Breaking News! Markell sends a response team to cleanup the sex scandal at Glasgow High School

Yep ! That’s it Jack! Sweep the scandal up to cover for your PZ school! After all according to school leaders it was a “distraction” !

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  1. it doesn’t matter. GHS was doomed the second DOE took it over. Doomed.

    • I go my network of peeps in GHS and they are saying leader is an ant brain! Food fights and daily fights among students. I’ll bet Markell is going to make every effort to keep the incident out of the paper.

  2. Thanks to TWITTER channel 6 news knew about the sex scandal before the police were even notified. The cops should have been called right away versus 2.5 hours later.
    500.00 says consultants galore are banging down CSD’s door for inservice contracts for staff training on why sex with a minor isn’t appropriate behavior.

    • I didn’t see anything on Channel 6 News! Did you? Also why hasn’t there been anything in the News Journal??

  3. the arrest gets made today or tomorrow i am told, then the news will be released. with tv stations it wasn’t a story yet because no one would talk.

    • Hopefully it will show up on the Delaware State Police PIO sidebar I linked. I’ve been seeing comments on twitter by Glasgow students.

      Honestly I don’t know what can be done to stop this shit from going on in the schools. Castration could be a start!

  4. Why hasn’t Dobo covered this story? Cover up?

    • Though the school leader’s letter on the school webpage reveals concern the fact remains until the police completes their investigation this incident isn’t factual. She reports the news not spin rumors like me.
      Nothing in the school leaders letter suggest the teacher involved was put on paid administrative leave and that means his still is among students. Didn’t see anything on an emergency board meeting and I am amazed that the school leader can inject herself in the investigation offering one on one conferences with students without a district representative. Appears school leader is answering to DEDOE not the district! Well I guess that makes sense being the school is a PZ partial state takeover. So whatever happen to the Moyer teacher who assaulted a Wilmington Police Office during that incident at Moyer?? Surely Markell kept than one quiet

    • Dobo hasn’t updated her blog in like a week. Furlough, again? vacation? conference? The NJ likes to keep her high and dry when big news is breaking. Probably a Markell Mandate.

    • She doesn’t have a factual story to print! But surely she could make note on her blog of the concerning school leader’s message. I love the part when the term “distractions” was used. Very sad! Dobo reporting did help keep attention on Reach and Pencader as DEDOE trying to take them down.

  5. for starters, in the contract have a no ride home policy with a teacher, all teacher aides must always have the door open when in the classroom. these 2 things alone will help it. the ghs bit started in august. you can’t control out of the building but in the school there are things you can do. i wonder which private school csd will be paying for her to attend.

    • The question is, is she cooperating? Noting saying he did it but one would think he would be put on paid administrative leave until the investigation in compete. Nothing in the school leader’s webpage letter indicated that. Being a Markell takeover school I am concern things will be swept under the rug like with Moyer re: teacher assaulting SRO. Well the police acknowledge they were conducting an investigation so there has to be some kind of report.

  6. Now the sad thing kilroy is that I’ve learned more about this scandal from your website than i have at school. It seems like a major cover up going on because they removed mr. p from the staff directory and he has had substitutes in his class. They have told us not to speak about it on social networking sites as well but I did see the girl accused back in school on Friday but several students made free pdot shirts and they are suspending them for 3+ days if they don’t take them off claiming harassment.

    • The suspension are wrong!! The teacher was at fault if in fact he engaged in poor behavior.Though it takes two to tango the girl is still a victim of bad behavior of one of out trusted members of society aka teacher. Its apparent they weren’t engaged in sexual intercourse because the teacher would be in jail. So its a case of grab-ass and a little more but still is serious. So will it be one of these cases where the teacher is told to just go away and resign to avoid damaging his career? But we as society will lose because he’ll end up working with kids, BUT in respect of the law and fairness he is innocent until proven guilty. I am afraid the school leader, the district superintendent and Markell would like to see this just fade away and that’s a sad day for kids. The reason kids today have less morals is because adults have less morals. As far as the News Journal they can’t report rumors but can point out the disturbing message left by the school leader on the schools website which apparently was an E-mail sent parents! It wouldn’t surprise me if there was not E-mail sent.

      Rallying behind the teacher is wrong but students need to understand, someday they’ll have kids and do they want teachers playing grab-ass with their daughter or son? But if they were to wear a “I love Jack Markell” they can walk the halls freely. So perhaps the school leader unenrolled the teacher in question! That’s the new way of dealing with things in Glasgow.

  7. I’d like CSD to pay for my child’s private school tuition. At the time she was applying to high schools, SCW and the Diocese had their testing on the same day- the chioces were take the WCS teat and miss the opportunity for a scholarship to a parocial school, or take the diocese test and miss being placed in a larger pool of applicants for CSW- Christina School District high school chioces were all not acceptable- truacny, fighting, sex offenders registered (and not identified), poor management and staff turnover, and on the low performing lists- all not acceptable!! I feared her being attacked in the school, bullied in the school, being threatened in the school- it’s a horror story in these halls. The system is failing pleanty of students and families- every child should be able to receive a top shelf education in a safe, encouraging environment, and nat attend in fear. My child has this now- but my family is in debt, she’s traveling 30 miles daily, and not continuing in a system where she developed friends, confidences, and roots. CSD needs a major overhaul- neighborhood schools, special ed schools, discipline concerns, and more high schools- outside the newark area. Get a 12 month school going- you are paying for the services anyway- Educationally, Parole officers, free medical, paying for babysitting services, court costs, free breakfast, lunch and dinners- (food stamps) for those neighborhoods that need this to keep the summer retention of subject matter from being lost.

    Do the right thing for all neighborshoods. Do the right thing for all families. Allow learnig to happen. Hooray for Newark Charter School.
    Long live Gregg Meece!

  8. Long live McCreamer McMagic McSkimmer?

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