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Skipper get your checkbook out we have a board race in Red Clay

Red Clay Consolidated School District 

Nominating District “C” – Term expires June 30, 2017

  Joanne L. Johansen (2-23-12)

  Kenneth Joseph Rivera (2-29-12)


Back to the future re: Education

Sound quality a little poor might need to turn up you sound

Wow are they talking federal intrusion on local state schools?

Delaware DOE fails to make the grade and wants get out of jail card

Delaware submits waiver today for NCLB Posted on February 28, 2012 by Nichole Dobo

The Delaware Department of Education today submitted it’s application for a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

“So when it comes to fixing what’s wrong with No Child Left Behind, we’ve offered every state the same deal.  We’ve said, if you’re willing to set higher, more honest standards than the ones that were set by No Child Left Behind, then we’re going to give you the flexibility to meet those standards.  We want high standards, and we’ll give you flexibility in return.  We combine greater freedom with greater accountability.  Because what might work in Minnesota may not work in Kentucky — but every student should have the same opportunity to reach their potential. President Obama on NCLB Waivers 

So let me get this right ! Delaware Education Czar Jack Markell is going to raise the bar in-turn for a wavier because Delaware can’t meet the bar that is set too low? As far as flexibility! I hear Jack can bend-over in front of Arne Duncan and touch the floor with both palms of his hands! Any more flexibility would require Markell to put his head up his ass! So the race is now back at the starting gate on hold until the DCAS test is modified to conform with that National Standardize Test Goodbye DCAS and hello Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium!

Newark Charter School conversation still burning

While I was assisting Red Clay efforts in securing the successful referendum for repairs and upgrades to existing Red Clay schools, the Newark Charter school conversation continued under YIKES ! Movement to stop expansion of Newark Charter School. Someone using the names “Excluded posted the following comment. check out other comments

Excluded, on February 29, 2012 at 2:02 pm said:

Newark Charter grants admission to a small fraction of students who apply to attend it–even many households within the privileged 5-mile radius cannot gain entry. At present, this educational advantage is granted for up to 9 years to a randomly selected group of children. Their parents would like to see this tax-funded advantage increased by another four years: the “Admission” paragraph in the expansion proposal currently before the state Board of Ed stipulates that current NCS 8th graders would not have to apply for high school seats but would automatically be granted admission. Why should those of us whose children have already been excluded for 9 years support this further concentration of privilege? If NCS is such an asset to the community, as its supporters contend, let’s make it available to the community that funds it by granting high school spots PREFERENTIALLY to those who have not gained admission in the past. Would current NCS parents continue to tout the school as a community asset if they knew that their children would not attend its high school, in order to make room for the many area kids who have been rejected repeatedly in the annual lottery? My guess is no, but I hope I’m underestimating my neighbors.

While we’re having this discussion, let’s petition the school board to open the lottery in 6th grade, too, to grant preferential admission to those who did not gain entry to NCS elementary school. With three separate lottery systems and preference granted in middle and high school admission to those who have been excluded up to that point, NCS could truly begin to serve its community. This system would make it an asset to all area property owners, as any family residing within 5 miles of the school would have a strong likelihood of gaining admission during some portion of their child’s education (and thus might be willing to pay more to live in the area). At present, NCS benefits no one except the 600 or so families whose children actually attend. Their benefit is considerable, equivalent to ~$10K+ per child per year in tuition dollars, if one were to seek private education to substitute for NCS access (as my family does). Do we really want to compound the advantages enjoyed by families who have already received a public windfall worth ~$100,000 per child? I don’t.

Clearly there are pedagogical advantages to retaining the same population of students in NCS from grades K-8, or K-12. Those are vastly outweighed by the social injustice of reserving tax funded privileges for a tiny fraction of those who finance them and would like to enjoy them. We can rethink how NCS serves & benefits our community, and this is the perfect opportunity to do that.


Kilroy says, thank you Excluded for stopping by

Victory at hand for sole Red Board candidate! Clock is ticking!

The Clock is ticking ! If no opponents it’s a win by default!  

Red Clay Information

  • Filing Deadline: 4:30 p.m. March 2, 2012

  • Information about filing

  • Date of Election: May 8, 2012

  • Time of Election: 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.

So Jack , how many jobs did you create at Fisker Boxwood?

New chief executive named at Fisker :Troubled startup turns to US industry vet Tom LaSorda Written by JONATHAN STARKEY The News Journal

Startup hybrid-electric carmaker Fisker Automotive, which had its U.S. government loan suspended after delays introducing its $100,000 Karma sedan, announced a management shakeup on Tuesday that left founder and company namesake Henrik Fisker out as chief executive.

“At this point in time, we really can’t say when the production would start and what’s going on in Wilmington,” LaSorda said.

So Jack do we get  “our” money back? Do you think GM might come back home ?

FISKER AUTOMOTIVE INC 7 payments $1,439,468.48
Department Division Category Check Date Amount
FISKER AUTOMOTIVE INC 3 payments $12,752,230.61
Department Division Category Check Date Amount
FISKER AUTOMOTIVE INC 1 payments $12,500,000.00
Department Division Category Check Date Amount

Red Clay Referendum is OVER and it’s time to

FYI:Red Clay to honor Kilroy at next board meeting for pushing the district to work harder in getting the referendum passed! New school will have free plug-ins for all Fisker owners.

Red Clay voters have spoken! It’s a win for Question 1 & 2

Question 1: Renovation and/or additions to various schools

Question 2: To build a new school

For the Bond Issue

Against the Bond Issue

For the Bond Issue

Against the Bond Issue





I am all for the democratic process and it played out during this referendum. The voters have spoken and bitch all we want (those opposed) but suck it up and move on! My concerns for city of Wilmington Red Clay students stand! Merv, you made comment to me before the board meeting and let’s see if you meant it and will follow through even-though the referendum was successful for Red Clay! Will be a true test of character on your part! 1T hopefully you’ll give him this message. To all, bitch all you want but the community has spoken! To all those who have concerns for “our” city children equitable education you can forge ahead or surrender! Do dwell on the referendum turnout but advance you mission. I know when the city residence help pay for that new school that their children will never enjoy it might be painful but for-sure as the poll place tally is revealed there will be many city voters who supported the new school. It is what it is but if those of you are serious about civil rights don’t forge ahead your community will continue to suffer.

Please remember to attend this event

Title 1 Conference Education Forum by Friends of Title 1, March 3, 2012

The Red Clay referendum polls are closed!

The polls are closed! The wait begins!

Anybody want to guess at what the results will be?

What will happen if both questions fail?

What will happen if just the new school question fails?

Check here for updates on results:

Delaware Senate poised to extend sunset for Teach for America

HOUSE BILL NO. 239 w/ HA 1

“This bill repeals the sunset provision included in Chapter 15, Volume 77 of the Laws of Delaware, House Bill No. 102 of the 145th General Assembly. House Bill No. 102 authorized the Teach for America (TFA) program as an alternative route to teacher licensure and certification. The law was signed by the Governor on April 20, 2009 and will sunset on April 20, 2012. For the 2011-2012 school year, there are 46 TFA teachers working in 18 Delaware schools in three districts and six charter schools. Those teachers contribute to the education of approximately 3,000 students. Since its inception in Delaware, TFA has recruited, selected, trained, placed and supported 65 teachers.”

“This amendment provides a new sunset date for the changes to the Delaware Code permitting Teach for America participants to teach in Delaware’s classrooms.  The new language to House Bill No. 239 is in bold type”

Section 1.  Amend Section 5, Chapter 15, Volume 77 of the Laws of Delaware by making insertions as shown by underlining and deletions as shown by strike through as follows:

Section 5. This Act shall sunset 3 years subsequent to the date of enactment.

Section 5.  This Act shall sunset on April 20, 2015.


Don’t you love it when our legislators vote by voice! Nothing but mice hiding in the corner and when things go wrong they’ll say, “it wasn’t me I didn’t vote for it” Red Clay gave Teach of America $300,000.00 over and above these two-year wonder’s salary and benefits.

Teach for America gets a free accountability ride in Delaware

With U of D ETE why do we need TFA

Kilroy’s ongoing TFA / Red Clay Investigation; WTF

TFB for TFA; Cuts to AmeriCorps puts $$$ screws to TFA

OMG TFA Scam goes deeper

Johnny doesn’t like Teach for America

No TFA bang for the buck?

Teach for America teachers protected from layoffs

Red Clay TFA shenanigans ?????

Teach for America teachers are pawns but!

Red Clay Consolidated School District Referendum 02/28/2012

Click image to enlarge

RE: new school: Red Clay has special treat for referendum bingo night

Don’t forget to vote YES for Question #1 on the referendum / repairs and upgrades

Don’t forget to vote NO for Question 2 on the referendum / new school

Please support our existing schools and stop wasteful spending on space that’s not needed! Red Clay supporters slipped in their letter to editor and admits there are empty seats in Red Clay! They think Race to The Top is nothing more that a Reach to The Top! More like reach in your back pocket for a school not needed!

Again that’s Yes for repairs and upgrades for existing schools and NO for an unneeded new school

Don’t burden our seniors with wasteful spending on a new school! Times tough and money is tight for our seniors! Besides, do you really want your mother-inlaw moving in with you because she can’t afford the rent or heat!

Ohio; Another high school deadly incident apparent result of bullying

Student: Ohio school shooter targeted victims

A gunman opened fire inside a high school cafeteria at the start of the school day Monday, killing one student and wounding four others, authorities said. A suspect — believed to be a student — was arrested a short distance away

CHARDON, Ohio — A student who witnessed a deadly Ohio school shooting says it appeared the gunman was targeting a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table

Komertz says the shooter was known as an outcast who had apparently been bullied.

Will it every end? Doubtful ! I remember back in the day other kids use to F with me and I am talking first and second grade. You tell the teacher and the usual response I’ll take care of it. Most if not all of the time teachers don’t see the bullies in actions. The bullies are slick ! My neighborhood elementary and junior high school was Krebs School in Newport. Just living a block away from Krebs, it use to be the playground year-round for the neighborhood kids. Older kids would hangout and mess with the little kids. I’ve been chased-down, kicked, punched and even had the back of my head hit with a rock sending blood down my back! Was bad enough a neighbor that lived need the back middle gate had a three-legged German Shepard always ruining lose! Wasn’t sure if he wanted to play ball but that dog could run! My ass wasn’t going to get bit!

If you’re lucky to survive elementary school your next game of survival was middle / junior high-back then! The fighting pit use to be across James Street next to Slicers Sporting Goods. If you we’re called out by a bully or someone you just had a conflict with and didn’t meet him at Slicers the harassment wouldn’t end. So for some kids the choices were, hide and run all your life or fight back! By time I got to eight grade I had enough! After getting punched in the jaw for pushing someone I didn’t it was time to reassess. The kid that punched me about three times in the jar was in the top three of bad asses in the school. After he did it, I looked at him and say why? Response was, “you pushed my girlfriend”. A friend of his say no, he didn’t! The dude actually apologized and invited me to his lunch table the next day and I mean it was “his” lunch-table! A few days later someone else was F’ing with me and my new found friend (we’ll call him Fonzie) stepped up and protected me. Well from there on, I was in the club! I grew some courage and started defending myself (I knew Fonzie had my back) Yes in deed  the power felt good and I was free! Believe it or not there were kids in the eight grade old enough to drive cars and there I was, cruising the town with my new found friends! They even taught me how to drink and smoke! Taught me how to be a good lookout when they stole tires and gas! We even had a Christmas party in the back of eight grade English class passing around a half-pint of Jim Beam. Right under the teacher’s nose or rather back when she would be writing on the chalkboard! Other kids “knew” better than to say a word! I figured out why Fonzie was so tough! His parents were alcoholics and once in awhile his dad would pounce on his mom! I witness Fonzie putting his dad up against the wall in defense of his mom!

For many kids being bullied it’s either turn into a human and emotional punching bag or go on the defense mode and end-up being a bully. The internet these days bring a new twist! Also, the world around us has become more aggressive. Seems like what goes on in schools only mirrors what goes on in society outside those doors! Even with SRO’s there is no grantee there would be horrific events. A plus for Red Clay is you don’t see it but security has increased via technology and that’s one reason I’ll vote for question one but not the new school. I know Secret Squirrel is on patrol. But we really need early intervention regarding these issues. Many don’t like the term zero tolerance but I think we need it for basic respect in our schools among teachers and staff. But in the meantime, though a young student might seem like a tattle-tail we must see that as a sign of stress and an early Waring sign. Over and over we hear in many the cases like today, the gunman (aka student) was a loner, outcast and perhaps bullied himself. Sadly to say, they are broken before they snap!

I try to limit videos of kids but there is a reality here that many “need” see.

The big kid in this video looks like he is tolerant but has his limit. Is he so wrong for defending himself ? When does it stop!

More proof Title 1 is not Supplemental but Supplant Funding

Arne Duncan: Schools using Title 1 funds to close budget gaps rather than achievement gaps

Key findings include: Within districts that had both Title I and non-Title I schools, more than 40 percent of Title I schools had lower personnel expenditures per pupil than did non-Title I schools at the same school grade level. Similarly, more than one-third of higher-poverty schools had lower per-pupil personnel expenditures than lower-poverty schools in their districts. In addition, between 39 to 47 percent of Title I districts had lower per-pupil expenditures in their Title I schools than in their non-Title I schools at the same grade level.

Key findings include: An estimated 18 to 28 percent of Title I districts would not be in compliance with an expenditures-based comparability requirement, depending on the specifications of the requirement. However, the estimated cost of complying with an expenditures-based comparability requirement amounts to just 1 to 4 percent of school-level expenditures in affected districts, on average. Low-spending Title I schools and higher-poverty schools would see their per-pupil expenditures rise by an average of 4 to 15 percent.

Drink the Kool-aid parents!