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Christina has a new superintendent!

See Delaware Ed who broke the news

Photograph:  Freeman Williams

Freeman L. Williams

Home Address: Wilmington, Delaware



University of Delaware, Newark, DE


University of Delaware, Newark, DE


University of Delaware, Newark, DE


February 2009- Present

Interim Superintendent
Christina School District, Newark, DE


Assistant Superintendent,
Student/Administrative Services,
Christina School District, Newark, DE


Executive Director, Student Services
Christina School District, Newark, DE


Director of School Operations
Christina School District, Newark, DE


Director of Secondary Education
Christina School District, Newark, DE


Principal, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
Christina School District, Newark, DE


Assistant Superintendent
Appoquinimink School District, Odessa, DE


Acting Superintendent
Appoquinimink School District, Odessa, DE


Assistant Superintendent
Appoquinimink School District, Odessa, DE


Principal, Redding Middle School
Appoquinimink School District, Odessa, DE


Assistant Principal, Middletown High School

Appoquinimink School District, Odessa, DE


Social Studies Teacher

Middletown, High School, Odessa, DE


Social Studies Teacher

Prince William County School District, Manassas, VA


Teacher, Jobs for Delaware Graduates

Christina School District, Newark, DE


Teacher, Upward Bound Program

University of Delaware, Newark, DE


Social Studies Teacher

Gauger-Cobbs Middle School, Newark, DE


Christina School Board calls out Markell on Newark Charter School expansion request

Delaware Ed Blog by News Journal Nichole Dobo

In other news, the school board also voted unanimously to study the impact of Newark Charter’s planned expansion on the district. Here’s a copy of that resolution.

Whereas the Governor of Delaware, the Honorable Jack Markell, has publicly stated that districts affected by charter creation should be questioned and queried as to the potential impact of a new charter school during the approval process. Read more at Delaware Ed  

Well Markell did talk a lot of campaign shit to get elected including his concern with “skimming and creaming student” as he put and duplication of programming! Good call on Christina school board to call-out Markell ! Time for Jack to wall the talk!

Podcast of Rick Jensen Show re: Red Clay Referendum



Another reason Red Clay doesn’t new a new elementary school

Jack Wells said, “Why not add 6-7-8 into Dickinson and make BSS K-5?”

Dickinson High School has a capacity if 1000 students and current enrollment is 618 students @61.8% capacity. This is a difference of 382 students. Brandywine Springs Elementary School has 110 six grade students, 110 seventh grade students and 110 eight grade students totaling 330 students in the middle school component. I think that is a fine plan Jack! This way Red Clay can go back and better prepare for a new school. Currently Red Clay has no idea what the feeder-pattern for the new school would look like. Also, the has not being any roadway impact study done in association with the new proposed school. Did the state factor in cost for expansion of the this dangerous roadway? That area has some dangerous roads and intersections! Red Clay says, we need to past the referendum for the new school before we can sit-down and study feeder-patterns and roadway impact.

So let’s vote for the repairs , renovations and upgrades to existing schools and a big “no” to a new school that isn’t needed and where the district didn’t complete good planing.

WDEL Jensen talking about Red Clay Referendum NOW


Merv, CFO, Pati Nash, and Ted A in studio with Rick

Red Clay playing Neighborhood  School Act card for justification for new school! But yet no middle or high school Red Clay traditional in the city! is Wilmington not a neighborhood ?

Red Clay says there are new schools in Wilmington called charters ! LAME !

Rick’s drifting of the topic of referendum and now on Race to The Top!

FYI Kilroy’s feeds to Twitter and Facebook!

Kilroy was on hold ! I hung-up because Rick moves conversation to Race to The Top and stuff not related to “capital” referendum.

Like all city charter schools serve Wilmington residences!

Red clay scapegoats on no Red Clay traditional middle and high school in Wilmington! Say there is plenty of charter schools!

Red Clay can’t say what the new feeder patter will be for new school! Rick calls Red Clay out on this and says why wasn’t part of planning! Red Clay pretty much said it takes too long so let’s build the school and will address it.

So the busing of Wilmington Red Clay student to middle and high school continues.

What about traditional middle and high school for city kids Merv! Come Rick use your brain!

What about the news seats open at Lewis once the new dual language charter school opens?

Segregation in Red Clay ! OUCH

Yea lady what about the Wilmington middle and high school kids riding the busing ! Rick give her a cookie and move on!

OK Cab is beautiful! Move on !

Kilroy say F it re: sitting on hold for this bullshit! Yap yap yap !

Bonnie went Elvis

Yvonne is on! Yes Yvonne let’s fix Cab ! I am with you!

What about traditional middle and high schools in Wilmington ? Red Clay doesn’t want to address that need!

Merv plays the Neighborhood Schools Act card! So what about middle and high school neighborhood schools in the city??

Wake up Wilmington! Your Red Clay middle and high school kids are getting screwed !

Rick just drank some Kool-aid !

Lady going to vote no on referendum! Cites recession!

Rick lives in a $56,000.00 shack ! LOL 🙂

Kilroy is on hold!

Mike ? is on concerned about traffic and need to upgrade 4 intersection ! Red Clay says no impact study done! Bullshit Ted!

Come on Ted don’t pull a Brett on us!

Will be on Podcast this afternoon

I think I was pretty fair during my call in ! I support public schools and we must maintain them! But I still take issue with the new school!

More investigations rumored to be going on at Glasgow High School

The first investigation resulted in an arrest and the second was reviewed by the police and kicked back to the district as an administrative issue with district policies of outside communications between staff and students. But today’s concern is three more complaints requiring a police review that takes place before actual official investigation. As always this is rumored! The new complaints are said to be of sexual misconduct in nature. We’ll I guess if true we can take comfort that there may be a shakedown of Glassgow High School to purge the trash. 

I urge all Delaware students to help purge and keep their schools clean from those adults who prey on students. Someday many of you (students) will have children who will attend public schools. So think about them! Think about your little brothers and sisters! If you hear or know about any inappropriate relationship between students and teachers please report it to the police. Adults in our schools are there to serve you not to use as personal sexual playground. 

All politics aside, I am confident that Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden is rising to the occasion to take school safety and safety of children serious.

I weigh the rumors that come my way and this one has creditably. But again, this information is rumored!    

Is Gov. Markell interfering in the Conduit Loan process for charter schools?

Minutes of the One Hundred Forty-Eighth Meeting Of Newark Charter School, Inc. Held in Newark, Delaware OnNovember 15, 2011

G. Meece has a meeting with Alan Levin of DEDO to discuss financing the expansion on Friday, November 18, 2011.

Before I get started, Newark Charter School is a fine school and I wish them luck on the application to expand. I support charter schools as a choice option in education. My concerns with charters is with certain bias provisions written into Delaware charter school law.

As far as this issue with Conduit Loans, Governor Markell has took it upon himself to politically pre-approve a conduit Loan for Newark Charter School. Other charter schools have to struggle to obtain financing and Markell involvement pretty much makes it a done deal! We would think Delaware’s Governor would be responsive to all students and parents needs in a fair and equatable way. Markell needs to step-back and stop making backroom deal for selected charter schools. Also, Markell refused to reveal the financial details between the state and K12.inc’s management of Moyer Academy. All schools including charter school are required to have Citizen Financial Oversight Committee and those reports made public. Governor Markell has given Moyer a wavier not to comply with state law. But good news for Newark Charter School, Markell’s Governor’s seal makes it a done deal for the modification application.

Again, Newark Charter School is a fine school meeting the demands and needs of students and parents. This is what schools are required to do. If parents of schools of under-served schools stepped up and make themselves heard their schools can be superstars like NCS. Power is free and you can’t obtain it sitting on your ass!