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Will the GHS dog with rabies rollover on other dogs in the pound?

Cut a deal sparky and rollover! You took now give back! 


Delaware DOE Charter Review Committee needs to give some though to this

If a charter school applicant can’t follow ethic rules governing zoning issues perhaps we have grounds to be concern about their ethics operating the charter school. How high does the red flag have to fly?

It’s not a crime for a teacher and student to E-mailing each other socially

What do you think?? Is it OK for a student and teacher to E-mail and Text each other socially?

Personally I say it is inappropriate for a teacher to engage in social E-mailing and Texting. Meaning a student attending the same school as the teacher. Former teachers and students maybe yes! There has to be a line! 

Red Clay referendum! One parents hits the mark!

Red Clay seeks $47 million in school referendum Written by NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

Parent Elizabeth Lockman, who lives in Cool Spring and sends her daughter to Highlands Elementary, said she supports the building improvements, but the thought of a new school in Hockessin “hit a nerve.” She’d like to see an emphasis on fixing schools that are unpopular or failing rather than building new schools. “You have to fix the problem to stop people from running to other places,” she said.

Ms. Lockman is right on the mark with her point! And further more, Red Clay Fix the schools so students want to stay rather than choice to another district school! We hear all this crap about common core standards but yet Red Clay can’t find common ground to provide the same “desirable” learning experience at every school. It seems efforts trying to make each school unique is backfiring! Wanting to go to a certain high school because the football team is better is BS! Or, I want to go to A.I High School because of their fantastic band program is BS. Red Clay will say we must follow the Choice school law! Fine but that doesn’t mean you keep pumping choice school students in A.I.H.S. to a point we need to expand the building when in fact if only feeder students only attended we wouldn’t need to expand! And this bullshit we promised parents after the last referendum we would expand A.I.H.S and must meet that promise! That was 10 years ago and how many parents or students are there the promise was made to?

Ms. Lockman is right on the mark with her point! And further more, Red Clay

Without a successful referendum for the new elementary school, the district will need to redraw neighborhood feeder patterns, officials said. Brandywine Springs and North Star elementaries are full, and there are more housing projects going up in those areas, officials said.

Red Clay and their bleeding hearts! Nothing is being done about busing city middle and high school students to the Red Clay suburb schools. We have elementary seats available in Wilmington! Red Clay is building a Camelot school system for children of the more affluent and wants city Red Clay taxpayers to help foot the bill. Seems all eyes are on long-term planing in the suburbs and no plans for the city to address neighborhood middle and high schools. Where is the equity????????????????? This is going to be a reality; More on the demise Red Clay’s Lewis schools dual-language program and equals more seats in the city. I’ll bet Red Clay will send a little wimp-ass letter to DEDOE or Markell yelling foul re: this new charter schools.

I am with Ms. Lockman in supporting with improvements to existing schools but for me, it’s still a no on a new school. Any you can bet in no time that Graves Road School would go from a k-5 to a K-8 school. 

VOTE NO FOR NEW SCHOOL and YES for repairs and upgrades to existing schools. I don’t want to say no to the repairs to be spiteful towards Red Clay over the new school.  I have a lot of city residents visiting Kilroy’s and we need to keep our schools up dated.  You can save yes to those repairs and No to the new school. The ballot is two “separate” questions to votes on!