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Update on Glasgow High School incident.

Nothing to report !

Question to you all, if allegations against the teacher were false / unfounded should the police make a public comment without identifying either part and just say incident was investigated and allegations proved false. Perhaps the school leader could make such a statement! Honestly even-though it’s obvious the district superintendent and board are in the communication loop it looks bad for them by not making some public comment. But the investigation could still be underway and no disposition has be made yet! The school leaders webpage message was quite alarming and perhaps over the top. She said this, “We also plan to reach out to the District Attorney’s Office to explore training opportunities for all staff members at Glasgow High School on appropriate encounters between students and staff and appropriate teacher-student relationships.” Kind of bold for just for this, “As you know, there have also been many rumors circulating since yesterday, and much of the information has been unsubstantiated or incorrect.” Why reach out to the AG’s office based on children’s lies? 


Educational TV Channel to come the City of Wilmington

(Coolspringer brought this to my attention and I like to share )

Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposals

City of Wilmington Education Channel

Voluntary Pre-bid Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

Deadline for Submission: Friday, February 17, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.

 Wilmington City Council has issued a “Request for Proposals” (RFP) for an Education Channel to serve the citizens of Wilmington. The RFP requires that an Education Channel be funded, managed and programmed by a single entity or combination of entities that are independent of City government. The RFP also stipulates that an Education Channel begin operating by January of 2013.

Under the terms of the City’s current franchise agreement with Comcast, Wilmington has access to and the authority to institute a Government Channel, (which is currently in operation as WITN-TV, Channel 22 and offering daily city government news and information) as well as an Education Channel and a Public Channel.

4th District Council Member Hanifa Shabazz sponsored legislation (Sub. 1 to Ord. No. 11-022, approved by Council on June 16, 2011) that authorizes the City to activate an Education Channel for the purpose of providing a variety of educational programming for the citizens of Wilmington if the City receives and approves a proposal which details how such a channel would be funded, managed and programmed. City government is not offering any funding in order to support an Education Channel.

Responses to the RFP must be submitted to Wilmington City Council by February 17, 2012.

Interested parties are invited to download a copy of the RFP and pre-bid questions and answers here or to request a copy of the RFP by calling Wilmington City Council at (302) 576-2140.

Address or deliver written proposals to:

Wilmington Cable, Video and Telecommunications Commission
Louis L. Redding City/County Building, 9th Floor
800 French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801-3537
Attn: Samantha Lukoff, Esquire

E-mail Address: slukoff@WilmingtonDE.gov

Hicks Anderson disciples to hold conference on parental empowerment

At the top of Kilroy’s Delaware homepage you’ll a banner with this Title 1 Conference Education Forum by Friends of Title 1, March 3, 2012

If it weren’t for Title 1 there would be no ESEA and billions of dollars worth of education supplemental funding. William “Hicks” Anderson of Wilmington was the lightning rod if the establishments of The National Coalition of ESEA Title 1 Parents formerly known as The National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents. (Title 1 use to be known as Chapter 1).

About The National Coalition of ESEA Title 1 PArents:

The National Coalition of ESEA Title I Parents was formed by 50 parents from across the nation in 1973 after a meeting convened by the National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children (NACEDC).  William “Hicks” Anderson of Wilmington, Delaware initiated the efforts that launched the Coalition into a national organization.

The Title 1 Conference Education Forum by Friends of Title 1, March 3, 2012 is not being held by the The National Coalition of ESEA Title I Parents but a National Board Member of region III Margaret Crosby of Wilmington Delaware is a key organizer of this event along with Louise Henry another Title 1 advocate and historian.

Back when Kilroy became involved in education issues starting around 1995 I started with Title 1 at Richardson Park as a parent. Baby Kilroy was a student at Richardson Park and was having reading difficulties. The school wanted to test him but there was a six-month backlog for this service. I was informed, I could go to A.I. Children Hospital and pay for the test. I raised hell about this backlog. Richardson Park’s Title 1 was a school-wide program and it was suggest that my son might want to participate. He did and there was an amazing turnaround in his reading skills and to this day at age 25 reading is tops on his hobby list. The boy consumes books! During his participation in Richardson Park’s Title 1 program in which he loved, he came home one day all excited and concerned telling me, “dad you need to attend a Title 1 meeting at the school district”. He made it sound as if the Title 1 program was in trouble as if it was going to end. I am like, “I can’t let this happen”. So I attended this meeting and an odd thing happened. I walked into the conference room and about 10 people were sitting around the table and said, “welcome aboard”! I was like O crap what is this? The group was the Red Clay Title 1 Parent Advisory Council. I felt I had an obligation to be a member because of the wonderful Title 1 services my son was receiving at Richardson Park. It honestly was a lifesaver and I never met school staff with such drive and passion for what they did. Everything I do from speaking out for what I see are issues and concerns stems from walk into that conference room.

I ended up being elected chair of that group and a member of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council. This is where I met Margaret Crosby and Louise Henry. Margaret would corner me and tell me it was up to me to keep things right in Red Clay and I did! William Hicks Anderson was the light and heartbeat of this group and we all were handed a piece of the torch he lit. Hicks had passed away before my involvement and because of the teachings by his disciples, I carry my piece of that torch. For me it was an honor and a privilege to participate in many of this groups events and that of the National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents. I was deeply honored and moved to be a speaker at one of the coalitions national conference. I might be hard-nose about what I do and in my tone but that’s because, I did not and will not surrender as a window treatment parent! A window treatment parent is a parent whom the schools, district and the Delaware Department of Education tactfully molds into focusing on all the good stuff and ignoring all the bad stuff that goes on in education. The fact remains, we cannot ignore the bad stuff and must address them. The systems idea of working together is those who push conversation counterproductive to the system’s goals are misguided. I’ve had a love hate relationship with Red Clay for years and they came to accept me who I am. This past fall I broke ranks with Red Clay’s district parent advisory group which was a spin-off of the Title 1 advisory group. I left because, I cannot be part of the Race to The Top lie and a political agenda tied to Wall Street!

Back in 1965, I was a Title 1 student in a pull-out program in my school. I struggled to read for years. As many know my writing skills sucks! I started this blog knowing I would have people criticizing those skills. I see it this way, every man, women and child no matter white, black or any color in-between, rich or poor, educated or not has the right to express themselves and has value as a human-being. When it comes to advocating for children, poor parents should not be intimidate by those with higher education. And those with higher education looking down  judgmentally on those without are not worthy of being educators, community leaders or elected officials. Poverty in education has become a profit center and Race to The Top is nothing more than a tool to further that profit.

I urge everyone to attend The Title 1 Conference Education Forum by Friends of Title 1, March 3, 2012.