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Former Mayor of Owosso, Michigan Marvin N. “Skip” Schoenhals preaches mayoral type control over Delaware’s public schools

Culture change urged in schools; Reform leader seeks better cooperation Written by NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

WILMINGTON — In a speech to the state’s business and political leaders Monday night, Marvin N. Schoenhals, leader of the Vision 2015 school reform project, outlined his vision for Delaware’s public schools, called on the teachers union to make changes and challenged those in attendance to get involved in education reform.

But lets sweep DSTP under the carpet! DSTP was the handy work of the business roundtable and now they want another crack at reforming Delaware’s public schools. I think the response from the union should be , go fuck yourself!

Schoenhals is credited with successfully steering WSFS in the 1990s as the bank faced significant financial problems. In his speech, he said there are similarities between the work that had to be done to restore WSFS and the challenges that face the state’s public schools.

Question: How much money in TARP funds was WSFS Financial Corporation given? Answer: WSFS Financial Corporation received $52,625,000 in TARP funds on 01/23/2009 in the form of Preferred Stock w/ Warrants.

Honestly, do you really trust a Wall Street listed bank CEO leading public school reform?

“It is a very political system,” Schoenhals said. “I don’t mean that in a bad way. It just means that our school system is subject to the uncertain process of making decisions in a political environment.”

What are you trying to say Skip? Politicians are kissing the teacher union’s ass? Let me guess! I it’s OK to kiss bankers asses and take political contributions?

Singling out the Delaware State Education Association as supporting policies that hurt the ability of some schools to makes choices in staffing decisions that make the most sense, Schoenhals called on the union to support changes to state law that is “more appropriate for a factory floor than in a profession like teaching.” A statewide system focused on seniority for pay systems and staffing procedures is hurting schools, he said.

Last time I check DSEA did sign onto the Race to The Top MOU and Arne Duncan and Jack Markell said they showed courage. Yet you still call them crooks. Personally, I find your participation on Delaware Race to The Top USDOE interview committee sickening and possible conflict of interest. On those RTTT USDOE interview recordings you made it clear re: your connection with Innovated Schools and how they help charter schools.

“One size in our system of pay does not fit all,” Schoenhals said. “Let the districts and the local union determine what would work best for them. With a system that is more reflective of the profession that teaching is, we can then work to get teacher pay to a level worthy of the task teachers perform — educating the next generation.”

What are you suggesting? Local control? Great idea so how about telling the federal government to stay out of local affairs and let parents have real empowerment. Professional teaching requires professional administrative leadership and from I see too many superintendents are too busy kissing Jack Markell’s ass. Speaking of Jack Markell, he sits on the sideline while you insult teachers and their unions and say nothing! But many of us know in private he talks shit on you!

The state has had some other major successes, notably winning $119 million from the U.S. Department of Education in President Barack Obama’s signature education reform program, he said. But even that award is not going to be enough to fix the problems that the public school system faces, he said.

And Delaware legislators sit by and allow the Delaware State Board of Education whose members are appointees of the governor to approve regulations within their power that will cause default funding of embedded Race To the Top goals to default on local taxpayers. When the RTTT money is gone local public and charter schools will bear the cost of those programs. Next thing you know serving lunch to students will be an option in efforts to cover the cost of instructional needs. I can only image the cost Newark Charter School will bear for a cafeteria in it’s new high school building and lets not forget the overhead cost for cafeteria staff and food supplies.

What’s most confusing here is, Skip is on the Delaware Race To the Top team,Vision 2015 and Rodel but steps up an makes statements the undermines relationships developed between Markell / Delaware DOE  and teachers. I though Markell was the “change agent” ? Maybe poor Jack gets his days mixed up and puts on the wrong knee pads. Jack color code those knee pads. Blue for Washington and green for bankers.

It is obvious with Skipper taking control of education reform in Delaware that the latest round of reform including Race to The Top has run aground or is taking on water. Some state legislators are taking notice and a few are bold enough to start asking questions. This is what was needed during the start of DSTP the last business roundtable’s failed education reform plan shoved up the asses of the public and teachers.

The real answer to laying the foundation in lasting reform is “transparency” and a good way to start is requiring all public school districts and charter school school boards to digitally record their board meeting like what was mandate to require the State Board of Education to do and how Red Clay and Christina boards do voluntarily. The people are the best watchdogs and the people will expose the fraud and deception. We need to hand back local control to the people and legislators must give parents and  community the transparency tools to get the job done. Make school boards answer to parents and the local taxpaying community. Keep superintendents at their desk or in their schools not on the phone to Dover or selling the governor’s education agenda. School boards need to make it clear that superintendents serve at the pleasure of  the board not the governor.


Long overdue Delaware Annual Charter School Report to be public January 13, 2012

The Delaware Department of Education has come under fire for not adhering to state law set by state legislators to provide and annual report on Delaware charter schools. The last report was in 2008 prior to Governor Markell taking office. It’s apparent the governor gave DEDOE the green-light not to complete required reports.  Only in Delaware laws are written where the people must comply and not the governor.

Delaware performance based teacher evaluation BLOWS

But there’s no stopping the process with millions in federal dollars at stake and state regulations calling for performance-based teachers evaluations, said Dan Cruce, deputy secretary of the Department of Education.

How is it the deputy secretary of the Delaware Department on Education who has no teaching certificate, never taught a classroom of public or charter school students or served   a a school building administrator have so much influence in regards to Delaware teacher evaluations?

The evaluation system has to be in place for the 2012-13 school year, Cruce said.

And by 2015 all the Race to The Top “grant” money will be pissed away on stupid shit like data coaches! If Markell’s DEDOE clones cite data prior to Race to The Top as basis for needed change how is it no data coaches were need to make those assessments?  Who coaches Markell’s clones? WALL STREET !

The heart of the issue is, there are teachers that are in the wrong profession! There are good teachers who are in need of extra professional development! There are great teachers who are being demoralized by Markell’s education agenda that was stuffed in his back pocket with political contributions.

Sure we need some serious dialogue with teachers, their unions, parents and legislators! The current teacher evaluation agenda is being driven by the business roundtables of America.

The Delaware Department of Education is so politically tainted to a point it has no value to the people of Delaware.

Arne Duncan’s ” Moonshot” to reform public education is nothing but a political Scud Missile !

Delaware legislators who will attend Wednesday’s Joint Education Committee meeting (legislative indoctrination) where Delaware Department of Education with defend Jack Markell education agenda better ask where the funds will come from after the Race to The Top grant money runs out in about two year? Folks you think DSTP was a train wreck you ain’t seen nothing yet! DCAS is putting us on the right track to provide timely student assessments via a growth model and that growth model plan was already in place before we heard the words Race to The Top! Honestly, we need to put a firewall between the Delaware Department of Education and the governor!

To the teachers of Delaware, do not endorse Jack Markell and do not endorse his opponents for governor! Demand a “no recommendation position”.  It’s time to take you fingers off your toes and stand upright!