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Talk to the hand Senator Tom Carper

2 DE companies meet with Sen. Dem. Steering Committee

“It’s imperative if we’re going to be successful as a nation for us to have students coming out of high schools, students who are graduating, who can read, who can write, who can think, who are familiar with math and science, proficient in math and science, technology, have good work ethic,” says Sen. Carper.

What a political jack-ass ! Tom, can you spell DSTP? It was you former Delaware Governor Tom Carper who bent over for the business roundtable to give us DSTP.  You bent over for the business roundtable and Markell drop to his knees for Arne Duncan. Meantime back on the ranch teachers, student and taxpayers get screwed by these wrongheaded Wall Street inspired education reform plans!

No wonder Rodel Vision 2015 is struggling! Hon Tom Carper is on their advisory board! Hey Tom, Markell said DSTP was flawed! Does than mean you’re the jack-ass who signed the DSTP law? Hey Tom, when you run into Arne Duncan ask him if he needs a back rub! Markell is looking for an excuse to go to Washington.


Delaware Blog Wars over Red Clay referendums

Kilroy has been ranting about Red Clay’s referendum for some time

Red Clay Referendum E-Mail and Referendum Ballot inaccurate !

Red Clay back at it with the tin cup referendum act

Red Clay gearing up for February 28, 2012 Referendum

Very good Red Clay Question

Red Clay’s Capital Referendum better be a two question vote

Red Clay back at! New EMS for suburbs and no middle or high for Wilmington

Over at Delaware Liberal, Jason is out of town so his network of moon-bats (just joking) can stop talking about George Bush, Mike Castle and Mitt Romney! Pandora has thrown the hat in the ring re: Red Clay’s referendum

Delaware Liberal Red Clay Referendum And City Schools by Pandora (FYI Red Clay has awaken the beast. Pandora is Red Clay worst nightmare)

Then there is Mike O, Delaware’s new blogger at the seventh type throwing his spin into the mix. About the Red Clay referendum Dude don’t piss Delaware Liberal off! 🙂

Lois Lane at Delawareonline’s Delaware Ed blog might be out still looking for photo the last snow or getting her windshield wipers repaired 🙂 But I am sure she weigh in on Red Clay referendum. Update!!! Lois Lane is in; Share your thoughts on school district tax referendums

FYI we’re not having a war. Consensus appears that most support Question 1 which is renovation and upgrades to existing Red Clay schools and a division / debate on Question 2, a new school in the suburbs. Me, I say “no” to this school as Red Clay wants city taxpayers to help foot a third new school in the suburbs while still busing city kids to middle and high schools in the suburbs. Apparently the resurgence of neighborhood schools must start in the suburbs and the city kids are sent to the back of the bus.

FYI no police report yet on the incident at Glasgow High School! Did Markell put political handcuffs on the state police?

Delaware law has serious cracks protecting school children

Title 11  Crimes and Criminal Procedure , Chapter 5 , Subchapter II, Subpart A

§ 763. Sexual harassment; unclassified misdemeanor.

A person is guilty of sexual harassment when:

(1) The person threatens to engage in conduct likely to result in the commission of a sexual offense against any person; or

(2) The suggests, solicits, request, commands, importunes or otherwise attempts to induce another person to have sexual contact or sexual intercourse or unlawful sexual penetration with the actor, knowing that the actor is thereby likely to cause annoyance, offense or alarm to that person.

Sexual harassment is an unclassified misdemeanor.

Title 14 Education Free Public Schools, Chapter 41

4112. Reporting school crimes.

(b) Criminal violation; mandatory reports. —

(3) Sexual harassment. — Whenever a school employee has reliable information that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a student has been the victim of sexual harassment, as defined in Title 11, which occurred on school property or at a school function, the harassment must be reported to the principal, who, immediately after conducting a thorough investigation to determine if good reason exists to believe that harassment has occurred, must notify the victim’s parent of that determination if the parent is not alleged to be the offender. The principal is not required to notify the appropriate police agency or to follow the provisions of subsection (d) of this section, but must file a written report with the Department of Education.

I was shock to read under 4112 (b) (3) that a principal has the option to report incident to the police; “The principal is not required to notify the appropriate police agency or to follow the provisions of subsection (d) of this section”.

So the principal must notify the student parents and it appears a decision can be made between the parent and the principal “not” to report incident to the police. But what happens to other potential victims? What message does “not” calling the police send to the perpetrator? Respecting the wishing of a parent who doesn’t want the incident reported allows this type of behavior to continue. It’s nothing more than turning one’s head when a crime is committed.

I urge our legislators, AG and local school boards to take notice. My interpretation might be wrong but clear as day it does notate, “the principal is not required to notify the appropriate police agency of to follow the provisions of subsection (d) of this section”. Local board members please check this out and if true please check your district’s policies. Board members, you have an obligation to protect “all” students. I see no reason a district can’t have a policy the requires such offenses be reported to the police. Let the police consult with student and parent and after that interview if the police feel no action is to be taken we’ll have better comfort. By all means a district should take the position to strongly encourage involving the police. I have serious concern with pending legislation Is H.B. #243 putting protecting school ratings before student safety? our legislators will be making our schools less safe.