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Red Clay parents on WDEL video re: Referendum

See WDEL video report and article on Red Clay’s referendum 

And once again! If Red Clay is playing the Neighborhood School Act (law) to justify a new elementary school in Hockessin, where are the Red Clay “traditional”  neighborhood middle and high schools in the city of Wilmington? Force busing via assigned feeder pattern is unjust! Go ahead and play the “we got choice school card” and even it that middle and high school students are bused out of Wilmington. Red Clay plays the city has added charter schools as if that was some kind of compensation. But the real blame goes to the state legislators who action on the NSA was to defer it to the state board of education and city community leaders whom some can’t see past their $$ payday!


Kilroy defends the duPont family

Pierre du Pont, Education & the 100 year journey February 16, 2012 by charliecopeland

Go read for yourself 

Charlie, send me over some Kevlar to fend off an attack by Jason and his DL mafia 🙂

Kilroy’s is open to guest bloggers

Recently I made some marketing strategy adjustments to Kilroy’s Delaware and I am getting more and more visitors each day. I made this offer before and it still stands. If you would like to contribute a blog post you can do so by E-mailing it to me at kilroywashere@comcast.net or copy and past in comment section of most recent blog post. Rule is no general attack on others , no sexual trash, no guess who is screwing who and no profanity. Yes Kilroy drops the F-bomb every now and then but I keep the lights on. You can use your real name or alias. You can protect your identity like Markell does by using a bogus E-mail address via any free E-mail service like Google. But don’t play games with Kilroy because I can open you garage door from here LOL ! OMG Delaview put some clothes on when on the blogs 🙂 But for real, if you have a topic or even an opposite view of mine that’s OK. Blogging is very time consuming and really for the most part not enjoyable. To me it’s a soapbox and a virtual kitchen table for people to come and sound off. I’ll admit, I mess with people and bait people out to drive conversation and debate. I process and filter so much information I tend to learn and even change position based on other’s responses. So feel free to throw me something to post for you. And don’t worry about grammar errors because I don’t 🙂 :). But if you want to show off your PhD go for it.

Red Clay to send board members for behavior training

NSBA Annual Conference 2012category

Friday, April 20 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
New Board Member Boot Camp Pre-Conference Session: Ethics, Board Meetings, and the Role of a School Board Member

Ethical and appropriate behavior for school board members is expected. Yet, problems arise at meetings that can interfere with important work getting done. Interact with your colleagues in a mock school board meeting conducted by members of the NSBA Board Member Boot Camp Faculty to examine what works and what doesn’t in your meetings.

Facilitated by: Kitty Blumsack, Director of Board Development, Maryland Association of Boards of Education; Terry McCabe, Associate Executive Director, Maine School Boards Association

Register for this pre-conference session by checking Board Member Boot Camp on your registration form.

After last night board meeting I think the board is sending the right (cats) board members. I waiting on a video of one member acting like a three-year old. Members of the community who attended the board meeting for the first time were amazed that one board member was having baby-fits and tried to drag another board member in to the cat fight. I going to be interesting to see board members attending come back and pass that training on to the other members. Kind of ironic that the cat will have to eat crow! LOL 🙂

Just in Lillian Lowery “may” be leaving DEDOE June 30th

Update !! Information proven false ! Sorry for the distraction ! The string between the tin cans between me and Cape Henlopen had a little static!  

Unconfirmed but a DOE Mouse told me Lillian Lowery may be leaving the Delaware Department of Education for a job in Washington D.C. Once the maintenance staff empties the trash I have someone do some dumpster diving, So at this point an unconfirmed rumor.

Rick Jensen’s brain fart might have merit

The other day when I called the Rick Jensen Show (a local radio talk show on WDEL a walkie-talkie radio station that couldn’t reach Rehoboth Beach on clear summer night skip but what can you expect from a 5 watt transmitter) Rick mentioned an idea of Delaware Tech aligning a program with a public school to assist student in a college path education. Rick’s brain fart came when I was rudely interrupted by some silly ass need or a traffic report way before rush hour. Anyhow, Rick’s idea may have merit.

Perhaps state funded colleges like University of Delaware, Delaware Tech and Delaware State University be permitted to charter charter schools like Red Clay does. Going to a school district and directly to the Delaware State Department of (confusion) Education is the only path for a charter school organizations to get approval. So what I am saying is, allow these institutions to charter schools for 9-12 grade. What better way of hooking kids into the thought of attending college!

Since we’re on the topic of brain farts, why not require new charter schools to give “first” preference to all students within the traditional public school district the charter school is located in? Let’s say a new charter school wants to open in Hockessin! That charter school would be required to take all Red Clay students that applied and of-course a lottery system would be in order. Also if not enough application then the can go outside the district.

Christina Super and Board show some remorse for Glasgow incident

A Message from the Christina School District Board and Superintendent

Kilory says: It’s kind of odd that the school leader didn’t make such a statement. I guess she still feels sexual misconduct against the a student is still a distraction? Don’t know but she took charge from day one and you’d think she make the remorseful statement.

I hear the broom is sweeping away at Glasgow High School! I see a few more staff names wiped from the directory. It’s not hard to figure out who took a deal to leave peacefully. So just blow the trash down the road to the next school. Well for one daddy can hook you up with a job. Yep keep them students quiet to protect adults.

I guess for some in CSD it’s just practice and going from a low level elected official to a real elected official. It takes practice to learn how to be immoral. Those who think they deleted their E-mail better think again! Server is backed up which includes E-mail ! Beau knows! 😉 And call a E-plumber to fix that leaking firewall. Danny for crying out loud! Did you really tell CSD money bag that?

Bank of America donates Wilmington office building to charter schools

BofA to hire 500, donate building for charter schools :Written by NICHOLE DOBO and ERIC RUTH The News Journal

Building space is one of the biggest hurdles for new charter schools because they are unable to secure the same level of governmentfinancing as traditional school districts. The donated building offers nine stories and more than 282,000 square feet.

The Longwood Foundation plans to create a new nonprofit called the Community Education Building. This new organization will be the recipient of the donated building and will operate it. The transfer is expected to take place in 2013.

“We appreciate Bank of America’s commitment to our community and to ensuring that all children have access to quality education,” Thére du Pont, president of the Longwood Foundation said in a statement. “At Longwood, we will be working hard with many partners to ensure we are continuing to provide unmatched educational environments where all kids can excel, in this case in the City of Wilmington.”

Interesting! I wonder if schools pay school taxes! If they don’t how much school taxes a building of this size will be taken out of Christina school district? But good news for parents who select charter schools

OK I found this and I am pretty sure this is for the building in question. So if it become a “public charter school” will these revenues be loss to Christina and NCC Votech?? OK just check and schools don’t pay property taxes. So will Longwood pay school taxes for this location ? Can’t be a public school unless Delaware DOE classifies it as one! But worth keep an eye on!











WTF Duncan has another 5 billion dollars

Education contest would focus on teacher quality

WASHINGTON — Education Secretary Arne Duncan today spelled out details of a proposed new $5 billion Race to the Top-style competition focused on improving teacherquality.

Among the changes the administration is seeking: higher teaching salaries, compensation tied to performance and more selective and improved teaching colleges.

The proposed contest was included in the budget proposal President Barack Obama sent to Congress on Monday. It will probably face obstacles in the gridlocked Congress, where some Republicans have complained of federal overreach and overlapping programs in education.

This propoal is insane and the program is called RESPECT! Let’s respect teachers by pulling Skipper and the other business roundtable clones out of their asses! What next? Fucking incentive coaches ? Education shouldn’t be a competition!

5 billion dollars WTF ! This country can’t even keep lifesaving drugs on the counter. There are “families” on the streets! Let’s respect teachers by adding more paraprofessionals and reduce class sizes and get these ass-kissing back-stabbing administrators out of our schools. You can bet Wall Street will find a way to get their teeth in this prize.

Message to Red Clay, all school districts, charters and state legislators

“I don’t see how those of us who consider ourselves liberals can continue to argue that the children of the poor must be prohibited from seeking better education in different schools because it is unfair to the people who are failing to educate them properly.” Norm Lockman

Mr. Lockman’s comment was in response to school voucher questions. However, I think with barriers associated with charter school admission preferences and school Choice his comments can be applicable to today’s concerns. Addressing Wilmington public education which is divided by four school district impeding community identity and voice is the responsibility of our leaders. Saying to those children and parents impacted by the education divide is unfair to our school leaders and politicians is a social travesty in itself.  The concerns that our children must be able to compete in a global economy is noble but not ensuring that competition starts on equal footing is another travesty.

Neighborhood School Law coming unraveled; Red Clay in the crossfire

As more schools are built in the suburbs and out of control school choice, Wilmington students are being isolated and questions of re-segregation are surfacing.

Though the court-order busing of Northern Delaware students has been lifted Wilmington is still divided into four school districts. Red Clay feels they are limited as to changing feeder-pattern to create more racially diversified schools. Red Clay is bound to the Neighborhood School Law (act).

Here is the outline of that law: Subchapter II. Neighborhood Schools

Remember this:

§ 222. Wilmington Neighborhood Schools Committee.

(a) The Wilmington Neighborhood Schools Committee shall consist of 17 members, as follows:

(1) Two members designated by the Mayor of the City of Wilmington;

(2) Three members designated by the President of City Council for the City of Wilmington;

(3) One member designated by the Governor with such member being a resident of the City of Wilmington;

(4) One member designated by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate with such member being a resident of the City of Wilmington;

(5) One member designated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives with such member being a resident of the City of Wilmington;

(6) Two members representing the Wilmington business community designated by the Mayor;

(7) One member from a community based organization designated by the Mayor;

(8) One member from a community based organization designated by the President of City Council;

(9) One member from each of the 4 school boards with such persons serving from a Wilmington nominating district; and

(10) One member residing in the City of Wilmington and representing the New Castle County Vo-Tech School District.

Here is where it all fell apart:

(f) Upon review and consideration of the Committee’s recommendations, the City Council and the Mayor of the City of Wilmington shall forward their plan on behalf of the City of Wilmington to the General Assembly by March 15, 2001. The plan shall identify specific time lines for implementation as well as specific actions, legislative or otherwise, required to implement the recommendations. The plan shall also estimate the costs or savings both in terms of capital expense and/or operational expense based on existing unit count allocations and the required local match. The General Assembly shall act on the plan by June 30, 2001.

The committee submitted options and the Delaware Legislators who “shall act on the plan by June 30, 2001”  did so by deferring the plans and responsibility to the Delaware State Board of Education.

This is the f’ing nightmare that followed:

February 21, 2008 Decision and Order of the State Board re:  Christina Neighborhood Schools Plan

The State Board held public hearings to hear and receive public comment on the proposed plan of the Christina School District:  Monday, January 7, 2008 at 7 p.m. at Keene Elementary School in the cafetorium and on Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 7 p.m. at Baynard Intermediate School in the auditorium.

Transcript from January 7, 2008 public hearing.
Transcript from January 10, 2008 public hearing.

The Christina School District presented its plan to the State Board of Education at a special meeting scheduled for Friday, December 14, 2007.  The Christina School District plan can be accessed at:

Transcript from December 14 Evidentiary Hearing

June 16, 2005 Decision and Order – Red Clay Consolidated School District Neighborhood School Plan (Elementary School Assignments)
Transcript from Public Hearing at Howard High School – December 1, 2004
Transcript from Public Hearing at Stanton Middle School – November 30, 2004
Transcript from November 18, 2004 Evidentiary Hearing – Red Clay Consolidated School District
November 8, 2004 – Red Clay Consolidated School District’s Resubmitted Neighborhood School Plan
April 17, 2003 Decision and Order – Red Clay Consolidated School District’s Resubmitted Neighborhood School Plan
March 20, 2003 Decision and Order – Appoquinimink and Christina School District’s Resubmitted Neighborhood School Plan
Transcript from Public Hearing at Kirk Middle School – October 21, 2002
Transcript from Public Hearing at McKean High School – October 22, 2002
Transcript from Public Hearing at Howard High School – October 28, 2002

The Christina and Red Clay Consolidated School Districts resubmitted their Neighborhood Schools Plan to the State Board.

The Appoquinimink School District resubmitted its Neighborhood Schools’ Plan

Transcript from September 23, 2002 Evidentiary Hearing – Appoquinimink School District
Transcript from September 23, 2002 Evidentiary Hearing – Christina School District
Transcript from September 27, 2002 Evidentiary Hearing – Red Clay Consolidated School District

Christina Revised Neighborhood Schools Plan

ChristinaNeighborhood Schools Plan

Red Clay Revised Neighborhood Schools Plan

Red Clay Neighborhood Schools Plan Supplemental Information

And the decision:

March 28, 2002 State Board Decision on Neighborhood School Plans of Delmar, Seaford, Appoquinimink, Colonial, Christina, Red Clay Consolidated and Brandywine

Much has changed since the state board’s decision and in Red Clay new schools were built, Red Clay approved more charter schools and removed Conrad as a feeder school and made it all an all choice 6-12 magnet school. Did Red Clay change the dynamics of their approved neighborhood school plan?

We must remember, the current board and superintendent were not part of Red Clay during the Neighborhood School planning. If you read through the plans you’ll find it mind-bending.

Red Clay Wilmington schools have pretty much reverted back to pre-desegregation level Re: racially identified and many question if Red Clay is re- segregated their schools? I don’t think it was a master agenda plan to do so and what has happen is parents demanded their children attend schools close to their home and put pressure on the district to build more schools to meet that need. However, we’re still stuck with busing Wilmington Red Clay middle and high school students to the suburbs. Delaware Governor Jack Markell struts like a proud peacock telling the world Delaware students can pick their schools via school choice! However, that is bullshit because not all students get their first choice, not all schools are open to choice due to capacity issues and then there is equity issues in choice transportation. Parents must transport their children to bus-stops within their Choice school or transport both ways to that school. Many high-poverty parents don’t have adequate transportation and pretty much are locked out of this option.

The Red Clay school board caught an earful tonight! Yes the finger is being pointed at Red Clay. But I hope Red Clay can see the frustration on the parent’s side. Red Clay tells parents to bring the issue to the state legislators who need to change the law! Though is sounds like scapegoating, it’s pretty much the truth.

Believe me or not, a major civil rights movement is brewing over education issue associated with this dilemma. Might not be today or tomorrow but sooner than  later it will need to be addressed.

Those Wilmington residences who are concern should start a dialogue among themselves keeping out those who hold service contacts with Red Clay. However, this dialogue needs to be Wilmington wide across all four school districts within. The common concerns and issues must be identified and a unified message must be brought to the Delaware legislators.

As for Red Clay, it might be best to open dialogue with Wilmington Red Clay parents to hear the concerns and perhaps adjusts some programming in Red Clay’s Wilmington schools. To me it sound like parents are concerned with education services that may be strained due to high needs students. Is there something Red Clay can do to help address these concerns? I don’t know! However, it doesn’t hurt to have “meaningful” dialogue. The real fix must come from legislation. I don’t think state legislators are going to be willing to jump in the middle of this hot potato. Waiting on city community leaders to take ownership might be nothing more than waiting on Superman.

I don’t think anyone’s comments tonight was meant to hurt the board or Red Clay but rather an expression of voices of concern. Hey 1T, I think laying some groundwork for dialogue  may be in order. I don’t think it should be rushed to try to save the referendum vote for the new school but to really help address the concerns and hopefully force some political intervention. For me, if kids are being bused by force via assigned feeder-patterns to middle and high schools out of the city, I cab’t see why students can be bused from the suburbs to fill vacant seats in Wilmington.

No matter what, at the end of the day the state legislators walked away from this mess deferring resolution to the state board of education. They better wake-up and smell the coffee.