Duncan lobbies Louisiana State School Board to hire TFA for state super

The New Superintendent of Schools for New Orleans

A 35-year-old former teacher, John White headed to New Orleans in late April to become superintendent of the Big Easy’s Recovery School District (RSD), quite an accomplishment for such a young man. But, with his bags barely unpacked, he found himself nominated by Governor Bobby Jindal to be interim chief of all of Louisiana’s public schools (thanks to the sudden resignation of Paul Pastorek, who had recruited White), in addition to running RSD. Newspapers claimed that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was calling members of the state’s school board, praising White as “an extraordinary leader [who is] committed to reform and is a great asset to the state.” Is your head spinning?

John White’s wasn’t. He told the press that he was flattered by Jindal’s offer, that he had come to the Bayou State to run the New Orleans schools, but if they wanted him in Baton Rouge, he’d be glad to help out. Cool. Calm. Collected.

Talk about a political power-play! It’s nothing but more federal intrusion into local affairs.

Where did this rising education star come from? The short answer is Teach For America (TFA).

Overall teaching experience,  three years as TFA teacher in New Jersey.

” After his teaching stint, White went to work for TFA in its New Jersey region coaching and mentoring the new recruits. He was then sent to Chicago to do the same thing. While there he met Arne Duncan. “I count Arne as a friend and advisor and mentor,” he says.

Yep it looks like one of Duncan’s Trojan Horse is unloading some cargo in Louisiana. Can you believe this, three years teaching experience and you are a state super!

White, son of a lawyer and “private wealth advisor” father and television journalist mother, grew up in Washington, D.C., and attended the prestigious private St. Albans School, where he learned, he says, “that education starts with relationships between adults and students and among students, who then reinforce the high expectations that are held for them.” But he never thought of being a teacher. In fact, there was a time in high school when he wanted to be a naval officer.

Looks like Maverick crash and burned before hitting the recruiting station and for Goose (Duncan) the NBA shot his ass down and he had to settle for kangaroo ball down-under. Real accomplished leaders.

 That was 2006 and the happening place was New York City, where Joel Klein was four years into remaking the nation’s largest public school system. Klein immediately offered White a job on his portfolio planning team, which meant leading the process of closing bad schools and creating new ones, one of the bull’s-eye issues in the massive system’s turnaround efforts. “I was part of the team that was catalyzing change at a very rapid pace,” says White.

And in comes the Joel Klein connects! Gee now I can sleep better at night ! So, I guess this means Louisiana will be shelling out millions to Wireless Generation subsidiarity of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation where Joel Klein is Executive Vice President.

As for Delaware, I am starting to think Delawareans are clueless as their chickens pecking in their own shit! The only thing that can stop the education insanity in Delaware is for local school boards to stand up and say no! Our local state legislators will have their hands filled in a few years when RTTT funding dries up. Markell’s education agenda takes the voice away form parents, local school board and “classroom” teachers and gives it to the Duncan Trojan Horse. And those who blow the horse will be rewarded. Students and taxpayers will drown in the horse’s shit as it moves on.



5 responses to “Duncan lobbies Louisiana State School Board to hire TFA for state super

  1. Kilroy,

    To prevent the voters from being fleeced via referendum when the RTTT bribe money is gone and the local districts are left holding the bag for the innumerable contracts they have signed, a bill will be introduced in January asking for an out of state audit to be done for each school – not district – but school. That way the public can see the test results versus the spending at the building level.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yes the time has come for individual school audits! The districts set the budget for each school as if the schools have some sense of auto autonomy. However, the districts pushes the schools to spend less to force a surplus carry over. There is no reason schools should be lacking supplies but they do.

      You are correct about those contracts! School district driven audits are a joke as they don’t really address waste.

      In deed new legislation is in the pipeline and were going to push those IBU reports to open the MBU cells for public views. We still have an issue with P-cards. We need to see those expenditures in monthly reports.


  2. This will bring site based management to a whole new level of transparency and accountability.


  3. Based on my intrepretation of 14 De. Code 122 {b} {11} DDOE has the responsibility to manade a standardized budget and financial reporting system—they have not—they are the problem when it comes to transparency on how and where all funds are used, unfortunately no one holds them accountable.