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Delaware DOE addressing security issues with DCAS

DCAS Update

Test Security
1. Test Security Audit Contract secured with Caveon Security for spring 2012.
2. DCAS System embedded security measures (AIR) for launch in 2012-2013 test cycle


DontDestroyChristina makes Kilroy’s Blogroll

I received 87 E-mails asking me to put DontDestroyChristina Delaware’s new blog on my blogroll. The 47 year-old mom has sparked some interest. So fair is fair and we all have our own opinions. So for those who made the request enjoy!

DSTP now DCAS and guess whose coming to town in two years?

Remember DSTP the state student testing and teacher accountability plan that was crafted by the business roundtable?  You know the test that was so flawed from day one! Come on you remember those 3-Tiered diplomas! It took 10 years before the state legislators stop listening to the business roundtable and delivered DCAS ( and it had nothing to do with Markell) a test that measured growth. DEDOE has dropped the ball on DCAS many times and some questions the validity of the results. But don’t worry, a new nationalized standardized test aligned with emerging nationalized common core standards is coming your way in about two years! WTF ! Millions more will be spent creating this new test! I am sure it will still have the growth model concept but more alignment of the curriculum will be in order! More bullshit chase the tail professional developmental will be need for out teachers. WTF, can’t somebody just make a Kool-aid patched and just stick on the arms of every teacher, every student and every parent? Markell can add some more jobs at DEDOE call Kool-aid coaches!

Chicago charter schools requires students to pay $$$ for detention

Chicago school draws scrutiny over student fines

Noble Network of Charter Schools charges students at its 10 Chicago high schools $5 for detentions stemming from infractions that include chewing gum and having untied shoelaces. Last school year it collected almost $190,000 in discipline “fees” from detentions and behavior classes — a policy drawing fire from some parents, advocacy groups and education experts.

Officials at the rapidly expanding network, heralded by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a model for the city, say the fees offset the cost of running the detention program and help keep small problems from becoming big ones. Critics say Noble is nickel-and-diming its mostly low-income students over insignificant, made-up infractions that force out kids administrators don’t want.

Emanuel defended the school, saying it gets “incredible” results and parents don’t have to send their children there. Charter schools are exempt from most district policies

Wouldn’t it make sense to at least offer allowing students to do some manual work  in lieu of paying the fines? It’s the parents who has to cough up the bucks.

“It’s almost medieval in nature. It’s a form a financial torture, for lack of a better term,” Mayer said.

Cheese and crackers ! I though I was king of the drama! 🙂 I think it would be medieval if these kids got a foot put up there ass!

Check this out from the school webpage!

Noble Network of Charter Schools Believes in a Positive School Culture; Explains Student Conduct Code

To further emphasize the importance of proper behavior in school, students who earn more than 12 detentions in a school year must take a discipline course (typically four weeks in the summer) which carries a course fee of $140. This only partially defrays the cost of administering the course and paying a teacher to teach it.

BUT look at this

Does not ask for information about test scores or special education status at any time during the application process.

Adheres to a strict blind lottery selection process. Students must be residents of Chicago and pass 8th grade to be accepted for enrollment.

This is what Delaware needs to do!

Should public schools charge parents for activity buses?

What do you think! Should parents pay transportation fees for activity buses for things like after school sports and other extra curricular activities ? And I mean full cost !

Are you ready for $5.00 per gallon gas? Not good for school transportation cost either!

News is reporting gasoline will be $4.00 per gallon by Spring and to me that mean $5.00 per gallon by Labor Day

As for school transportation cost, Governor Markell shifted $ 7,133,000.00 (that is millions) back on local public and charter school last year impacting this school year.

Additional to transportation cuts Markell markell made these budget cuts since he’s been in office

* Reading Resource Teachers $9,431,500
* Math Specialists $3,071,700
* Limited English Proficiency Grant $1,625,000
* Technology Block Grant $1,354,000
* School-Based Discipline Program $8,213,900
* Tax Relief Allocation $17,549,500
* Academic Excellence Allotment $4,595,600
* Extra Time Programs $10,428,000
* Tuition Reimbursement $1,100,000
* Teacher Cadre & Mentoring $1,128,400

See Education and Community News from Home Town Delaware another education blog from a Milford Delaware School Board member where this information originated from Early 2013 budget numbers being shared with Educators.

OK done slapping Markell around now back to the gas crisis. I do have a background in transportation management and every wheel that turns needs fuel and by time goods gets to market it takes many wheels. I kid you not, the price of food may rise by 20% before next fall. Last time I looked, farmer’s tractors don’t run off of piss.

“Diesel fuel prices are averaging $3.95, from $3.92 last week. The price of diesel fuel is up from $3.86 a month ago, and from $3.56 a year ago.”

Let’s see big tractor trailer pulled by a nice Peterbilt with 150 gallon fuel tank on each side =300 gallons x $3.95 per gallon! Yep that will be $1,185 for a fill-up! Somebody got to pay! Today’s regular gas price for your car is at an average $3.56 per gallon.

This is all sad news for the economy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oil at 9-month high after Iran cuts supply

(AP)  Oil prices jumped to a nine-month high above $105 a barrel on Monday after Iran said it halted crude exports to Britain and France in an escalation of a dispute over the Middle Eastern country’s nuclear program.

Is the potential for war with Iran real? Will Israel take action on their own? Is America ready for yet another war?

Our food budget is tight enough as it is! How much more can we squeeze the budget? Don’t leave your pet dog out side by himself and you local Mormon’s better put some padlocks on those 5 gallon buckets of grain. Before it’s all over all children might be on Free and Reduced Lunch. School board members might have to eat MREs for board dinners! No more more “freshly baked rolls” for Red Clay’s board dinners! Wait, I forget, that crowed got booted ! Hey kiddies, keep an eye on Mike Matthews and you lunch boxes 🙂

Will Occupy Delaware help fight corporate take over of public schools?

March 1 National Day of Action For Education; Occupy Education 

The following organizations are participating in the March 1, 2012, Actions in Defense of Public Education (listed in alphabetical order except for the two founding participant organizations at the top of the list):

Where are you Occupy Delaware???

Breaking Markell busted re: RTTT Wall Street connection and more

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Is Markell in bed with Murdoch? Is Markell using DE Ed $$ as repayment?

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