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The Spirit Crusher owns you


Occupy Education coming to Delaware with the truth about waiting for Superman

It really looks like a big win for charter schools in Delaware

With the new mega charter school building in Wilmington and new charters poised to be approved the charter school movement has moved to a new phase.

We can debate the issue all we want but the charter school movement is entering the next phase. Like I said many-times, my biggest concern with charters is the admission process. Pretty much all the charter school serving at-risk students have open admission with a lottery for more application than seats. We can debate the so-called re-segregation by charter all we want! However, parents are making the choice to enroll their children in racially identifiable charter schools. DEDOE, the governor nor the school districts are guilty of re-segregating public schools. Yes, the environmental was set to do so but the actions were on the parents part. Personally, I feel we need to fix the system we have to make it one public school system but it’s no going to happen.

For me, the charter concerns are, open admission, fair lotteries and the elimination of the specific interest preference. I do feel students living in the school district where the charter school is located should have first preference. I am also concerned about “children” whose own parents don’t advocate for them. Some may say too bad tough shit! But I feel the governor and legislators have an obligation to all school children. However, community leaders have an important role in the community and “must” educate the parents within about the choice opportunities and go as far as assisting parents through the application process.

As far as investments in new traditional schools, I think we need to put a halt to new construction in New Castle County. It obvious Governor Markell is part of the inner-circle of those pushing for expansion of charter schools. As far as his opponent in the upcoming elections, it also obvious many influential republicans are in alignment with Governor Markell’s charter school agenda. There has been no public republican criticism of Governor Markell’s education agenda including Race to The Top. The democrats and republican are in it thicker than thieves.

The sad reality is, there will come a day when low performing charter schools will be ordered closed. I would like to know what safety-nets are in place for those children? Do we send them back to the so-called failing public schools? Or will the state allow another high performing charter school takeover a failed charter school? Certainly we’ve seen with the Delaware Department of Education’s fiasco with Reach Academy and Pencader where the was clear lack of compassion and capacity on DEDOE’s part. Jack, we need a plan to deal with the what if’s!

As far as the charter school impact on traditional public schools, it’s like too bad for them and fuck DSEA! I’ve been around long enough to know much of this charter school movement is more about breaking the backs of DSEA and local district teacher unions. It’s ironic that DSEA’s critics bash unions whereas their own political PACs support the reformist are unions themselves. So for me and the public it’s a question of which union you trust the most? Teachers who are on the front-lines or politicians who think nothing of sending millions to Wall Street education organization? Expanding administration and consultants isn’t good for our children. I think we can all agree there is a bad apple in every organization but for the most part public school teachers are the best! They don’t pick and chose their students and despite the obvious agenda to bust the union by attacking all public school teachers like Skipper did, these teacher do their jobs. I find it odd that finally Jack Markell acknowledges DSTP was a bad test but fails to label the school ratings and impact DSTP had on teachers as bad. 

I can only say to parents of young children just starting school or getting ready to is God help you! You need to do what’s best for your child and no it’s not your responsibility to worry about other children. I am not the best Christian but my concern is for all children and those whose parents don’t advocate for them. That is why I support school choice and charter schools which is a choice. Before you say something professor re: choice / A.I.H.S., Red Clay’s management of choice schools is clearly at a level of incompetence. Dickinson and McKean are Superior rated schools! Catering to school choice to a point it cost the taxpayers more because a student and parent what to have it their way is unfair and a disservice to the taxpayers. Yea Choice schools is the law but not to the point where we screw the taxpayers when there isn’t a need re: space!

Back to the charter school issue. What will be the impact on traditional public schools if we keep adding more charter schools? Force them close or conversion to charter schools? A consolidation of traditional school district isn’t that far fetched. But perhaps we need to revisit one school district for New Castle County.

One thing for-sure is though Race to The Top promotes charter schools, it is also bad for charter schools forcing charter schools into a common core system where it will impact that self-autonomy.

Capital funding for charter school is no doubt something Markell wants to tackle in his second-term. But Jack, that’s going to be a tough one and you need to secure some state ownership in real-estate. However, you’ll have to scrap the referendum process at least for capital needs. You can force traditional schools to referendums whereas handing charter school capital funding. Jack, you make be proud of yourself as a tacticians weaving back-and-forth across  the labor line and reformist line! You would have made a great double agent during any war. Your appearance to the unveiling of the new mega-charter school in Wilmington was a clear indication where you allegiance is. Are you really proud of that man in the mirror Jack? Sure, I am a piss-ant is the scope of your existence but you know that I know you can’t stand on your two feet without Skipper’s $$ and the other reformist $$$. I may be a surf in this society but Jack, the next rung in the ladder up is you! Pretty bad when the town idiot can see through the king’s ego and other so astute has no clue. One thing we do (did) have in common was “dancing and drinking” in Chicago. I love how you adapted the hustle to everyday life! LOL ! Come on Jack, don’t you remember the night at Jordan’s Restaurant with Gene Silverberg? LOL ! Bet you still own that suit from Bigsby and Kurthers 🙂

Don’t forget the BIG grassroots education event in Wilmington Delaware March 3, 2012

Sponsored by: Friends of Title I

… Know the issues
… Know the laws
…Become an Advocate
Police Athletic League of Wilmington
3707 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012
Time: 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Continental Breakfast… Light Lunch
Contact: Louise Henry 339-0536 Margaret Crosby 494-8189
Office: 302-428-9500 Fax: 302-434-3300
Email: Theopalis10@aol.com

Title 1 Conference Education Forum by Friends of Title 1, March 3, 2012

Folks, I assure you Louise Henry and Margaret “I’ll tell you like it is” Crosby will enlighten the community on parents rights and what’s going on with community voice! I can tell you this, we’re not talking a Rodel rodeo ! We’re talking real people to people kitchen table conversation! The fire burning in Kilroy was lit by the old school folks who walked the Earth with William Hicks Anderson! Wilmington was ground zero for the Title 1 parental involvement move that rock this nation!

Milestones in Parent Involvement of America’s School

“1972–Fourteen parents from eight states attended a meeting sponsored by the National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children. Led by William “Hicks” Anderson of Wilmington, Delaware; these parents pushed for a national conference for parents.”

“1974–Public Law 93-380 provided that parent advisory councils are required for each district and each school served by Title I. Parents must elect the council membership and the majority of the council must be parents. National Coalition of Title I Parents in cooperation with public interest and civil rights groups sponsored the first national conference for Title I parents in St. Louis, Missouri.”

“1976–National Coalition of ESEA Title I Parents opened The National Parent Center in Wilmington, DE/Washington, DC. The Center became the premier training and information clearinghouse for parents and Title I educators.”

The time has come for Wilmington to reclaim it’s voice in parental rights and education reform!

Which Street is right about Delaware’e education reform; Wall Street or Jea Street ?

Black Caucus threatens suit over Race to the Top reforms

The leader of the Delaware Black Caucus said if the state’s Race to the Top education reform plan doesn’t result in greater racial equality in schools and a fairer distribution of education dollars, the group may consider taking legal action.

Always waiting to take action as victims of this wrongheaded Wall Street inspired education reforms pileup and another generation lied to.

“The new millennium term is ‘charter school’ and ‘choice school.’ I call it segregation,” he said. “There are black charter schools and there are predominantly white charter schools. You can call it what you want, but it is what it is.

Jae, what did you expect from an education reform plan lead by a bunch of rich white billionaires.

Street said the caucus, which includes black elected officials at the municipal, county and state level, recently discussed education inequality with Gov. Jack Markell, who told them the state’s $119 million Race to the Top grant will help underserved schools with predominant minority student populations

8 million dollars to Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation for data coaches. Also new division at the Delaware Department of Education full of high paid administrative positions. Governor Jack Markell is useless as a woodpecker on an aluminum telephone pole 

However, Street and others from the Black Caucus don’t share the same optimism about Race to the Top’s ability to correct racial disparities in schools and establish an equitable funding policy.

“I’m going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” Street said. “If it doesn’t come to fruition, it is our duty to destroy and abolish this education system. We can and will litigate.”

Race to Top is a federal four year grant with unsustainable funding after the fourth year! When the race is over which race will still be at the starting gate? Why is Race to The Top funding use to pay for SAT test for those who can afford it? Yes let’s wait until 2054 to make it an even 100 years since 1954’s promise. This way we can call the new reform plan, “we waited 100 years for the deliverance of equal education!”

Capital School Board member Raymond Paylor told Street and the other caucus members leading the forum that Delaware’s plans for turning around failing schools with high minority populations are fundamentally flawed

Well Raymond, how about writing an editorial in the News Journal for the whole world to here?

“In high-poverty schools, we need to pay more to have good teachers come in and be willing to work with our students,” said Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington East. “I know Race to the Top is supposed to help, but it’s so tedious and cumbersome.”

You don’t have to pay teachers more just treat them like professional and giveback control of classroom to the teachers! Giveback control of the school district to to local school boards and get Makell out of education reform! Get Wall Street out of the Delaware Department of Education. Were freedom fighters of the Underground Railroad compensated different at the first mile than the last mile? Stop labeling teachers failures when we as a society fail to support teachers and allow poverty to be a profit center! Is Title 1 really “supplemental”. Delaware legislators allowed the State Board of Education handpicked puppets of Jack Markell to change state education regulations to align them with the Race to The Top agenda. Delaware DOE told Red Clay School Board to either vote yes to the RTTT MOU and if not they’ll fund RTTT with local funds! I WAS THERE! The disrespect DOE officials showed elected public officials aka school board members was a disgrace!

I said before, a day will come for a new civil rights movement but that day is not now! But when that day comes you will know because there will be new young voices full of fresh spirit! It will be sister leading the charge to mop up of after men who  allowed themselves to sever the greenbacks of their white masters who rule Wall Street. Poverty in education has become a profit center and more and more of it heads to Wall Street while less heads to the classroom for more teachers to reduce class sizes and more paraprofessional to assist teachers with the most at-high risk students. We have enough data on-hand to get to work! Seeking more data is nothing but a Wall Street diversion.