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Is Charter School of Newark submitting charter application for new high school in Newark?

Deerpark Patron, on December 30, 2011 at 5:50 pm said:

Hey- this is marginally off topic. But how do the folks from Christina School District- and all the folks supporting Newark and Glasgow High feel about Greg Meece submitting his application for a highschool next week. Seems like he is running with scissors to cut the feet out of Race to the Top Initiatives by pulling a Charter School of Wilmington South. Remember that Greg and Ron were once one. And yes Mr Jones- it is official- the app is going in

Interesting !!!!!!!!! Why not, Charter School of Newark has been very successful !


Delaware Governor Jack Markell is incompetent as education czar aka Skipper’s change agent

Meetings on school standards planned: Community input sought on changes :Written by NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

The way academic achievement is measured and reported at the state’s public schools may change, and the state Department of Education is hosting a series of public meetings to inform the community and gather feedback.

WTF !!!!!!!!!!! Delaware transitioned out DSTP a standardized test so flawed from day one for DCAS as new student test based on a growth model approach that may prove beneficial and now they want to screw it up. We’re in the second year of DCAS and now the nimrods at the Delaware Department of Education want to change testing standards. Parents are just getting a handle on DCAS and are still a bit confused. Just like with Race to The Top and Common Core Standards the state makes decisions then goes on the road to “inform the community”.

“We hope community members will come out so we can explain the proposal to them in detail and answer their questions,” Dan Cruce, the state’s deputy secretary of education said in an email. “Accountability systems are complex and can be confusing even to those well versed in education matters, so having a face-to-face question-and-answer time is critical to ensure everyone understands the plan and has the chance to provide input.”

There Dan goes with his face-to-face and heart-to-heart bullshit! I witness his face-to-face and heart-to-heart talks with Red Clay School Board at the board’s Race to The Top MOU meeting. Dan’s in his own words told the board either vote for the MOU or you’ll fund Race to The Top provisions aligned with new state regulations. Tactfully that was a fuck you Red Clay!  The board members we’re boxed in the corner and voted yes to spare local taxpayers millions. However, one board member (Becnel) grilled Dan and voted no! To me that no was a go fuck yourself! Sorry for porfanity here folks but enough is enough!

Delaware’s draft of its plan is available on the department’s website. Three community meetings, one in each county, will be held before the state’s plan is finalized and submitted to the U.S. Department of Education.

Consider them final

One of the proposed changes that parents and educators may notice is a change in the terms applied to schools based on how they perform on the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System. Currently, schools are placed in categories such as “superior,” “commendable” and “academic watch.” The draft proposal would drop those names in favor of the U.S. Department of Education’s seven suggested category names, which would include descriptors such as “reward schools,” “recognition schools,” “focus schools” and “priority (partnership zone) schools.”

Just sugar-coating failure ! When Race to The Top federal funds dry-up how and who is going to “reward schools” ?  Markell requested changes on rating teachers effective, satisfactory, needs improvement and ineffective. Did Markell share this July 15, 2011 letter from USDOE ?     Here’s another Markell USDOE wavier request dated May 24 ,2011 And yet another sorry-ass wavier dated October 5 ,2011.

Delaware’s proposal also would use test score data to focus on the state’s achievement gaps. The proposed goal would be to cut in half by 2017 the number of non-proficient students in 11 subgroups — such as black students and English language learners.

Bullshit !!! We’ve been down this achievement-gap problem since 1954 and ESEA 1965! There has been enough studies and data that bring us back to the achievement-gap. Adding Kindergarten will fix it and that didn’t work now we add Pre-K. Over and over the data reveals African-American males are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to achievement particularly high power children. I agree, the multiple  subgroups are ridiculous. But its nothing more than rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. The truth is, poor African-American males fail to achieve in school because African-American males leaders in the community are too busy kiss the ass of the likes of Jack Markell for a few greenbacks or a job. There is profit in poverty for the white slumlords and for black man who lack social morals. In Wilmington the so-called civil rights leaders who claim to stand in the name of Martin Luther King and Hicks Anderson can’t man-up and secure Red Clay middle and high schools in Wilmington to full-fill the promise of the neighborhood school act. They standby and watch Red Clay appease the affluent in the suburbs by building new schools and have the balls to tax city Red Clay homeowners and business. The young brothers and sisters remain down because their fathers refuse to stand! God rest Norm Lockman’s soul but I wish he would send Norm back to us.

Eleven states presented alternative plans for measuring academic achievement to the U.S. Department of Education this fall. Delaware is expected to be one of 30 that will submit plans in February.

This is from the USDOE website:”The second submission deadline to request ESEA Flexibility is February 21, 2012. As of December 2, 2011, 28 States, D.C. and Puerto Rico have submitted an intent to request ESEA Flexibility for the second window. Please send new or updated notices of intent to” DEDOE meetings are a waste !

To the Delaware Republicans who want to seek public office: You are cluster-fucks! Education is and always will be at the forefront of the issues and in Delaware represents one-third the state budget. Race to The Top is far more damaging than DSTP. Some of our local superintendents spend more time in Dover with their heads up Markell’s ass whereas they need to be at their desk tending local business.  They play their local school board like idiots and run agendas behind the board’s back. Governor Markell refuses to require local school district and charter schools to “publicly” report per quarter P-card expenditures by cardholder. The sad part of all of this is, the Delaware Political Star Chamber made up of affluent Republicans and Democrats supports Markell’s plans. That’s why you don’t see Republicans coming out swinging against Markell’s participation in federal intrusion in local control. Markell may be a democrat but that’s because there is a D stamped on his voter registration card. However, his bank account and stock portfolio has Republican stamped on it.

Once again I ask, why is it every-time we go to reform public education there is an expansion of administration and consultants? Poverty is a profit center and the more affluent are using the good brothers in Wilmington to help keep poverty at a profitable level.  We are the keepers of the glorious garden and must not turn our heads when the snake slithers in. Children fail because adults fail.

Dear sister, you have beautiful soul and kind heart. You started your journey in education to make a differences for minorities and education. You have become lost in the bounties of the fruits and fail to plant the seeds God has given you. Sadly to say you have become nothing more than a wet-nurse for the social slaveholders of modern time. The master comes in many shades and hiding in the gray areas does not bring  justice for the children. When you entered you open the window to let the light in exposing the fool. However, once in you are participating in closing the shade. When the master moves to the next plantation your pockets will be filled but your heart will remain empty. Put your social blinders on all you want but when you peek to the side, the ugliness you once wanted to help is worst than when you started. The jackal assigned to sit at your side is a two-headed snake. I believe in karma and perhaps someday I’ll get mine. But I know, when I walk into the light my heart will be warm. My usage of profanity pales in contrast to the obscenities of government. What I say may be offensive but what they do is harmful. What hangs on the wall doesn’t make the person. What they hold in their hearts does.

Dancing with the devil will result in somebody getting burned !

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RACE TO THE TOP GRANT REVIEW Phase I Tier 2 State Presentation The State of Delaware 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 16, 2010

MR. SCHOENHALS: “I am Skip Schoenhals, Chairman of WSFS Financial Corporation, which is one of the largest  independent banks in the state of Delaware. That is Main Street banking, not Wall Street banking”.

CNNMoney; Bailed out banks: “The Treasury Department has invested about $200 billion in hundreds of banks through its Capital Purchase Program in an effort to prop up capital and support new lending. Here’s a list of the banks that got bailed out. 01/22/2009 WSFS Finanical Corporation Wilmington Del. $52,625.00

“I am also a Chairman of Vision 2015, which  is a statewide plan that was developed over three years ago to map the path to creating the best public education system in the world by 2015. No  exception; no excuses. That plan has been recognized by  national leaders as one of the most comprehensive  statewide plans for achieving that objective”.

So why do we need Race to the Top ?

“I represent the private sector of  Delaware which over the last 20 years has had a  catalytic impact on education reform in the state  of Delaware. Besides the Vision 2015 initiative, we formed the Innovative Schools Development Corporation, which is a private sector effort which provides back office and consultive work to charter schools and most recently now traditional public schools. In addition, we formed a consortium to provide, again from the private sector, loan guarantees to charter schools so that they could finance their capital improvements, their new buildings. We have done that with over half — almost half — of the charters in the state of Delaware”.

Last 20 years ??? And thank you for DSTP.

“Innovative Schools Development Corporation, which is a private sector effort which provides back office and consultive work to charter school”

Aren’t backroom deals cut in backroom offices ?

“In addition, we formed a consortium to provide, again from the private sector, loan guarantees to charter schools so that they could finance their capital improvements, their new buildings”.

Doesn’t this present some kind of conflict of interest by sitting on the Race to The Top committee?

GOVERNOR MARKELL: This is critically important. We have gone through our budget line by line. And so we have come up with a number we believe at the end of the Race to the Top, we are going to require eight and a half million dollars annually. That was the figure, just under one  percent of our budget. We are committed to  maintain — and so that means in some of the areas where we propose to spend we are not going to, you know, we think we will be to scale. We are going to have to train the trainers.

So Markell is saying, once Race to The Top funding is pissed away the state will maintain those RTTT goals with $8.5 million dollars a year! So how much will the school districts and charter school have to pay out of local funds. Also, Markell has cut state funding to Delaware’s public school every year since he has been in office and look-out 2012. The writing is on the wall, RTTT funding will default back on local taxpayers. The school district supers will cry and whine they had no choice by to buy into Race to The Top and blame Dover and Washington. Bullshit ! They sit and wine and dine with Markell and Duncan. So when they come with hat in hand to the local taxpayers we should put foot in their asses and fire them.

Delaware Sec of Ed needs to make the “emergency” meeting with CSD public re: RTTT PZ #arenduncan

Happy New Year from the Delaware Department of Education! DEDOE will start the year off with another behind closed door meeting concerning the expenditure of taxpayers money re: RTTT Glasgow PZ. I ask ! Where is the transparency with Race to The Top funding?  I wonder if representatives from the teachers union is invited? Is Arne Duncan allowing DEDOE / Markell a free ride ?

Red Clay admins creates new math. Re: Building Capacity

What is building capacity ? I thought it was how many students related to building safety and number of classroom times reasonable class size. The reality is building capacity is really “program capacity” defined by what suits the district administration. So adding trailers can increase capacity.

Listen to recording (start at 23:31 on the recording) “Trailers are temporary solutions” Bullshit ! Trailers should not be factored into school capacity! Some board members thing admin presentation is “misleading”.  Looks like admin is rolling school board under the bus with BS double talk.  Wow ! AIHS doesn’t need trailers to accommodate AIHS feeder students ! So Red Clay admin wants to add building space to accommodate choice students including out of district. AIHS has 50% choice students. Board member comments Cab and Conrad are all Choice! Yea ! They are “magnet schools” !

Should Red Clay taxpayers pay to add physical building space to AIHS to accommodate choice students? If there were a need to accommodation feeder students, I’d say yes! Dickinson is at 61.8% capacity so rather tell student “no”  wanting to Choice out of their “Dickinson” feeder pattern to attend A.I. High School, the district will build more space at A.I. More physical building space and even trailers will cost taxpayer more in utilities and building serves.  A.I. High School is an amazing school with a great school leader and is rating Superior. AIHS is a very diverse school and something is working that should be replicated at Red Clay’s other high schools. Seems to me Red Clay is back to catering to more affluent parents.

One thing is getting lost in the capacity debate. Red Clay put some big bucks of local and federal money into Dickinson STEM program and this year student enrollment is 618 students compared to 665 in 2009 and 644 in 2010. Looks like either we have some programming concerns with Dickinson’s turnaround or poor marketing skills on Red Clay administration. Perhaps we should closed Dickinson and reopen it under another name using A.I. High School’s model for success.

News Journal’s Lois Lane ends 2011 on December 29, 2011

animated gifs of drunk man sitting in a glass of wine

New Year’s Eve board meeting Posted on December 28, 2011 by Nichole Dobo

The Red Clay School District has advertised a New Year’s eve meeting for the school board. Since it’s an executive session, it’s not open to the public. The agenda says it is for legal and personnel issues.

Chalk this one up to how school board members don’t always have the most glamorous jobs. Board members will be there from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on New Year’s eve: Special Executive Session of the Board. It must be something that can’t wait, or maybe that’s the only day they could get everyone’s schedules to jibe. We have a call in to the district PIO to learn more.

LOL 🙂 Come on Nichole let the real bloggers spin half-truths! When did December 29 become New Year’s Eve 🙂 Since I have your ear, thanks for a great 2011 supporting community voice on various issues like Reach and Pencader. Allowing parents and the community the NJ online platform helps drive debate, transparency and change. Now go get us those financial reports on Moyer / 🙂

Red Clay gearing up for February 28, 2012 Referendum

Red Clay School District is gearing up for a big referendum push and even established a referendum webpage 

One of the big winners will be the affluent who wants a new elementary school in efforts to build their exclusive neighborhood school network. Red Clay continues to refuses traditional middle and high school services within their share of the city of Wilmington. Yet Wilmington taxpayers will be ask to bear the burden of paying for a third new school in the suburbs. A real sad day for civil rights!

Another big winner is Charter School of Wilmington and perhaps it a olive leaf to smooth-over  recent riffs.  But see page6 of the slide. you’ll notice Cab Calloway getting 12,283,671.00 in renovations. Think about it, will all that money go to the Cab side of the so-called Wilmington Campus? Look at all the plans, other than building a new school Cab /Wilmington Campus gets the highest of $$$ renovations. But surprise , look at this page and then scroll down to “Wilmington Campus”! So sell it as Cab on power-point !!! Little bit like bait and switch!!!  The last referendum that location got about 20 million dollars in renovation.

My relationship with the Red Clay administration is running cold (not with the board). I ended my involvement with the district parent advisory board  because I am deeply concern with the administration involvement with Dover re: Race to The Top. When Race to The Top funding ends in three more years local taxpayers will bear the burden to fund bullshit RTTT related administration jobs that will be coded with new titles. Red Clay will get it share of pre-K funding via of newly awarded federal grant to Delaware. However, when that’s gone the $$$ monkey is on the local taxpayers back.

I am waiting on  sample ballot from the county election office and the referendum better be a two question vote. One for new school and other for capital improvements to other schools. I am looking at the list of renovation for each schools and am confused. It looks like we are doing duplicate work from last renovations.

I have never voted no in a Red Clay referendum and this might be my first ! I know for-sure, I won’t vote for the new school until Red Clay addresses the traditional middle and high schools needs of city students. Aren’t city students entitled to neighborhood schools ?  I went to a rally in Wilmington that was led by some city community leaders and they were calling for a Wilmington school district. Obvious there is an outcry for neighborhood schools in Wilmington.

So mark your calendars for February 28, 2012

Somebody better tell Glasgow High School the feds are coming

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2011  Duncan wants to see Race to the Top results 

By Ben Wieder, Stateline Staff Writer

It’s been a year and a half since the U.S. Department of Education issued its first grants from the Race to the Top program. Last week, the department indicated that it’s expecting to see some results.

After announcing the seven states to win grants in the third and latest round of the program, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that the department will be issuing report cards in January for previous winners of the competition. “We’re going to continue to hold people accountable, not for having good plans on paper but for executing those plans,” Duncan said.

So what does Delaware particularly Glasgow High School have to show for Race to The Top? I have a hunch Delaware Secretary of Education  will call for a meeting with Christina School District in regards to Glasgow High Schools turnaround progress. Perhaps the meeting will be one of those you lie and I’ll swear to it plan aka lets don’t tell Arne Duncan we’re cluster-fucks ! Perhaps these Race to The Top progress meeting should be public to keep Markell’s clones honest ! But lets not worry because Arne Duncan holding anyone accountable is a joke ! Ask Arne about those P-Card purchases when he was CEO of Chicago Schools. Did Arne really have a chauffeur driven car as CEO of Chicago Schools “and” a take home car? Hey Arne was Michael Scott’s death really a suicide? “He apparently fell forward after shooting himself, and a .380-caliber gun was found under the body, police sources say. No note was found at the scene and detectives are trying to track down the gun’s registration, police said.” Gee one would think if a man shot himself in the head the recoil would force the gun away from the body? Must have been a strong current pushing the gun under his chest after falling forward?

Look what Huffington Post had to say; “Chicago Public Schools Inspector General James M. Sullivan released a scathing report Monday, questioning more than $800,000 in spending by former school board presidents Rufus Williams and Michael Scott, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.Scott committed suicide in November 2009 (First Posted: 01/ 4/11 12:26 PM ET)” Wow right after Arne Duncan became  US Sec of Ed. And this ,“Haunted by his ties to tainted nonprofit, Education Secretary Arne Duncan ignores questions about $174,000 phantom program he arranged for the group” And this; Did Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Have Michael Scott Murdered in Chicago? And this; “Chicago Public Schools Shuts Down 475 Credit Card Accounts” Last month, Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered an audit of credit card use within Chicago Public Schools when a preliminary report indicated there were questionable charges by public school employees. (by PETE LINDLEY on OCTOBER 4, 2011) Wait ! Didn’t Rahm Emanuel work for the Obama administration? Now Mayor of Chicago? How convenient for Duncan?

You can bet with Duncan’s colorful past on accountability and the Biden connection to Delaware, an audit of RTTT in Delaware will be clean.

Now the real question is which board members will be selected to attend these one lies the other swears to it meetings? 

Delaware State University sponsored charter school may be a good thing! But is DEDOE the right fit ?

STEM charter high school planned at DSU: School would open on Dover campus in 2013

Delaware State University’s goal of opening a charter high school on it’s Dover campus is a good thing and I doubt Markell’s Delaware Department of Education clones will be fool enough to oppose it. There use to be a time when I favored only DEDOE authorizing charter schools. However with DEDOE dropping the ball on Reach and Pencader whereas they pretty much doomed those school prior to due process. Reach and Pencader’s enrollment is a little low this years because of DEDOE self-centered egotistice charter school review team. DSU is on to something with this unique proposed charter schools and having DEDOE as an over sight-authority may be a hindrance. Red Clay School District is the only school district in Delaware that chartered charter schools. The overzealous of the former school board members who approved all of Red Clay’s charter schools did so at the cost of programming at its traditional schools. However, Red Clay’s oversight authority is much more charter school friendly than those at DEDOE who lack capacity in effectively leadership as partners. They’re too busy wrapped up in self-serving power ego-trips. The Secretary of Education is nothing more than a puppet with multiple strings leading to the governor, business community and those within DEDOE planted by Markell at the $$$$ of the business round table. My point, DSU’s charter school would be better served if a school district were to approve its charter not DEDOE.

The model they saw in action on their visits is known as “Early College High School.” And if the state approves its charter school application, DSU will open the first school of that type in Delaware on its Dover campus by the fall of 2013

The publicly funded school will be open to students of all backgrounds and abilities. But DSU will market the school to students who would be among the first in their families to attend college and are interested in science, technology, engineering or math, the so-called STEM fields.

Students would take a dual enrollment curriculum, meaning they also would take college classes and graduate with up to 60 college credits.

Its doubtful DSU will follow Charter School of Wilmington’s model that using the “specific interest” clause within Delaware’s charter school law that allows them to cherry pick students based on high academic performance. I see it as discrimination by intelligence which naturally excludes at-risk students. DSU “will be open to students of all backgrounds and abilities.” Makes Kilroy happy ! Also,” DSU will market the school to students who would be among the first in their families to attend college and are interested in science, technology, engineering or math, the so-called STEM fields.” The real concern is how will DSU measure that interest level aka “specific interest”? But I won’t assume they will do some cherry picking and set the student current academic success on a more broad scale. I don’t see DSU going to an extreme to open as an all at-risk charter school. Because with federal intrusion schools whose goal is to serve at-risk students are stigmatized by performance ratings based on standardized test. Obviously DSU charter school is going to be a high school. Therefore, students will transition in to DSU’s learning model. It’s going to take time to achieve the set goals and though there is a two-year transition before state /federal ratings are applied. Personally, I feel growth is what needs to be watched and high expectations needs to be on the flow of growth. Start-up schools should be given 5 years before any achievement rating is applied. However, high exceptions should be set along the way. We know for a fact 100% that DSTP and NCLB rating systems were flawed.

As far as earning up to 60 college credits at this new charter school I can only hope the class levels offered are at on par with college courses with zero flexibly. I don’t want to see college level courses watered-down to accommodate high school students. Sometimes I feel PhD’s are handed out like candy. Many critics of K-12 public education blame teacher preparation coming out of college for the so-called failed public education system. How is it students fail at the hands of teachers with a “masters” and how is it a school fails at the hands of an administrator with a PhD? Sometimes I wonder if there is social promotion going on at the college level! Many high school students earn college credits via AP test which are set at a national norm an aren’t skewed by local input. Just a word of caution here! A college having great influence and involvement on an on-campus charter school can be concerning. Lets no bent in order to make sure the program is a success. A charter school that cherry pick the highest achieving students only proves adults within can pick a winning team. The real test is building winning team and in this case a formula that can serve all children.  Until  there is a day when charter schools are required to take all application with no review of the students prior academic record they will become public schools and perhaps we’ll see improved funding.

 Organizers involved with the proposed school at DSU say they do hope to reach a broad group of students by busing them to and from school and not charging any hidden fees. Students will be taught according to their abilities, with some graduating with only a few college credits. They say that students will self-select whether to apply to the school based on their academic ambitions.

Hidden fees ? That would be illegal! Charter schools are “free public schools” ! I would put an emphasis on college credits but more on college preparedness. “Students will be taught according to their abilities, with some graduating with only a few college credits. They say that students will self-select whether to apply to the school based on their academic ambitions”. And that should satisfy the “specific interest” not like Charter School of Wilmington where they determine that via assessment tests in which they refer to a placement tests.

“The students that enroll here will have to make a commitment to a curriculum that is academically rigorous,” said Dawn Downs, director of school models at Innovative Schools.

Kind of odd coming from Innovative Schools where some of its founding board members and past board members didn’t stand up and speak about about the law that permits cherry picking. But yes, the student is the one to make that commitment and should be held to passing grades or be ask to leave. The doors should be open to all who apply but hold them accountable.

The school’s focus on college readiness presents another possibility for DSU. Only about 39 percent of DSU students graduate.

Bit of a red flag ! “While the university would not provide exact figures, Thompson said more than half of this year’s freshmen took developmental math to prepare for college-level work” But how many dropped-out unable to complete the developmental math? I think perhaps the 39% graduation rate at DSU goes deep beyond being college ready.

The charter school could help DSU address this issue in a variety of ways. Educators and professors will have the chance to study what does or doesn’t prepare high school students for college. Some students might decide to continue attending DSU after graduating from high school.

“If 20 or 30 percent came to us for college, that would be great,” Thompson said. “The important thing is to get them college-ready, whether they go to Delaware State or not.”

I agree re: college ready! I’d put greater emphasis on the DSU charter school preparing students for college than how many college credits they can earn. Prepare them for AP classes and let them earn college credits via AP test.

“I would think that would be a big draw for a lot of families,” Hughes agreed. “To be able to earn a large amount of college credits for free is a pretty attractive benefit.”

Why did I just say ? 🙂 The attraction should be better preparing students for college to give them a running start. I think the college credit aspect of this charter school needs to cool down and shift toward goals of college readiness. Why would help these kids is a person within the charter school or DSU seeking out grants and scholarships for these kids.

One thing for sure is DSU is willing to take Delaware’s charter schools to another innovated level. But again, DEDOE maybe more of an hindrance than help. DEDOE still struggles with their capacity issues in being a supportive role rather than consumed in their own self-centered egotistic authoritarian mindset. DEDOE tends to forget that they are a service to the people of Delaware not the other way around. We have a system of everybody is accountable except those at the top and that is why Delaware schools are such a mess.

Go luck DSU and may God help protect you from the DEDOE Markell clones.

Special delivery for Governor Jack Markell

All jokes aside Jack, enjoy the holidays. You and I may be looking-down opposite ends of the telescope but somewhere in the middle is the answer. Government exist to serve the people not the other way around. I give you this pile of coal but with my luck you’ll turn it into diamonds :).

A Christmas Prayer

I put these photos together with MS Paint


Merry Christmas from Afghanistan

DEDOE; the dog ate my homework re: high school dropout summary 2010-2011

Click here to listen to the Delaware State Board of Education’s December 2011 meeting. The high school dropout summary starts at 48:15 on the audio recording.

Delaware Department of Education has no concrete explanation for such a high numbers of high school dropouts at the 9th grade level.

In Delaware its legal for student to dropout of school at the age 16. However, it is my understanding the parent must approve their child’s decision. It’s obvious per DEDOE’s report reasons for dropping out for many students is unknown.

A few years ago there was talk about raising Delaware’s legal dropout age from 16 to 18. From a few conversations I have, some folks felt why raise the age because we’ll be stuck with disruptive students who don’t want to be there.

Why should a child of 16 as a minor have such authority in such a critical decision? With all the new school reform going on perhaps its time to address the need to strengthen Delaware’s current law. Perhaps, the law should require a signed consent form by the parents and the students with reason for dropping out. Otherwise without the signed form it should be illegal for a student to just walk away. Someone during a discussion at a Red Clay board meeting said, “perhaps the student moved and enrolled in another high school”. Bullshit! How can one enroll in another high school without records being transferred?

This is from a previous post last week after the board meeting Delaware 2010-2011 Dropout rate 3.7% but up for Black students Minority leaders, WAKE UP !

Governor Markell, we need to fix the law and require students and parents to sign a high school dropout request form or otherwise, the dropout is illegal whereas both parent and student can be charged with truancy. Yes indeed this is another issue on Kilroy’s 2012 legislation agenda.

Did some research and I see no formal process for students wishing to dropout of high school or parents signing permission. Looks like we need some modification in the law.

§ 2702. Compulsory attendance requirements; evaluation of readiness [Effective upon fulfillment of the contingencies in 75 Del. Laws, c. 440, § 8]

(a) Except as otherwise provided, the following provisions are applicable to school attendance in this State:

(1) Every person in this State who has legal custody, guardianship of the person, or legal control of a child between 5 and 16 years of age, including any person acting as a caregiver pursuant to the provisions of § 202(f) of this title, shall enroll the child in a public school in the school district of the person’s residence.

Major overhaul of Delaware charter school law is long overdue

Campus Community to shutter program ; High school will close at academic year’s end

Despite a last-ditch fundraising effort, Campus Community charter school in Dover will shut down its high school program at the end of the academic year.

Since its establishment in 2002, the high school program has been subsidized to the tune of $200,000 per year by Campus’ successful kindergarten-through-eighth-grade program.

At the end of the year, that program will lose the rent-free space at Wesley College it has occupied since 1998, and without the millions needed for a new school facility, the high school will be displaced from the classrooms it occupies at the Pear Street building

Community Campus charter school closure of its high school component is part of doing business aka downsizing to stay in business. I am note sure what Community Campus is offering students and parents in their efforts to transition into other charter or traditional schools. But I have a hunch they’ll will do all they can.

Here are my concerns; The United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan supports “great” charter schools and feels low performing charter schools should be closed. Sure great concept but what happens to students within? Are states required to transfer those students into better performing schools? Or do they end up back at failing schools?

For Delaware at best, the Delaware Department of Education should have a transition plan to assist students and parents impacted by charter school closures or as in this case reduction in class configuration. At-least in this case their is ample time for parents and students to figure out where to go. DEDOE won’t be able to wave a magic-wand but at-least set up a helpline and statewide plan with other charter and public schools to help with these tramatic transitions.

I think we are learning with “state” closure of charter schools and the charter review process that sends premature message that charter schools under review will be close such as in the case of Pencader and Reach.  In the case of Pencader and Reach the Delaware Department of Education’s egotistic charter school review committee had parents scrambling and pulling students out of Pencader and Reach before the review process was completed. Egotistic threats of closure from those at the Delaware Department of Education towards charter school operators hurts “children”. No matter who is at fault there needs to be a transition plan for students impacted. The Delaware Department of Education needs to come off the egotistic power trip and if Lillian Lowery can’t make it happen, she needs to go. She needs to look Governor Jack Markell is the eyes and tell him, go create jobs in the private sector and let me do my job! Her true talents are being stifled by a governor ill-equipped to comprehend his overreaching political agenda. He is nothing more than a modern-day Judas to Delaware’s freedom and sovereignty.

Its time a “comprehensive” review of Delaware charter schools laws, from approval process, review process , admission and funding. This must be done by a strong legislative committee free from agenda seeking entities such as the governor and local business roundtables.

As far as capital funding we have a real problem because, charter schools are “corporations” and public funds used to directly furnish school buildings will be loss if the corporations fails. When a traditional public school is closed and sold those proceeds come back to the state aka taxpayers. Also, handing charter schools capital funding whereas local traditional public school must gain approval by the taxpayers via local referendums will give charters an unfair advantage. Perhaps it time to rethink how we provide capital funding. Nobody wants to hear sales tax but that might be the only way. End local taxation / referendum for capital funding and shift it to sales tax. Radical yes ! But do you have a better solution? Also, if this were the case, sales tax, in the case of charter schools the state (taxpayers) should have ownership equal to the % of capital investment.

Folks , the charter school red flags are flying high on many issues and its time to address them. I do support charter schools for the sake of “choice”! But we need to end the illusion that charter schools are the answer to fix a so-called broken education system. We’ve learned we need more options in education offerings. However, a divided system and one in control of egotistic self-centered public servants at the Delaware Department of Education is a wrong path and a disservice to “children”. Also, our Governor , Jack Markell politically high-jacked Delaware’s public school system to serve his self-centered political aspirations. When governors move on, the people (parents and community) are left picking up the pieces. There is an obvious trend going on and it’s sucking needed classroom dollars from serving children’s educational needs. Each time we go to reform public education there is an expansion of administration and consulting services. Now Wall Street gets into the action with corporations like Wireless Generation and K12.Inc.

It time to address Delaware charter school flaws.