Reminder of new Delaware charter school applications and modifications request

* read through the documents to see who the players and board members are! Might be some surprises 

New Charter School Applications

Academia Antonia Alonso

2011-12 New Application
2011-12 Attachments

Early College High School at Delaware State University
2011-12 New Application
2011-12 Attachments

The Delaware MET
2011-12 New Applictaion
2011-12 Attachments

First State Military Academy
2011-12 New Application

First State Montessori Academy

2011-12 New Application

Charter School Modifications

Campus Community School
2011-12 Modification Application
2011-12 Curriculum 

Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security
2011-12 Modification Application
2011-12 Curriculum 

Newark Charter School
2011-12 Modification Application
2011-12 Curriculum
2011-12 Courses

Sussex Academy Arts & Science
2011-12 Modification Application
2011-12 Curriculum

February 2012

Date Agency Meeting Title
  2/29/2012   Charter Schools   Charter School Accountability Committee Meeting

March 2012

Date Agency Meeting Title
  3/7/2012   Charter Schools   Public Hearings for Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security, Campus Community and Newark Charter Schools
  3/12/2012   Charter Schools   Public Hearing for Sussex Academy of Arts & Science Charter School
  3/20/2012   Charter Schools   Charter School Accountability Committee Meeting

April 2012

Date Agency Meeting Title
  4/2/2012   Charter Schools   Charter School Accountability Committee Meeting
  4/12/2012   Charter Schools   Public Hearings for Academy of Antonia Alonso, Early College High School, and the Delaware MET
  4/25/2012   Charter Schools   Public Hearing of First State Montessori Academy

5 responses to “Reminder of new Delaware charter school applications and modifications request

  1. With so many applications for Charter School, should we just promote charter schools and shut down public schools??. The more charter we have, the more children will migrate out of public schools, essentially making them more expensive /students and hence more expensive to run???. Just a thought…

    I am not against charter schools, but should we have som many?? Very few charter schools are successful. So why promote more?

    DESU and charter school?. They should first try and fix the univerisity before entering in other areas of education..


    • kilroysdelaware

      The reformists got me pegged for a charter hater but that’s not the case! I just want open admissions and preference to students in the district the charter is in!

      re: Red Clay and their dire need for that new school! Kind of strange their isn’t a charter in Hockessin. In the long run charters are cheaper and we don’t get taxed when a new one is built.

      As new charter get built more will migrate out of traditional public schools but school like CSW and Newark charter may impact less students going to private schools. CSW is known as the best free private school in Delaware! What % of CSW and NCS students would be going to privates schools if those charters weren’t there?

      BUT as that migration happen certain traditional public school will crumble and achievement levels will far as a result of the brain-drain! Who will be left behind? Poor student whose parents don’t give a rat’s ass about them! We need to stop building new traditional schools until the real charter school agenda is exposed! And I telling you and everyone the Delaware republicans and democrats are pro-charter school (most of them) And if not they won’t say because they may lose votes.

      When this Race to The Top runs it’s $$$$$ course what kids will still be at the starting blocks! Duncan, Obama and Markell will be gone off in the private sector getting their pay for a job well done by the reformist. The Bush family Jeb and Neil are cashing in on NCLB. Education should be consider the new civil rights issue of today! Civil rights itself should be the issues of everyday. Also, why are people picking up trash on MLK Day when they should be picking up signs and continue the fight for civil rights?


    • you want preference to students in the district the charter is in! ~ I think that has just happened. I know the director of Conrad stated that IF there were any seats left, they would open to out of district kids. I think CSW has done the same, I am pretty sure only one NCS 8th grader got in, it’s usually a pretty high number. DMA has always done that anyway?


    • kilroysdelaware

      Conrad is not a charter and is a Red Clay magnet school and as far as I know all Red Clay students first! Cab another Red Clay magnet school has this entrance test based on talent where not all Red Clay students do get in! CSW took all Red Clay applicants. DMA is same as CSW, chartered by Red Clay not DEDOE and there is an obligation / expectation Red Clay students preference. Red Clay will be the first district to fold under charters weight. Red Clay is trying to fill seat in it’s traditional school with Choice

      Applications from outside the school
       Appoquinimink 37
       Brandywine 113
       Colonial 209
       Christina 541
       Other 12
      2502 applications received by the deadline
      Counts in district students

      “Reject all out of district siblings applying to
      closed schools (BSS, North Star, Linden Hill and

      Invite all in- district and out of district applicants grades 9-12 at
      JDHS and MH

      Red Clay’s Choice is out of control!$file/SchoolChoice2012-2013presentation.pdf


    • Till the Drecline if public schools happen, we will be funding both public and charter. Has anyone done a full impact on charter. What about consolidating districts. Do we need so many


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