Is Jack Markell sharpening his charter school ax?

I wonder if Pencader parents filed a class action lawsuit would that have made a difference? What about Special Ed students? Aren’t they protected by IDEA? DEDOE may be heading for a violation of IDEA rules.


22 responses to “Is Jack Markell sharpening his charter school ax?

  1. Would it have made a difference if Pencader had filed a lawsuit? We will know in a few days.


    • Why would DOE be violating IDEA – special ed students don’t receive services during the summer.. those students can receive the same services (probably even better) at their next school


  2. I believe the hope was to not get on their bad side by filing a lawsuit…..I hope that doesn’t come back to slap us in the face.


  3. Unfortunately the IDEA doesn’t apply here, because special needs students aren’t being deprived of an education. At least that’s what I was told by an attorney. They will get an education, just not where we want them to be educated (if Pencader is closed). Of course the receiving schools have to be ready to implement each child’s IEP or 504 plan, and it remains to be seen if that will happen.


  4. Odd, at Pencader massive resignations in the athletics department.

    This in turn will cause student’s to look elsewhere hurting enrollment.

    Why on earth the day before DOE announces their decision, would you have upheaval in a premiere aspect of marketing the school?

    We made the decision to be small so the ‘average’ kid could have a chance to have playing time versus sitting the bench all season.

    Beats me.


    • Harrie Ellen Minnehan

      ONE resignation, Dave. And it was expected. No big deal.


    • It looks like Dave Jones knew what he was talking about when he said a lot was going on in the athletic department at Pencader.

      New or no coach for Football, men’s soccer, cross country, cheerleading, girls soccer, swimming

      Lewis and Minnehan said everything was good in the athletic department????


    • Ann E. Lewis

      As always, you are misinformed…the ‘massive’ resignations you are talking about are in your head and just nasty rumors. Our athletic department is just fine…so, from now on…please keep your nasty rumors and bad information to yourself…


  5. Now, now … you seem defensive.


    • Oh, but it is going to be a big deal. Rahsaan Matthews is one of the best football coaches out there and he relates extremely well with ALL kids.


    • Harrie Ellen Minnehan

      I think you need to finish your sentence to read: “….all kids who play football.”


    • Harrie Ellen Minnehan

      We get tired of your grumblings about Pencader. It was a brilliant idea for a Charter school and it was your idea. But you are no longer a part of it and that is reality. Time to step away. You should be pleased that people have stepped up to clean it up but instead you always want to throw in a negative comment about something, often off base and off fact. It is time to put it aside and let the people there handle it. This week ONE person resigned but that ONE person said long ago he planned to do that. So the jab you made, hopefully to make the school look like people are fleeing simply makes you look childish. Like I said, it is time to put it aside and hope that the people there now can get the job of cleaning up the financial mess done. It’s curious that you never offer help…..


  6. Harriellen,

    This pains me to write for we use to work well together, but the truth what you’re tired of is that DOE and the public and General Assembly are well aware that I was lied to in a meeting, I was lured into and then let go despite no evaluations, no warnings, nothing at all except for good bye and I started the place and this is how I get treated? 5 Democratic state rep’s called me and asked me ‘wtf’?

    You’re also tired of the fact that my foundation friends yanked the carpet away and that my personally devised network for recruiting such as withiin the Filipino community and parochial school’s are also gone.

    As for the one coach leaving, fear not for more are coming. You’d be amazed as to how many letter’s of recomendation I write these days.

    If things were so good, you should be too busy to even have the time to read I write. When I was getting things going looking at blogs was a luxury I had zero time for doing especially when in this case where in less then 24 hours the pad lock may be put on the door.

    As for me offering to help if I had been treated honestly and we negogiated a fair settlement I very well may have, but when I was sacrificed to appease the large ego of the then school board chairman who quit via email on a friday at 4;30 just 3 days later, it was obvious to me that educating kids was a distant second to the arrogance politics that occupies the air at 170 Lukens.

    Finally, as for throwing the former bus contractor under the bus (pun intended) says it all. The same lack of integrity I was given obviously still exists today. Delaware is far too small to operate in a duplicitous manner such as what I have desctibed. As a sage man once observed: you do indeed reap what you’ve sown.


  7. Just got the word–Pencader will be open!!!


  8. Raymond F. Arzinger

    Stop it. Before I tell the truth on you, and reveal what a liar you are. Remember Dave I was in the room when it went down, so you may bullshit some people on this blog, but I’m sick of it. So just stop it.
    Ray Arzinger


  9. Ray,
    You weren’t.


  10. Fair is fair and I’m the first to admit that the Reach lawsuit is likely what carried PCHS over the line and a win is a win no matter how achieved. In addition the CSD argument re: lack of money did have merit as well plus as one who refuses to give up – it took us 2 years to get approved I do applaud old fashioned style tenacity.

    I hope you make it as does your landlord, for the other two tenant’s in there prior went bankrupt.

    God bless and good luck.

    Always happy to discuss. 521-7600


  11. athletic department is fine????

    Football – Matthews – gone
    Swimming – Townsend – gone
    Boys soccer – Daras – gone
    Girls Soccer – Daras – gone
    Athletic Director – been gone
    Girls basketball – ?
    Athletic trainer – ?


    • Three of fourteen sports do not have coaches listed on That’s not overwhelming, especially since Pencader is a BUSINESS school not the a SPORTS school.

      Townsend is still the Boys Lacrosse Coach, just not the swim coach, according to the website.

      The athletic trainer position appears open, but – and I don’t know if this is the case with Pencader – many schools have contracts with Christiana Care for their athletic trainers which can result in various trainers filling positions and changes that the school has little control over.

      Finally, I think is quite possible that some staff may have started looking for new jobs when the Charter committee recommended closure for Pencader. Again, its not unreasonable to see these type of openings when a school has been forced to walk the gauntlet for since March!

      As far as suspensions for drug use – where can I fin

      But, I’m just an observer.


  12. blessblackandhighlyfavored

    Your point is…..from what I can see on all those coaches had loosing records. Which tells me the players didn’t relate to nor did those people know how to coach….


  13. Raymond F. Arzinger

    I notice you did not take me up on my invitation of this morning to call me back so that I could help you remember your final days at Pencader. But then bullies usually are scared little boys when someone finally calls them out.

    Yes I was there when the ENTIRE Board (not just the chair) decided to part ways with you. I know because I was a member of that Board, remember? If you are unsure about this why don’t you ask Brad Catts, or Mike or Tommie or Scott or Chris they were all there too.

    You know Dave that confidentiality prevents me or any other Pencader Board member from discussing personnel issues. Of course you do. You have been hiding behind this fact for a long time because it has allowed you to tell lies about Pencader with no real threat of anyone telling their side of the story So let’s just put it this way: the school is going forward and will be successful. Move on Dave, Pencader has.

    Ray Arzinger.


  14. Wait, I thought you have been saying how great the employees at the school are. Sounds you like you are saying something different now.

    A lot of people will disagree with your saying the coaches weren’t good. Mr. Matthews has a lot of fans! Keep saying negative stuff about him and you will lose a lot of students.

    A big part of the problem with the teams not doing well is that a lot of students couldn’t play because of their poor grades, not showing up for practices, and getting suspended for drug use. Also, it is hard for a small school to compete against schools with a much larger pool of players.


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