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Jack Wells calls out Red Clay $$$$$$$$

Click full screen to see better. Jack’s ruffling some feathers over Red Clay agenda to build a new school in the suburbs.


Queitsch only Delaware candidate questioning Markell / Obama’s education agenda

Evan Queitsch, on February 21, 2012 at 1:45 pm said: Edit Comment

Evan Queitsch for Delaware Senate 11th District 

Kilroy, I take offense at the idea that there are no local candidates who will bash the Obama/Markell Administration for their stance on education. As you may know, I’m running in the 11th Senate District against Senator DeLuca and I have done a full hour on WDEL and made the failures of the Markell/Obama Administrations on education a specific central theme of my campaign. If NOTHING else happens, we MUST consolidate our districts and localize our schools to put the control back in the hands of the citizens but *I* don’t even stop there. I call specifically for a voucher system that lets parents be parents and decide how and where their kids get their education. I call for it not only because it’s succeeded wherever it’s tried but also because quite frankly because it’s the only moral thing to do and the only way to really serve our kids. We currently prop up failing schools to help the DSEA not our kids. I also believe that if parents had their choice to send their kids wherever they wanted, we would see far better results in not only graduation but in preparedness for college and for the workforce.

Now, I don’t entirely disagree with the concept of privatizing our education system. In fact, I think a voucher system will move us in that direction much faster than any political cutbacks would. Further, I would suggest to you that we call a spade a spade and look at what has worked and what hasn’t. Let’s look back at say, our Founders for instance, they did not study in schools that limited their focus to S.T.E.M. programs developed by national common core standards groups. No, they were educated properly from a young age in history and morality and steeped in reading and arithmetic. They went on to become doctors, lawyers, inventors, language specialists, diplomats, business owners and much, much more. What I’m saying is that we have to look at what’s worked and what has not and be willing to be honest with ourselves. You build a foundation and you let the children grow into their own career path.

Delaware spends more than $16,000 per student per year on education.  What would you do with $16,000 for the education of your child?

So folks, there’s one of us.

This is Evan’s response to Delaware Public Schools: W.A.K.E. U.P. folks. a mixed post / comment.

Here’s the Podcast of WDEL Rick Jensen Show with Evan Queitsch

Here is another version with slide show 

Delaware Public Schools: W.A.K.E. U.P. folks.

lastDEconservative, on February 21, 2012 at 11:38 am said:

The only way to escape accountability from the last big thing (that inevitably failed in its turn) has always been and forever will be to create the NEXT big thing, which will fail in its turn, and on it goes, as has been the case for decades since all the adults left the room.

The entire establishment is at fault — but unless and until the populace (that’s you parents, grands, neighbors paying property taxes, the lot of us) that puts the Markells and Schooleys and Sokolas and limp school boards and such in elective office, those in the educracy — in full view and with tacit if not spoken approval of that elected lot — that perpetuate the myth of improvement by the addition of dollars, iPads, vegetables in lieu of mom’s sandwich, testing (not that testing, THIS testing), union participation, ad nauseam, will continue apace with said myth. And without regret, without any admission of guilt — to the contrary, always with the righteous flag of “fighting for your kids” held high, chanting “I’m for you, something that OTHER guy did didn’t work out; not to fear, I’m here.”

I recommend saving all the exclamation points for the day when something surprising happens. Like Lillian being fired instead of next moving to a big cushy federal job with an office the size of a ballroom; or Jack being sent back whence he came instead of getting a second term.

W.A.K.E. U.P. folks.

I agree with you re: Jack no second term! (and yes Kilroy bit the change hook first term) But what is the alternative? As you see, no Delaware republican running for public local or national seats dare to bash Markell or Obama’s education policies! The business roundtable supporting privatization of public schools spread their money to the left and right! This Wall Street education reform agenda is supported by both parties! Who speaks for the middle? Who speaks for local school district and school level control? Markell rapes state education funding for the last three years and now throws a small $$ bone! But it doesn’t restores his cuts! When it comes to mixing blue and red kool-aid it’s nothing more than toxic piss sprayed all over local school communities ! Give us the damn common core standards and the nationalized standardized test but give local schools total financial flexibility to get it done! End this Wall Street takeover of our teachers, schools, parents and students! Education reform must be driven from the classrooms not the board rooms of Wall Street! Charter schools are great for that option. However, Wall Street sending in those so-called lifeboats while their local agents are drilling holes in traditional public schools to ensure they fail is a moral injustice. Markell is an enabler by helping this agenda that raises some students heads above water while pushing other under. Markell isn’t shuffling the chairs on the Titanic, he is building a new Titanic with the same old blueprint!