Daily Archives: July 16, 2011

Was Race card played in Lowery’s Reach decision?

I am getting these crazy E-mails suggesting Lowery’s decision to put Reach Academy for Girls on probation rather that closure as the review committee recommended had some racial aspects to it.

I told this person that I think not the case but it was pointed out to me none of the minority leaders came out in protest when Reach’s new board president was snubbed. Could be some inside complaints “motivated”  Markell to reconsider.

I don’t give a rat’s ass how it was pulled off because Reach needed to stay open! Some others say Markell bellied-up because of the pending law suit by Reach!

Who knows, could be true! Lowery’s announcement did undermined the state board of education’s integrity.

If true I wonder if these minority leaders will step-up for minority students and all students at Pencader? Kind of sucks, offend minority adults on a school board and the community steps up. But offend minority student and all students no one gives a rat’s ass!

One thing for sure, anything is possible with the Markell administration !