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Good post; State portion of school referendums

It turns out that in the 2009 Appoquinimink referendum, the state contributed $3 for every $1 from Appo. But for Red Clay’s current referendum, the state is contributing only $1.50 for every dollar from Red Clay. Read the rest.




State match per local dollar

Appo 2009





Red Clay 2012





Not sure why Mike! Maybe somebody at Appo is in bed with Markell?


Don’t you just love that Red Clay math!

The Red Clay record is out and hopefully you received your copy.

Here is a section I cutout in regards to proposed tax rates associated with the upcoming referendum.

Year 1: Bonds from last referendum are being paid off! But the last referendum was a 20 year bond request. That was 10 years ago! But surely those bonds must have be bought in series not just one large bond? Ok let’s just say Year 1 is -$.003. But minus from what? How much is the rate on the remaining bonds? Did Red Clay pay off the last 20 year bonds early?

What happen to year 2,3 and 4? no increase or decrease to taxes?

What’s going on for years 6, 7, 8 and 9? does the rate rate stay at $.058 each year?

Year 10, $.009 ? is that $.009 more or does the rate drop to $009?

Year 11, 12, 13 and 14, does it stay at $.009?

If year 15 is -$.083 does that mean the rate reported at $.009 @ year 10 would yield a refund??

Red Clay forgets to tell you all property taxes are impacted by this referendum including commercial property. The average they are using is based on average property assessment of homes. Increased tax burden on business results in higher cost of goods and services AKA the hidden referendum tax.

The referendum is a two vote question. One for needed renovations existing schools and the other for the proposed Graves Road school. So why not have a breakdown of this tax equations in two charts? But better yet, why not extended out for each of the 20 years showing projected tax rate for each of those years? Year 1 doesn’t mean your rate is -$.003 it mean minus $.003 the current rate.

Make note these rates and projected rates are for Bond Debt associated with capital referendums and does not include rates associated with Operational tax rates. Also, do keep in mind that though the vote is a two part vote the cost for additions to A.I. High School was tucked into question one. A.I. High School doesn’t need additional space if Red Clay Choice students there are ask to stay at their Red Clay feeder school. Plenty of room at Dickinson.

Data can be complicated and hard to explain and hard to digest! However, Red Clay has a Community Financial Review Committee who could offer advise on how to simplify the communication of this data. Just tell us the project tax cost (rate) per $100.00 of property assessment for each of the 20 years for the new bonds and adjustment impact of the existing bonds.

On another note associated with Red Clay record in regards to student population growth that Red Clay is using to justify a new elementary school, Red Clay hasn’t factored in impact of charter schools. They assume there will be no growth of charter schools.

What about these impacts? :More on the demise Red Clay’s Lewis schools dual-language program and Red Clay’s Lewis dual-language program gets trumped by new charter school

At this point in time though I struggle back and forth I plan on voting for repairs and renovations to existing schools. I am little pissed with the A.I. High School thing but I’ll compromise. HOWEVER, for the new school the answer is NO! Telling Wilmington parents look what your city schools are getting at the same time nothing is being done about no “traditional” middle and high school services in the city is nothing more than offering a pint of MD 20/20 for a vote. Let Red Clay tell you Kilroy is trouble but ask them what are the plans for city middle and high school services?

Delaware Liberal has the lowdown on Cape bus incident

Readin’, Ritin’, and Running Amok February 6th, 2012

It seems as though Minard decided to take matters into her own hands last month when she went on to a school bus and ordered the middle schoolers already seated to get off the bus. Yep, someone who is not an administrator pulled kids off of a school bus, no reason given. Read more….

Serious flaws in Delaware’s abuse laws revealed

Special ed teacher suspended Written by MOLLY MURRAY The News Journal

Two other adults were in the classroom at the time and witnessed the incident. One of the witnesses, a paraprofessional, asked Custis to untie the students and reported the incident to their supervisor, Nave said.

Nave said district officials learned of the incident on Wednesday, called in the three employees and asked them for written accounts of what had happened.

Nave said all three accounts were the same

The district officials never should have had employees provide written accounts of what happened before making a determination to call the police. This process can be intimidating to witness and discourage others from reporting such crimes. Delaware teachers/staff and students need a school crime hotline to report concerning incidents directly to the police. For teachers/staff they can report incident to their supervisor after they called the police. I know there are abuse hotlines such as these with DSCFY but we need to put an end to the social cancer that is going on in out schools.


The time frame for reporting information to the police has changed. In 2001, the statute was amended. The statute formerly provided time for a thorough investigation by school staff, and then an additional 3 days for misdemeanors before reporting the crime. We found that those delays compromised law enforcement’s ability to effectively gather evidence and investigate these matters.

Therefore, the law has been changed to require that in all cases where a report is required, the principal shall immediately report the incident to the appropriate police agency. The report shall be made by telephone or in person immediately and shall be followed by a written report within three (3) business days.

The News Journal reported, “School officials reported the incident to the state Division of Family Services.” The laws says, “report incident to the appropriate police agency.” Also, It appears the school didn’t call police immediately but call the district who decide to do a fact finding assessment first. If true, I wonder if anyone will be held accountable for failing to adhere to reporting laws.

State legislators need to kill  H.B. #243; Is H.B. #243 putting protecting school ratings before student safety?

Governor Markell has everything his way in Delaware and perhaps Attorney General Beau Biden should tell Jack he won’t have his way with the AG’s office. Suspicions of school crimes need to be reported to the police first and school administrators should be held legally accountable for not doing so when a crime or suspicion of a crime has been committed on school property or off if involving a student. We need to stop protecting school ratings and get serious about protecting children.

Delaware Governor Markell cancels new state song

Medical marijuana law busted;Feds say Del.’s dispensary plan could bring prosecution

“Delaware’s legalization of medical marijuana has fizzled in the wake of legal opinions that growers, distributors and state employees could be prosecuted under federal drug laws.”

“Gov. Jack Markell has suspended the regulation-writing and licensing process for medical marijuana dispensaries — effectively killing the program — and criticized the federal government for sending mixed signals on law enforcement, The News Journal has learned”