my previous post state legislators better wake-up!

Serious conversation about Delaware charter school admission policy/law

TITLE 14 Education

Free Public Schools


§ 506. Restrictions.

(b) Preferences in student admissions may be given to:

(1) Siblings of students enrolled at the school;

(2) Students attending an existing public school converted to charter status. Parents of students at a school converted to charter status shall be provided with a plan the district will use to address the educational needs of students who will not be attending the charter school;

(3) Students enrolling in a new (nonconverted) charter school may be given preference under the following circumstances as long as the school has described its preferences in the school’s charter:

a. Students residing within a 5-mile radius of the school;

b. Students residing within the regular school district in which the school is located;

c. Students who have a specific interest in the school’s teaching methods, philosophy, or educational focus;

d. Students who are at risk of academic failure;

e. Children of persons employed on a permanent basis for at least 30.0 hours per week during the school year by the charter school.

The debate on this question is not about the existence of charter school in Delaware but about the admission policy / law.

Charter schools are here to stay and are growing. I support parents and students rights to take advantage of charter schools. But there have been serious concerns about about admission preference.

I feel that the charter school admission laws be changed as follows:

Keep sibling preference as long as there is a siblings currently in attendance.

Keep preference for school employees.

All other preference should be eliminated and be replace with preference given to students living within the traditional school district the charter school is located in.

No entrance test and no review of students current school records.

Over enrollment would require a transparent lottery process.

Why are traditional public schools require to accept every child that walks through the doors or rolls through the doors in a wheel chair? Because the law requires them to.

Charter schools should also be requires to provide programming for “their” disruptive students and not dump them back in traditional schools.

Charter school organizers and leaders proclaim they are public schools in every way traditional schools are and continue their crying for capital funding. Capital funding will never happen as long as charter schools with the help and support of Delaware legislators and current charter school laws continue to refuse to open their doors to all public school children.

What I am saying and proposing is not an attack on charter schools! It’s an attack on Delaware charter school laws that should be questioned by civil rights experts. The is no preference in describing public school children because every child is to have the same rights to a fair and equitable education! Why are label put on children’s head by charter schools such as , sorry you don’t live within 5 miles of this charter school, your not intelligent enough for this charter, you’re blind and this charter school can’t help you, this charter school can’t help you because your dumb and let’s us council you out because it’s for your own good.

So are charter schools public schools or not? Can a traditional public school kick-out a student and a charter school must accept him? 

Now I haven’t busted on Senator Dave Sokola chairman of the Delaware Seante Education Committee in a long time. Senators Sokola has been supportive of some of my legislation request. We had long battles of DSTP and the 3-tiered diplomas. I am asking that Dave and all state legislators review Delaware charter school laws governing student admissions into charter schools that proclaim to be public schools and it shouldn’t required battles! If no action is taking to correct these discriminatory practices a day will come where civil rights actions will ripped the legal foundation of existing  charter schools to ground!