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Red Clay Referendum is OVER and it’s time to

FYI:Red Clay to honor Kilroy at next board meeting for pushing the district to work harder in getting the referendum passed! New school will have free plug-ins for all Fisker owners.


Red Clay voters have spoken! It’s a win for Question 1 & 2

Question 1: Renovation and/or additions to various schools

Question 2: To build a new school

For the Bond Issue

Against the Bond Issue

For the Bond Issue

Against the Bond Issue





I am all for the democratic process and it played out during this referendum. The voters have spoken and bitch all we want (those opposed) but suck it up and move on! My concerns for city of Wilmington Red Clay students stand! Merv, you made comment to me before the board meeting and let’s see if you meant it and will follow through even-though the referendum was successful for Red Clay! Will be a true test of character on your part! 1T hopefully you’ll give him this message. To all, bitch all you want but the community has spoken! To all those who have concerns for “our” city children equitable education you can forge ahead or surrender! Do dwell on the referendum turnout but advance you mission. I know when the city residence help pay for that new school that their children will never enjoy it might be painful but for-sure as the poll place tally is revealed there will be many city voters who supported the new school. It is what it is but if those of you are serious about civil rights don’t forge ahead your community will continue to suffer.

Please remember to attend this event

Title 1 Conference Education Forum by Friends of Title 1, March 3, 2012

The Red Clay referendum polls are closed!

The polls are closed! The wait begins!

Anybody want to guess at what the results will be?

What will happen if both questions fail?

What will happen if just the new school question fails?

Check here for updates on results: