Delaware’s Barbara Finnan delivers a masterpiece! OUCH !

Greed, arrogance tanked the economy — not Social Security ;Written by BARBARA FINNAN

After reading the recent Delaware Voice by John E. Stapleford, director of the Center for Economic Policy and Analysis at the Caesar Rodney Institute — which basically said that pro-union policies hurt Delaware economically with “runaway pensions and health benefits” and “ironclad job security of non-performing employees” — I have to ask what actual data he used to reach his conclusions.

Conveniently overlooking or ignoring all the sweetheart deals between Delaware’s Department of Transportation, state legislators and developers — especially in Sussex county, which led to the demise of the Wilmington Trust Company with taxpayers footing that bill — and by focusing just on unions, Stapleford sounds like just another Earl Grey drinkin’ pachyderm.

It’s so easy to say “runaway pensions,” or that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, etc., since these buzz words create a knee-jerk reaction of support.

Barbara Finnan spent a lifetime educating children and now retired, the rocking chair’s grip won’t hold her back from educating adults .

During Finnan’s career as a teacher she could have been an administrator at the school level or even the district level. However, she was true to herself and community. She would not take the bait to be a “teamplayer” with the good old boy network in exchange for an administration position. She was very content being a classroom teacher which was her calling and passion. The bar of expectations  was set high in her classroom long before “raising the bar” was a buzzword. Yea, Finnan was a union rep but she never hesitate to turn and bark back at union leadership who drifted politically.

I didn’t always agree with Finnan and she with me. However, we do share common ground on the overreaching intrusion in education by Dover and Washington. We agree the classroom belongs to the teachers and all other are meant to be classroom support.  Finnan sees the world from street level where life really exist. She calls it as she sees it and you’ll find no puppet strings attached to her. She’ll look you in the eye and tell you like it is without a script in her back pocket. You don’t have to agree with her position by be assured that position is her’s from the heart.

We have many retired public school teachers out there who during their careers walked on eggshells trying to balance being a teacher serving children and being a member of the community concerned with political agenda that where injected into school leadership and the mismanagement of public education. Teachers are people too and they pay school taxes. Today’s like yesterday teachers are moving targets. If they speak-out about the truths in education reform negativity impacting education they’ll be ousted and blackballed. This also applies with some real good administrators. Even in the private sector many won’t put their jobs and pension on the line to speak out for what’s right. But I do think it’s time for all retired teachers who are now clear of being blackballed and pension secure to come out and tell the truth and stand up against this state and federal intrusion in our local schools. If you don’t the fallout from not standing will impact your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But that shouldn’t be a reason! You are and as long as you live will be a member of this community and your voice is important.

Hats off to Finnan!


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  1. Barbara and I had 90% good days when we were in leadership at RCEA and some doozies the other 10%. Simply admire her willingness to fight the fight!