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OMG ! Don’t tell Skipper but Delaware has its first unionized charter school

Blog Children and Education breaks the news on this one:

Look for the Union Label on Delaware Charter School (See actual document)

Well, Well, well DEducrats -It’s happened! It’s really really happened! Delaware College Preparatory Academy has unionized!  Wonder what the Rodelleans will think when this hits the press in the morning?  Should the Delaware Charter School Network be concerned?  Are you? I’d love for you to be my thought partner on this one!!!

And let’s just toss out there this game-changer:   if Charter schools are the educational panacea for which we all search – why would the staff of a Delaware Charter vote for unionization?

Link to the Most Recent published minutes of a DCPA Board Meeting:

Yep and its DSEA cracks the nut on this one! I think Skipper had a big hand in this historical event! Holds his hand out in offering partnership and then from behind swings the hammer. Hey Jack, you need to start curbing your dog!

Congratulation to the instructional and nursing staff !

Wait wait wait !!! Another feather in Red Clay’s hat ! Delaware College Preparatory Academy is a Red Clay chartered school.


What do you think: A 16 year old should have the authority to sign himself out of school (dropout)?

146th General Assembly:  House Bill # 244

Primary Sponsor: Heffernan

Additional Sponsor(s):   Sen. Sokola

CoSponsors: Reps. Atkins, Bolden, Q. Johnson, Keeley, Longhurst, Mitchell, Schooley, Scott, B. Short, Walker, D.E. Williams; Sens. Katz, Sorenson

Jan 17, 2012 – Introduced and Assigned to Education Committee in House


“Synopsis:  This Act increases the age requirement for compulsory school attendance in Delaware from 16 to 18 years of age. The age increase is phased in over a two-year period; accordingly, there is a one-year interim period where the compulsory school attendance age requirement will be 17 years old.”

“The Act further provides that a child may be exempt from the age requirement for compulsory school attendance if the child has graduated from high school or if the child is at least 16 years old and is necessarily and lawfully employed. The Act preserves the exemption where a child may be excused from compulsory attendance upon request of the child’s parent or legal guardian coupled with supporting written documentation from a qualified health professional.”

I touched base on this issue in the past recently as December 22, 2011, DEDOE; the dog ate my homework re: high school dropout summary 2010-2011.

Children should not just walk away from school without at least parents signing documents. At least getting the student and parent sitting down together there could be one last positive attempt to save the student from a terrible mistake. Some say forcing student to stay whereas they don’t want to be there will add to discipline problems. Pretty much this legislation is needed.