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OMG DSEA Blogger digging for Markell brownie points

Charter School Law by One More Fight

Today, Governor Markell signed HB 205 into law. The bill increases the oversight and accountability of charter schools. This is the first change in Delaware charter school law in the 14 years since the schools were established in the state.

Bull shit ! HB119 (2009) was a major step forward and DEDOE dropped the ball in regards to Reach and Pencader.

Certainly we have given charter schools a lot. They have the exclusivity of private schools, but with all the public funding (except capital construction)of your local community public school. Additionally, charters have been given unmitigated praise by education reformers across the country. The lavish praise has been reinforced by an unquestioning media.

So what happen to Markell addressing the “skimming and creaming of students”?

Intentionally deaf ears and blind eyes ignore research showing that when comparable populations are examined, charter schools do no better and even worse in some endeavours than traditional public schools.

And here is where we agree!

The Governor worked closely with DSEA, legislators, and charter schools to make this legislation happen. Congratulations to the Markell Administration for the courage to do it, and the smarts to do it right.

And here is were we disagree! It was parents of Reach and Pencader and those of us who dogged DEDOE and Markell that brought about HB205. But HB119 required a Citizen Budget Oversight Committee at each school and DEDOE failed to comply with their responsibilities. Yea Jack, congratulations for owning DSEA and hooking up the former queen with a custom-made job. But Markell is living up to the Limo deal !


I really miss those Red Clay dancing queens

With U of D ETE why do we need TFA

Interesting inspiring video!

With the University of Delaware’s Elementary Teacher Education program why do we need Teach for America? Is there really a shortage of teaching candidates or does districts like Red Clay have too much money to piss away? Red Clay Teach for America contract is coming up on expiration. Will the board move to extended citing Race to The Top?

It makes no sense to invest in those who are only obligated to teach for two years when we can invest in those who want to teach a lifetime.

TFA / Red Clay agreement for public view

OMG TFA Scam goes deeper

Red Clay back at! New EMS for suburbs and no middle or high for Wilmington

Presentation: Building a strong foundation

What What where , where
 600 Student preK-5 building
 Graves Road Prop

I am getting sick an tired of Red Clay putting the needs of suburban affluent before the needs of City of Wilmington Red Clay students. Red Clay has no traditional middle school or high schools in Wilmington. The creates forced busing of students to middle and high schools in the suburbs. Red Clay refused to assign students in the overcrowded suburb middle schools to available seats in Wilmington schools. Red Clay even goes as far to approve more portable classrooms for the suburban schools. Yea yea Choice ! Choice my ass! Red Clay provides door to door Choice busing for it’s magnet schools but requires other Choice students’ parent to drive their child to a bus-stop of the Choice school. If you have reliable transportation you can take advantage of Choice schools if seats are available. However, if you’re poor without transportation to fucking bad!

The board member(s) who reside in Wilmington seems not to be stepping up to task! Does Wilmington’s parents have a real voice on Red Clay’s school board? Is there anyone on Red Clay’s school board that gives a shit about the needs of Wilmington’s Red Clay

I’ll support Red Clay’s call for this referendums for building up-grades but until Red Clay address the lack of traditional middle and high school space in Wilmington I can’t support it. Are neighborhood school only meant for the suburbs?

OK, so I am ranting a bit and perhaps I shouldn’t care about a community (Wilmington) who seems not to give a shit about their own kids and community school needs. Some minorities in Wilmington tactfully call white Christina school board members racist and criminals but yet they dont’ fight for traditional middle and high schools in Wilmington.

Race to The Top seems like it might be about “race” to the top! Who will end-up on bottom.


DEDOE turns back on current law what prevents them from doing it to a new law?

Charter school revisions signed ; Law gives more oversight on financial matters, board members

Gov. Jack Markell signed legislation Friday strengthening the state’s procedures for dealing with charter schools that fall into financial trouble and mandating background checks for charter school leaders.

House Bill 205 requires charters to produce annual audits for public review and gives the Department of Education greater oversight authority when it comes to charter finances.

Such bullshit ! House Bill 119 passed and signed in 2009 required Citizen Budget Review Committees at each schools charter and traditional and that they provide the public monthly report. The Delaware Department of Education failed to follow through and Reach and Pencader did not have these committees. DEDOE was required by law to even have a representative on the committee. The red flags were there and Markel’s puppets failed to follow the law. No one at DEDOE was held accountable for this blunder.

Bill sponsor Rep. Teresa Schooley, D-Newark, said the new law is a good revision to the charter school code, established in 1996.

What about HB 119 you sponsored in 2009? You let Markell and DEDOE wipe their asses on it! How about asking Markell to fire some sorry asses at DEDOE?

Financial woes at Reach Academy and Pencader Business and Finance Charter School in New Castle threatened to close both schools this summer, but a special probationary arrangement agreed to by Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery convinced the state Board of Education to keep the schools open

Damn right ! Because DEDOE faced some serious lawsuits that would have cost the secretary’s job. As far as convincing the state Board of Education, it’s was Markell trying to cover his political ass.

Here is my point about Red Clay and Delaware College Prep charter

Red Clay “needs” to call for a formal review of this matter and determine if the facts used to terminate the school leader was know prior to Red Clay re-authorizing their charter. Red Clay needs to know what the hell is going on! And I mean the board not just Merv.

But I do feel the former leader of Delaware College Prep give authorization for the release of information surrounding her dismissal. Everybody seems to be for the kids so why not everybody put the cards on the table.

Listen to the Red Clay board recording where Delaware College Prep parents are seeking answers from Red Clay who approved their school charter. Start at 92.51 on this recording.  Board Meeting – August 17, 2011 Audio

Red Clay says “We have enough to do” ! Looks like Red Clay just approves charter schools and allows them to be on auto pilot until they fail to follow the law Title 14. Certainly sounds fair and may be a good approach to an extent. However, Red Clay is the oversight authority and it’s possible these internal issue at Delaware College Prep charter schools were there during the charter re-authorization review. Seems like the concerns of parents and students are low on the list of concern. Red Clay approved these charter schools because of parents concerns for an education that it’s own traditional schools  didn’t have the capacity to meet. Please listen to the recordings of Delawae College Prep parents addressing the Red Clay board.

I support Red Clay as far as the confidentially and charter self-autonomy issue but, they re-authorized Delaware College Prep not know of the internal issues that may have been kept from them. It was the Red Clay school board who approved this charter and the “board” must hold some kind of review meeting to investigate if in fact information was withheld during charter re-authorization. I am not way suggesting closing this school however, if Delaware College Prep board member(s) withheld information those board members need to step-down.

Please listen to the recording of the parents concern. Even the president of the school’s parent leadership council spoke and raised concerns. He raised valid points.