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QTD: should students need permission to post videos taken in their school?

This blogger http://dontdestroychristina.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/anything-stand-out/ posted videos of local charter school students where video was taken at their school. There are other no participant students in the background. The question is, should student be required to get school’s permission to video tape on school property and to post those videos on the internet? I do believe there are rules about photographing and video taping minors. I am sure many parents would be pissed to see their child even in the background of tasteless videos. I thought school district had policies about this?


Gov. Markell’s lack of investment and Race to The Top SCEWS Laurel

Cuts ahead for Laurel; Fiscal crisis not immediate, but next year could be tough

Laurel took a $900,000 hit in state funding from its $6.9 million local budget this year, leaving it about $250,000 in the red. Officials first thought the district would run out of money by October, but it appears the money will last until June.

But Nave said shifting spending and trimming smaller items still won’t solve the district’s financial challenges.

The state budget this year shifted 10 percent of school transportation costs to the districts, about $7.1 million across the state, costing Laurel more than $150,000.

Thanks to Governor Jack “Putz” Markell Laurel School District will have to cut funding ot extra curricular activities such as Football, other sports programs and after school academic enrichment programs. Look what Cecil County is going through Cecil County needs more local funding to cover Race to The Top

Markell state education budget cuts isn’t the investment in education he promised when he ran for King of Delaware. He sends $8.2 million dollars to Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation for data coaches what an F’ing Joke. So goodbye football coaches, band and extra reading teachers.

HMS King Putz Markell is clueless as a woodpecker on an aluminum telephone pole when it comes to the real needs for our public school children.

For you charter school fans, mark my words Race to The Top will hurt your school finances. What happen to that so-called self autonomy? For you local taxpayers, mark my world YOU will help fund Race to The Top once the federal grant money runs dry in about 2-3 years. Just in time for Red Clay operational referendum. That new school will put operational funding pressure on Red Clay.