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Back from the Red Clay school board meeting


DEDOE mouse is signing !! OMG Not happy with CSD choice

DEDOE mouse reports a one on one call between DOE Dan and money bags at CSD. Somebody a DEDOE not happy with CSD’s new sheriff. DEDOE likes their district sheriffs with Eli Broad stamped on their asses!

FYI my young friend ; nobody puts baby in the corner!

Kilroy may be the town idiot but he is loyal to thy noble princess who dares to face the dragon. Let it be know the jackal will sing loud upon a fall moon. Kilroy, keeper of all large and small shall cast a shadow on November sky and the fool who dreams so big will feel so small. I am of days of Knight Templar and am root to brother Malebisse. My soul still gathers with brave knights for tea at Cliffords Towers. The princess’s  honor will be restored and the clock tower will fall into balanced. Enjoy the seat of power on thy might board but come November it’s back to a life of a surf.

Delaware’s newest blog DontDestroyChristina is bitch-slapping everybody

DontDestroyChristina Delaware newest blog has be spitting fire !

I am 47 years old and have lived in Newark my whole life. I am mother to three. All in public schools. I believe in public schools. I don’t take crap from no one. Want to comment on my site? Bring facts, cause  I respond to just about everything! Warning: I have the high ground on this one! Hope you like my flowers…..

Christina Board takes action, if you can call it that.

I’ll be updating my blogroll this weekend and might consider putting this new blog on the list.

Red Clay to put TV production station in Mckean High School

Comcast Cable Access Channel  

Update Board and community on Red Clay’s proposal to be named manager of an educational cable access channel by the City of Wilmington and the Delaware Public Service Commission.

Red Clay plans to build a communications center in McKean High School, by enhancing existing radio station and building new television production studio.

Delaware Department of Education has approved the three-credit communications pathway, Audio, Radio & Video Design and Engineering (ARV)

Red Clay has been approved for federal Perkins funds to outfit the television station and enhance the radio station

Red Clay earns state Career and Technical Education funds for continued support of the pathway (i.e.: materials, cameras, software, etc.) Read more…….

 Go to the link and read more! Very exiting information!

Not that I’ll enjoy saying this 🙂 but this is a project Mervin has had on the radar for a good two years. Before you comment and put your foot in your ass read the presentation that will be shared at tonight’s Red Clay school board meeting.

It’s an exciting new career path for students and an education information T.V. programming to allow other districts and charter schools programming access.

Really good move on Mervin’s part and we must give credit where due! But doesn’t mean I am going to vote for that new school 🙂 Congratulation Red Clay! And rest assured Governor Markell will take credit!

Also on tonight’s board lineup is Mervin’s Superintendent’s Report Popcorn will be supplied by the school board (not)

Reflections of China and American education with the help of NJ letter by Eric

Shanghai The World’s Best School System

by Heather Singmaster

China has a long tradition of respect for education. In fact, there is much societal and family pressure to do well academically. This has fostered education reform throughout history at many levels. While the entire country has made strides in education, Shanghai is at the forefront as it has been given special authority to experiment with reform before the rest of the country. With its recent rankings at the top of the PISA 2009 exam, all eyes will be on how these reforms were made.

China’s education system has struggled to move away from the exam-based system that drives curriculum and results in memorizing facts to pass the test. In 1985, Shanghai began a process of reform and created exams that test the application of real-life skills. Multiple choice questions no longer appear on the city’s exams.

Pretty much in contrast Charter School of Wilmington is Delaware’s Shanghai experiment. However, to Charter School of Wilmington’s credit they don’t teach to the test and actually feed beautiful minds. Don’t get me wrong here and think I am going soft on CSW. The fact remains like the Shanghai Experiment CSW pretty much hand picks top performing students to ensure a positive outcomes on Delaware state assessment test.

Shanghai Experimental School is a research-oriented institution that integrates education, instruction, and scientific experimentation as a whole. It combines elementary schooling and secondary schooling into a ten-year system of continuing education, and in the meantime allows for flexibility in grade setting. Its aim is, by reforming courses, teaching materials, teaching methods, teaching assessment and other components of teaching system, to fully explore the learning potentials of children and adolescents, so that students enrolled as six at this school are encouraged and enabled to accomplish within ten years the learning tasks stipulated for students of twelve-year school system. In the end, when they graduate at fifteen or sixteen, these students are excellent in that they are well developed in moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic aspects. They are ready to go to university where they are sure to further exercise their creativity and learning capability for inventions and innovations in the optimum period of their prospective twenties.

Shanghai Experimental School is attached to Shanghai Education Committee. Its experimentation and research are supervised by the Institute of Scientific Research in Education, Shanghai Teachers University. The current principal is Professor Li Youting, the tutor of master of Shanghai Teachers University.

The Shanghai Experiment gathers bright students from around China and relocates them to Shanghai education laboratories that are nothing more than a B F Skinner mind probing factory. The choices are exceed or back to the rice paddies.

News Jounral’s Delaware Voice Comparisons unfairly malign US education by  Eric Buckson

This year, China was ranked No. 1 in test scores followed by South Korea and Finland. But consider: The 5000 plus students who were tested in China were all from Shanghai, the country’s largest and most modern city. Of Finland’s test takers, 90 percent came from middle- to high-income families. The the average test taker in South Korea came from a household that spends about 15 percent of its income on private tutoring.

I think we agree there are variables that skew test data.

If we want Delaware’s education system to mirror China’s, Finland’s, and South Korea’s, copy Wilmington Charter or Archmere Academy, and tell students who do not get admitted that they will be going to trade school.

So if they can’t get into Delaware elite schools the default is manual labor jobs! Just like in China!

Let me be clear, Wilmington Charter and Archmere Academy are outstanding schools. My point is that measuring success by test scores puts traditional public schools at a disadvantage for educating all students.

Thank you Eric! I feel the same way but also feel without pressures of label associated with NCLB / Race to The Top school rating process schools like Wilmington Charter may take a risk to reach out to at-risk students. Charter schools can’t fail because unlike traditional schools they’ll be force closed. I say let’s do a Delaware experiment and since Charter School of Wilmington obvious meets all state standards remov them from the rating system on conditions. Those conditions would be admit at-risk students up to no less than 25% of student population allowing 3 years for the transition. The experiment would be, without pressures of labeling based on standardized test can a school like Charter School of Wilmington make a positive impact on struggling at-risk students and I talking academic at-risk students. On the flip-side, select a traditional public school and allow them to exclude disruptive students from the school rating mix and provide some extra teachers and crisis interventionist to work solely with disruptive students. Let’s see if we can extract disruptive students from class in order to see if we can improve academic at-risk students. Do remember charter schools were meant to be education laboratories but what were are creating with school labeling is clusters of charter schools fixated on skewing the system to obtain superior school ratings at the cost of segregating children by intelligence. (Hey Steve, just all an opinion here for the sake of debate. Remember the I-messages)

Effective teaching is a key ingredient in a child’s success. That is why I encourage union reps to consider working with school administrators and Gov. Markell on redefining how tenure is applied.

Eric, here is where you and I drift apart! Fuck Governor Markell ! We need an accountability system holding all equally accountable top-down from the governor, legislators, Delaware DOE, district administrators, school administrators, teachers and yes parents. Ask Dave Sokola about Title 14, Chapter 2, Subchapter I, section 207 Legislative educational impact statements. Repealed by 73 Del. Laws, c. 312, § 334, effective June 25, 2002. Kilroy busted the legislators for not following the law and the repeal of this section of the law was quietly swept under the rug. Effective teacher make the world of a difference but in this toxic political education reform environmental tied to Wall Street, teachers are effectively getting fucked!

If you want to improve on the number of effective teachers in Delaware classrooms, empower administrators to remove the 10 percent of teachers who are giving the 90 percent a bad name.

If you want to improve education, remove the governor from being the education czar and make the position of Delaware Secretary of Education an elected position and same goes for the Delaware State Board of Education. End all state unfunded and underfunded mandates and keep Washington out of the affairs of local schools. Fire superintendents who spend more time in Dover wearing Markell knee pads. But to be fair to your position, end this VT shit where inferiority teachers VT to lower performing schools that often have the most vacancies. Create a fair teacher evaluation with some intervention before booting teachers. Nothing wrong with tenure and more wrong without a solid teacher evaluation system that offers help as the first step and then the boot as the last. New teachers need mentoring for the first three years.

If accountability is what is sought to improve education, consider how to hold me accountable for the effort I put into helping my children learn. In my opinion, the biggest influence on my children’s grades is my effort in helping them study or simply go to bed on time.

Ok , you and I are back on track! Seems you agree there needs to be some sense of parent accountability. We need to find a way to apply parent accountability to teacher accountability. Can we extract students with a record of chronic disruptions? Can a classroom teacher unenroll students who repeatedly refuse to do homework and assignments or miss more than 10-15 days of school. We need to get serious about accountability that applies to all the so-called stakeholders. And speaking of stakeholders, why is it the business rountable can push fucked-up reform plans like DSTP that goes belly-up and come back with another plan like Vision 2015 and a Wall Street laced Race to The Top?

Increasing the number of students majoring in science, engineering, and medical fields can have a direct impact on our state’s economic future.

What now we’re in Russia where the government handpicks careers? So is this a surrender to the fact manufacturing is dead in Delaware? If we produce all these engineers and scientist who will be the laborers building and servicing the products, But then again we need invisible wenches to build invisible cars at the Boxwood plant. Now I’ll agree, great creative teachers inspires students and we do need to increase science programs at our public schools.

One way to do this is for universities that receive state funding to create incentives that encourage students to choose this path. Too many times degrees are offered in fields that have no defined job potential.

Let’s encourage students to take this pathway with scholarships exclusively to be used for science related degrees. Put the power in the hands of students.

In China, colleges can lose their funding if they offer degrees in majors that have no clear path to employment. Our universities need to take a hard look at the degrees they are offering.

WTF !!!!!!!!!!! Does China have Rice Paddy Universities ? Degree offerings should mirror trends in economies. If colleges don’t offer what is demanded they’ll lose in $$ enrollment. In China people lose their heads if they say their governor is fucked up! If China is so great why do their grad and even under-grad students come to America to study! Last time I looked, China was under communist rule!

Approximately 75 percent of the jobs in Delaware come from small businesses. Many of those businesses were created by entrepreneurs who had only a high school education. The fact is, not everyone wants to go to college, and that is OK.

I think there is a clear distinction be between not wanting to go to college and not motivated to go to college. America just came through generation where manufacturing provided a good living and was the baseline for middle-class. We used to hear, if you don’t get a high school diploma you won’t get a good job. Today’s associate degrees are yesterday’s high school diplomas and even at that there is no guarantee of a good paying job. As long as America bends over for China with Markell point the way to our assholes, we’re going to get screwed.

Expanding access to adult education programs that offer training and trade certification can create and fill local jobs right now

Is there a shortage of tradesman ? But how do we get those with knowledge out of underemployed situations? My job in transportation management is gone and damn I’d work a month free just for the training. There use to be a thing called OJT where even a mail-room boy could rise to the rank of management. Now many employers like to rotate the human stock every 7 years to keep fresh motivated minds and old duffers out of the insurance rate risk factors that drive healthcare premium costs. Delaware needs high-tech jobs with a strong manufacturing base not more Walmarts.

The SEEDS program has successfully enabled thousands of students to attend college and should remain a priority. However, nearly half of the students who utilize the SEEDS program fail to graduate

Perhaps we should allow Deltech and Delstate to utilizes public school space after hours to offer state paid high school to college transition courses that reduces the number of students requiring pre-tech courses and allow some college prerequisite courses taught in this setting. This way students will enter college more motivate and with a feeling of pride.

At the end of the day, it is better to be a mechanic or a plumber than it is to be a college graduate with a generic degree saddled with thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

Indeed I agree! And at the end of the day a sense of self-worth and pride makes a better member of society.

The truth is Delaware has excellent teachers educating outstanding students in some of the lowest performing schools in our state

Wow you found your compasionate side as you wrote this article

I understand that making excuses for them will not make them better. I also understand that inaccurately labeling them does not help either. The plain truth of it is that we are all created equal, but we are not all equal in our abilities.

OMG ! Hey Hube, I think this guy is deep! Beautiful ending!