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Give Wilmington real neighborhood schools not bus rides to someone else’s neighborhood.

Obama’s support for sending Race to The Top funding to Wall Street’s Wireless Generation subsidiarity of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is counterproductive to returning public schools in Wilmington Delaware to their rightful owners! The Public! Give Wilmington parent coaches not data coaches! Give Wilmington real neighborhood schools not bus rides to someone else’s neighborhood.

One man dreams while the other man made dreams come true. Children can’t learn how to stand if their fathers refuse to stand. Communities can’t rise without bold leaders. Hope does not bring change! Real men stepping up leads the way to change!


When men don’t rise children fail

When will the men of Wilmington Delaware stand and demand neighborhood schools?

Why should Wilmington Delaware Red Clay city taxpayers fund more schools in the suburbs at a time Red Clay offers no traditional middle or high schools in the city of Wilmington Delaware?

City school taxpayers help funded new Red Clay schools such as Brandywine Springs Elementary & Middle School and North Star Elementary schools. Soon Red Clay will come with hat in hand for a new elementary school on Graves Road in Hockessin and this school will add middle school grades in about three years after being built. Will a little honey grease the wheels of a few Wilmington leaders to stand-down and not makes waves?

Man-up Wilmington ! Stop holding your children down by your inability to stand!

Community leader question DEDOE accountability slight of hand

With this slight of hand it is easy to see that going forth the State has increased Schools’ chances of more favorable “labels” premised on scores alone being indicators for current success and future success. I do recognize that there are federal mandates that must be satisfied.

Arne Duncan’s sexual self-realization


Did Arne Duncan get his penis stuck in his zipper?

NCLB Waivers Should Not Be Unconditional: New Accountability Strategy Needed

As Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) “is creating a slow-motion train wreck for children, parents and teachers.” This is due particularly to NCLB’s unrealistic, ineffective, punitive and harmful accountability requirements. States must bring virtually 100% of students to academic “proficiency” by 2014. Schools that fail to reach the increasingly high interim percentage targets for all groups of students are labeled failing. And if they fail for two or more consecutive years, they must implement escalating sanctions such as staff replacement, charter school conversions or state takeovers.

This is amazing, Arne Duncan uses the provisions of NCLB to force closure of Chicago schools and open as charter schools while he was CEO of Chicago schools. Also, the NCLB ratings are the basis for pushing Race to The Top.

Race to The Top isn’t needed! If the problem is with NCLB then scrap it and and use the growth model test as the means to rate schools. But that would cause conflict with ensuring students meet the standards. The standards aren’t based on student growth and are based on various cut scores associated with DCAS in Delaware’s case. Just think all students can make measurable growth but the school can be rated under-performing.

I say let’s go ahead and set the national core standards and a nationalized standardized test. But, let’s make federal funding a poverty formulated flexible block grant. Race to The Top is only a federal four-year grant not a mandate after-which we’re back to dealing with NCLB funding. Let’s end the Wall Street education gold rush and put that money in the classroom with more tangible resources such as more teachers and materials. If 8 million dollars to Wireless Corporation for data coaches isn’t a clue of a scam involving Arne Duncan and Delaware Governor Jack Markell doesn’t alarm you then you must be a mushroom growing in the dark.

Create better transparency at the district / charter school level and allow real localized decision-making take place.

Delaware local school boards need to wake up and put the political ass-kissing activities of their superintendents in check!  When the Delaware Secretary of Education tells school superintends not to share student test data with their school boards until given the green light reinforces a political agenda. Delaware local school boards need to join forces and petition Governor Markell to end this practice. Remind the governor that they are elected public officials bound boy duties to protect the education interest of their students and that the superintendents serve at the pleasure of the board. Just as the Delaware Secretary of Education serves at the pleasure of the governor.

Arne Duncan is nothing more than a destructive education Trojan Horse for the likes of Eli Board and an agenda to fill the pockets of Wall Street education consultants.

Delaware Gov. Markell needs to reveal his investment holdings

I feel the people of Delaware have the right to know if Delaware Jack Markell has personal investments with News Corporation, Wireless Generation (subsidiarity of news corp), K12.Inc and other service provider for the Delaware Department of Education and any school district or charter schools.

It’s time for the public to question the flow of education dollars to Wall Street listed education service providers. Also, Markell never followed up the News Journal’s concern for Purchase Card expenditures. Colonial School District is the only school district that provides a monthly P-Card expenditure by cardholder page 14. P-Cards expenditures aren’t reflected on the schools / District’s online checkbook. OPEN THE BOOKS JACK !

Markell’s Wall Street buddies get caught with pants down

Report: NY comptroller spikes education software deal with News Corp co.; hacking scandal eyed;By Associated Press, Updated: Sunday, August 28, 11:26 AM

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York’s comptroller has spiked a $27 million contract with one of media giant Rupert Murdoch’s companies because of the phone hacking scandal in Great Britain.

The Daily News reports ( ) that Thomas DiNapoli (dee-NAP’-oh-lee) rejected last week a state Education Department contract with Wireless Generation, a News Corp. affiliate.

Wireless Generation was to get $27 million of the state’s $700 million in federal Race to the Top money to develop software that would track test scores.

News Corp.’s British tabloid News of the World was shut down last month amid the phone hacking and police bribery scandal. Besides the scandal, DiNapoli’s office also said there was an incomplete record about the company’s qualifications.

Jonathan Burman, an education department spokesman, tells the Daily News that DiNapoli bowed to pressure from teachers’ unions.


Kilroy’s Hurricane Outpost

Update 08/28/2011 9:28 a.m. Sump pumps working overtime! Backyard filled with about 5 inches of water last night forming Kilroy’s Pond. But now gone. Tail-end of Irene getting ready to makes her final swipe. I hope ! Red Clay schools still closed for tomorrow. Hope all of you are well including Markell and the DEDOE crowd. OK, you too Skipper.  Markell did a great job in preparing us for Irene and hope clean up goes as well.

Got to get outside and clean up and prepare to lower the red sails on my house.

Update 7:45 p.m.. Keep an eye on the Delmarva Power Outage Map! Things are getting worst and more to come.

OK folks Irene is knocking and most of you will be hunker-down. Don’t know about you but all the weather reports on TV is wearing me down.

So if you want to use Kilroy’s for a hurricane chatter box come on in.

Some important links for you:

Delaware live police scanner DSP-800

Delmarva Power Outage Map Very cool but if your power is out doesn’t help. Well unless you have internet access on your cell.

National Doppler Radar Sites Cool site

DelDot live traffic cams Check out the idiots driving on the road during the storm.

WWW.WDEL.COM  Storm Watch: Check the status on school closings for your Rag-Muffins and if your employer closes Monday (don’t count on it unless you are a government worker) Red Clay is closed Monday but Merv will be working from home. Be a great time for another breakfast with the Super. Hey honey, put 50 gallons of coffee on! We’re have company! LOL. Hey Merv, make sure the webcam is turned off on your laptop. Last thing we need is seeing you walking around in your BVDs that comes with you Brooks Brother suits. LOL ! Relax IT just having a little fund. Just make sure to get all the fish out of the buses.

So, as Irene moves through feel free to share what’s going on in your area. I know one thing for sure, before this is all over Mike Matthews will have a house full of bake-goods.

Kilroy’s Week in Review

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Delaware plays education proficiency shell game with parents! More lies!

Schools’ success difficult to gauge; Fewer failed, but bar was lower

The number of schools that failed to meet federal No Child Left Behind targets decreased this year, but state officials say that doesn’t indicate schools are doing any better

So a high school diploma means you survived K-12 but not necessarily prepared for college or career?

The state Department of Education increased the rigor of the state’s exams this year, but at the same time lowered the bar needed to meet federal guidelines for minimum proficiency on math and reading assessments.

I thought Lowery want educators to stop lying to students and parents?

“While I laud schools that made strong academic progress, I caution about trying to compare this year’s ranking to last year’s,” Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery said in a statement. “Because of the changes to the ranking system … it is not fair to try to equate them.”

The only thing not fair is Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s interference to curriculum, instruction and local board decision.  Sadly Lowery’s willingness to be a Delaware political puppet rather than a seasoned professional education will push the backs of the heads of poor children further in the mud. It’ time to elected the Delaware Secretary of Education rather than a political appointment.

The state changed the minimum proficiency target for math and reading because it started using a new test this year that was harder for students to pass. As a result, the U.S. Department of Education agreed that Delaware should move its 2011 minimum test score targets in reading from 84 percent proficient to 50 percent and in math from 75 percent proficient to 49 percent.

So let me get this right! Lowery lowers the bar at the same increasing the bar? So if the federal “wavier” allowed Delaware to lower the proficient level this year but still requires it to meet 100% proficiency by 2014? This is nothing more than rolling the political dice in that if NCLB is reauthorized eliminating the current 2014 proficiency level to ZERO Markell wins (students still lose). However, if proficiency level requirements stand Markell loses? Wait, Markell still wins if he can shovel his education bullshit and get reelected in fall 2012.  Win win for Markell and Lose lose for Delaware students particularly at-risk students.

The state also made changes to the way it rates schools using a method for helping parents to understand the school’s progress in meeting academic goals.

LOL !!!!!!!!! Markell and DEDOE  doesn’t give a shit about parents or even local school boards! Another political shell game to justify the expansion of administration and consultants.

At Christiana High School, principal Kristina M. Diviny said her students and staff were celebrating the superior rating the state gave the school. While the school’s test scores remain among the lowest in the state, the growth seen by the students was high, Diviny said, and that’s something to be happy about.

Is somebody sucking up for a state DEDOE job? So little Billy enters 9th grade with 6th grade proficiency level in Math and Reading but leaves 9th grade with a 7th grade proficiency level and that’s cause for celebration? Principal get rated highly effective because there growth but not in overall proficiency. What I think we need to do with that Race to The Top money is higher Reality Coaches!

“It’s tremendous,” she said. “That growth doesn’t happen by accident, either.”

And puppets are conceived! They are created !

“It’s kind of odd to see the superior rating to come out and to think back months ago when the state was saying it was going to be really hard for schools to meet it this year,” Murphy said.

Dude you’re skating on thin ice! Don’t question Dover ! Keep the faith or you’ll be blackballed. Don’t question authority !

Teachers is your district paying their local share of the 27th pay

Taking a poll here folks! I need teachers and bold school board members to weigh in on the 27th pay question.

Markell and state legislators agreed to fund the state portion of teachers 27th pay. This didn’t guarantee local school district will fund the local side of the 27th pay. So is your school district funding the local side of the 27th pay ? 

Most of us agree this needs to be fix! However, if the state is funding their share of the 27th pay one would expect the district would do the same.

Talk to me !

Arne Duncan does the Moonwalk on Race to The Top

How ironic, Arne Duncan calls Race  to The Top a Moon Shot and does the moonwalk saying  “Washington can never run public education, and what we want to do is we want to be a good partner,” Duncan told in a video interview, during which he fielded questions via Twitter.”

I say mofo Duncan needs to piss in the cup! Perhaps Markell is a Duncan partner who bent-over for $119 million dollars as he sold out Delaware local school boards. Markell claims we need to invest in education but screws Delaware school out of millions in this years state budget cuts and at the same time sending $8.2 million dollars to Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation. Yea that money created more jobs in DEDOE and Wall Street than teaching jobs in the classrooms. And let’s not for get one Job for her majesty union sell out. Take your bell and go to hell!

“Educational innovations “are never going to come from me or frankly from anyone else in Washington,” Duncan said. “They’re always going to come from great teachers, great principals at the local level.”

Got that right ! Duncan knows shit about innovation other than creative ways for governors like Jack Markell to drop to their knees.

State releases school ratings, completes the Texas Two Step! #netDE (via Transparent Christina)

Wow ! John Young called this DEDOE Texas Two-Step right! The Delaware Department of Education sits on the data and then manipulates it,

State Releases 2011 School Ratings Release Date: Aug 26, 2011 7:29 AM  ShareThis Delaware’s Department of Education today released its first set of annual school ratings since the state raised requirements for student proficiency in core subjects and streamlined school rating categories. While the changes in the ratings system, consolidation of categories and a reset of the state’s Annual Measureable Objectives (AMO) make a direct comparison to l … Read More

via Transparent Christina

Riffs in Wilmington City Council reveals more / Moyer BS

Delaware State Legislators need to wake-up and see DEDOE is turning a blind-eye to Markell / shell game