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Capital School Board violates law and oath of office

Violations nullify Capital School District’s pay raises: Ruling: Vote not well-publicizedWritten by DOUG DENISON The News Journal

Because of the violation, the AG’s Office has declared the administrative raises invalid and has given the board 20 days to decide how to reconsider the issue in a FOIA-compliant setting.

The opinion upheld most of the FOIA violation claims laid out in an October complaint submitted to the AG’s Office by Margaret M. McKay, chair of the open government committee for the League of Women Voters of Delaware.

Its time to start holding school boards accountable and stop slapping them on the wrist.

Title 14, Chapter 10, subchapter 111, section 1053:

 § 1053. Oath of office of the school board member.

(a) Each school board member shall, before entering upon the duties of the office, take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Delaware, and the laws of Delaware governing public education, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of school board member according to the best of my ability; and I do further solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not directly or indirectly paid, offered or promised to pay, contributed, or offered to or promised to contribute, any money or other valuable thing as consideration or reward for the giving or withholding a vote at the election at which I was elected to said office, so help me God (or I so affirm).”

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Delaware, and the laws of Delaware governing public education”

Here we are at another major crossroad in education reform trying to hold one stakeholder (teachers) more accountable than those who set rules and regulations. Capital School Board members “violated”  the laws of Delaware governing public education. As always ,there is not legal penalty for school board members. However, they took a moral oath and violated it. The Capital School Board or at least it’s president should either step-down from that leadership role or step-down from the school board.


Is Skipper’s Change Agent really a puppet ?

Brandywine School District going to referendum! Thank you Markell for cutting funds to local schools!

delaforum; Brandywine likely to seek a 19%-23% hike in its current-expense tax rate

Brandywine school board will consider — and most likely adopt — a referendum plan which will call for asking district residents to approve increasing the ceiling on the current-spending component of the property tax rate by somewhere in the range of 25¢ to 29¢ for each $100 of assessed value. The present rate is $1.289; the total tax rate is $1.8385. Chief financial officer David Blowman told Delaforum that, if the increase is approved and fully applied, it would mean an annual increase somewhere between $175 and $203 in the levy on a ‘typical’ residential property in the district, which includes Brandywine Hundred and a large section of north Wilmington. The tax is levied on commercial and industrial as well as residential property, but only residents of the district, 18 and older, are eligible to vote at a school referendum.

Jack Markell has cut state funding to Delaware public and charter schools every year he’s been in office. He is forcing referendums to back-fill his Vision 2012 education  agenda and wait until the Race to The Top funding runs dry!!!!!!!!!! We’re (local taxpyers) going to get screwed!

Rodel’s Vision 2015 Chairman Schoenhals undermines Governor Jack Markell

The mighty Skip Cesar Schoenhals  speech to the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce gathering actually put Delaware Jack Markell in the corner and weakened his authority. It was like Joe Biden telling Obama to shut the fuck up.

We all knew the teacher accountability aspect of this new reform (misguided) would have bumps in the road and honestly forcing teacher accountability in the scope of Race to The Top is the wrong approach. Schoenhals made it clear, teachers are no more stakeholders than parents. It’s obvious that in private Markell must talk shit on Skipper and I’ll bet Markell was sitting there coming unglued while Skipper trashed the shit out of DSEA while the DSEA president was in attendance. Sure he didn’t say “DSEA” but we know who he was referring to.

“Citing Delaware’s mediocre test scores on reading and math tests and a high school dropout rate that he called unacceptable, he said the education system must be improved”. What the FUCK are you talking about Skipper! The Delaware high school dropout rate is 3.7% lowest in over 30 years. Sure we would like it to be 0% but we would also like banks to stop charging asshole fees. As far as those test scores, who were the assholes that twisted DSTP from an assessment driven test to one of attempts to hold teachers and students to the test? Senator Tom Carper former Governor and signer of DSTP was in attendance. Did you tell he to stop talking about how he reformed Delaware education into the success it is today?

Bottom-line is, Skipper’s Cesar brain-fart has caused Governor Markell major grief but did finally wake-up professional public school teachers to the fact, when business is at the driving force of education report they are fucked not matter how you cut it. As far as WSFS, I urge are union members of all trades to close their accounts with WSFS. Stop feeding the beast that wants to  destroy you! Call it Occupy WSFS and you don’t need to pitch a tent. To all union Delaware teachers, please urge your local and state organization to take a “No Recommendation” on endorsement for governor. I am not asking that you support Markell’s opponent. I just asking that you take back the power you once had.

You know Jack, you are decent person, likable, personable and certainly intelligence. But my friend, you are not a man’s man! I don’t understand, you have all the skills to stand on you own feet but yet you allow yourself to be propped up by egocentric people. Jack you are a bit intimidating to your subordinates and your micromanagement style hurts the creative people around you who can be empowered to serve you well. Breaking bread with a peasant can be just as rewarding as breaking break with a king.

Goodnight Moon by Does Experience Count?

Too be identified as the one and only bad guy in the room, to be held responsible for single-handedly maintaining the dreaded status quo, and to be publicly chided for a slew of relatively common and, until last year, fairly universal practices—in public, mind you—is pretty outlandish and more-to-the-point—unproductive as hell.

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