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America lives! Troops to be paid !

Obama, Congress reach a debt deal

WASHINGTON — Racing the clock to avoid a government default, President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders reached historic agreement Sunday night on a compromise to permit vital U.S. borrowing by the Treasury in exchange for more than $2 trillion in long-term spending cuts.



Kilroy is heading to Washington with Kilroy’s Debt Relief Plan

I am on my way to the New Castle County Air Base where a special assigned F22 Rapture is on stand-by.

Kilroy is presenting the following plan:

Raise the debt ceiling to 2.5 trillion dollars.

Constitutional balanced budget amendment.(phased in by 2017).

Eliminate the United States Department of Education.

$3000.00 fine to John Boehner each time he cries on national TV.

$3000.00 fine to Harry Reid each times his Depends sticks out the back of his pants on national TV.

Make Arne Duncan write the following on the chalk board 10,000 times; I am not a teacher and am sorry for disrespecting the teaching profession. I am useless as a woodpecker on an aluminum telephone pole.  Viagra works best if swallowed not shoved up the ass.

NCLB aka the Bush Family retirement plan OK’d by Obama

Undernews: Obama openly joins the Bush family in pushing No Child scam…/… – Cached Mar 8, 2011 – The centerpiece of No Child Left Behind, annual testing of … and Neil Bush, the president’s youngest brother, have all cashed in on the …

# 12 Bush Profiteers Collect Billions From No Child Left Behind…/12-bush-profiteers-collect-billions-fro… – Cached The architect of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), President Bush’s first senior education  a consortium of over 300 CEOs, but countless Bush family loyalists.  and Neil Bush, the president’s youngest brother, have all cashed in on the 

Bush’s Family Profits from ‘No Child’ Act – Cached Oct 22, 2006 – Bush’s Family Profits from ‘No Child’ Act. by Walter F. Roche Jr. A company headed by President Bush’s brother and partly owned by his ..

No Child left Behind = $$Billions for Bush family friends and › Discuss – Cached Mar 15, 2007 – No Child left Behind = $$Billions for Bush family friends and cronies -> …take BECAUSE of NCLB, all those other cash generating programs …

No Child Left Behind: the Bush family cashes  – Pam’s House Blend…/no-child-left-behind-bush-family.html – Cached Jan 8, 2005 – No Child Left Behind: the Bush family cashes in too … country are “benefiting” from its programs as Neil carries bags of cash to the bank. 

Bush Profiteers Collect Billions From No Child Left Behind…/showthread.php?…Bush…No-Child-Left-Behin… – Cached 2 posts – 2 authors – Last post: Nov 12, 2009 12 Bush Profiteers Collect Billions From No Child Left Behind IN TOP 25 CENSORED STORIES FOR 2009 … but countless Bush family loyalists. … and Neil Bush, the president’s youngest brother, have all cashed in on the ..

Is Arne Duncan on the Bush Family Payroll? « Kilroy’s  delaware…/is-arne-duncan-on-the-bush-fami… – Cached Jan 23, 2011 – Neil Bush Cashing in on No Child Left Behind … Business Roundtable, a consortium of over 300 CEOs, but countless Bush family loyalists. …
No Bush Left Behind: When You’re Barred From Banking, Why Not Bank…/no_bush_left_behind_when_your… – Cached –Block all results Mar 12, 2004 – After Neil Bush was banned from banking activities for his role in the Savings… take comprehensive tests required under the No Child Left Behind act that … We’ll begin by looking at the Bush family. …. This is a long-time tradition of relatives cashing in on their proximity to the presidency. …

Tigani is not the bad guy, those who violated oath of office are.

How Chris Tigani seduced the Delaware Legislature; Using one gift after another, Tigani charmed his way into the hearts of lawmakers to get what he wanted

Chris Tigani was the charming rich kid who had a gift for knowing what politicians wanted, and seeing that they got it.

Political candidates and elected officials know the law and rules. Morally Delaware has the most corrupt system of government in the country. It amazes me but not unexpected that when those who took Tigani’s candy are confronted they somehow see no wrong. Businessman are in business to make money and legislators are in business to make laws and protect the Constitution. It all came down to morals and those legislators who played the game have none! Hanging Tigani for the crimes of legislators doesn’t deliver real justice. And what about the biggest corporate crook currently in public office? Governor Jack Markell sold out Delaware’s public schools system to a Wall Street agenda. The truth about Markell won’t be reveal because his network of corporate scumbags are more influential than ten Tigani’s. For those of you who are not a native Delawareans, there is the Delaware Political Star Chamber. Has anyone figured out why the Delaware GOP isn’t criticizing Markell’s education plan that expands government? Has anyone figured out why the national GOP isn’t criticizing Obama or Duncan’s education agenda? Neil Bush, Jeb Bush and even Newt Gingrich are aligned with Obama’s Wall Street takeover of public schools. It’s going to be hard for any Delaware Republican to run against Markell because, if they criticize Markell’s education agenda they’ll be stepping on some big feet. Tigani didn’t victimized state legislators! Those legislators victimized the people and taxpayers of Delaware.

Idaho tells Arne Duncan U-daho

July 30, 2011 Idaho rejects ‘No Child’ goals; State schools to ignore federal benchmarks : Jessie L. Bonner Associated Press

BOISE – The state Board of Education signed off on Idaho’s plan to reject the latest requirements for determining student progress under the federal No Child Left Behind law, though some trustees questioned public schools chief Tom Luna about his timing and motives behind the move.

The board voted 4-2 in a special meeting Friday to approve the plan amid concerns from board member Don Soltman, who noted that Idaho was ditching the higher benchmarks three days before the state’s latest batch of testing results would be released on Monday.

Is 60 Minutes questioning Sharpton’s blackness

Is the NEA becoming irrelevant ?

PM ET, 07/03/2011 NEA goes after Education Secretary Arne Duncan

National Education Association delegates blasted Education Secretary Arne Duncan, passing a resolution that orders the NEA president to “communicate aggressively, forcefully, and immediately” to President Obama that the teachers union “is appalled” by a number of things Duncan has said and done in the name of school reform.
The resolution of the country’s largest union (see below) includes a list of Duncan’s actions and statements with which the NEA disagrees, including his standardized test-driven reform policies..

The resolution underlines the sharp animosity that exists among many public school teachers toward Duncan’s Education Department. But, with obvious calculation, the NEA does not blame Obama for the policies even though they all have his imprimatur.

In fact, the union’s leadership decided in May to ask their legislative body to approve an endorsement of Obama in the 2012 presidential race despite the great disagreement over reform policy.

NEA members need to take a close look at the union political relationship in Delaware. Lead the sheep to slaughter and thy shall be rewarded a job in my kingdom.

Obama and Duncan are big on pumping more money into education but it’s goes to Wall Street and expand administration and consultants. It’s obvious why senior union leaders support this. It’s because most senior union leaders are nearing the end of their teaching careers and would love to be consultants or work for DOE. Is RTTT producing smaller class sizes or protecting teachers who spent a lifetime of bullshit regulations with most being underfunded.

I understand why union are reluctant to support Republicans but there is a plan to give local schools the ultimate in flexibility.

Arne Duncan opposes H.R.2445 “The State and Local Funding Flexibility Act 

“Allows states and school districts to use funds received through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and the Education Jobs Fund. These funds may be used freely for activities authorized under ESEA”

“Permits states and school districts to increase funds to support K-12 education programs that meet the needs of their individual classrooms, such as extra reading instruction or additional technology. Schools would also have the option to support early intervening services authorized under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).”

“Removes red tape for states and school districts by allowing them to use federal funds to fulfill local education priorities. This approach builds on long-standing federal efforts to enable effective, school-wide reforms that address all students’ needs, particularly those most at-risk.”

Good hard working teachers are being sold out by their unions and they know it! It’s time to eliminated the United States Department of Education and we know it and give schools back to local school districts, taxpayers , parents and students. I support strong “local” unions and there well deserved pay and benefits.

Arne Duncan is feeling the heat and comes back with this, “WASHINGTON — Teachers should have salaries starting at $60,000 and have the opportunity to make up to $150,000 based on performance, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said at the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards conference on Friday, according to prepared remarks.” 

So tell me, will the federal government subsidize teachers pay? Duncan is presenting a pipe dream! I am all for paying our teachers like the professionals they are but, how about we respect their rights and not undermine them with asshole programs like Teach for America.

One thing for sure, we see how Delaware rewards team-players!

Can’t blow your own horn ?

Colonial SD wants your old band instruments By Frank Gerace (WDEL)

Got a trumpet, trombone or other band instrument at home you or your kids haven’t used since you or they were in the school band? the Colonial School District is interested.

The district is asking its residents to donate used instruments so they can be refurbished and used by current students whose parents can’t afford to buy or rent instruments.

It’s part of Colonial’s “Instruments for Kids” program, paid for by the Colonial Education Foundation, and instrument donations are tax-deductible.

You can get more information by calling the district at 323-2728.

Come on people clean out those attics and basements! Help a kid play music and keep them off the street.


Markell’s state education cuts hurts students

Laurel district in ‘dire’ straits; State’s cuts blamed for monetary woes

LAUREL — State cuts to education have put the school district in danger of running out of money by next spring, officials said this week as they announced an austerity plan.

Laurel’s schools are in “dire” financial straits thanks to the state’s “extreme” cuts, acting Superintendent Dorothy Nave told a group of about 40 community leaders, residents and district employees at a school board meeting Thursday night.

It’s very doubt the Delaware taxpayers will makeup and see how Delaware Governor Jack Markell is using local tax-dollars to back fill his state cuts and in a few years Race to The Top. Markell went as far as to communicate to district superintendents who reserved some of the federal stimulus money under the Ed Job bill to us that money to back-fill his state education budget cuts. The reality of that move will be felt school year 2012-2013. School district with local reserves will be going into deficit spending pushing the districts closer to referendums. Once Race to The Top funding ends in 2014 that initiative must be back-filled with local dollars.


PSA: Delaware Governor butchers public school funding!

Red Clay School District FY12 Governor’s Recommended Budget  Total Impact ($7,877,517)

Delaware’s $320 million surplus and Markell plans to cut public school funding

Arne Duncan wants legislation requiring children to walk by age 9 months

Deep within Arne Duncan education reform manifesto he wants legislation requiring all children to walk by the age 9 months. He feels any later goals associated with his cradle to career would be harmed.  Duncan did yield to his critics and backed off plans requiring teachers in birthing rooms. Somehow he thought if a teachers were the first thing  a baby laid eyes on there wouldn’t be such a disconnect when the child started school. Duncan also suggested some new classroom management technique such as sending students to the bathroom in alphabetical order and teachers would be required to give a two-week notice in the event of death. Lastly, Duncan wants K-5 teachers required to call each student prior to bedtime to wish them goodnight and to tell them, tell your parents to vote for Jack Markell for governor.

USDOE approves Markell’s RTTT Amendment

July 15, 2011 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY SECRETARY Ann Whalen Director, Policy and Program Implementation Implementation and Support Unit (see the above link for acopy of actual letter)

“If Delaware does not substantially comply with the revised timelines approved under this amendment via its current plan for doing so or meet the performance measure through another approach, the Department will take appropriate enforcement action which will include initiating withholding proceedings that may include up to $13,800,000 (or 11.6 percent) of its Race to the Top grant funds including the associated funds that would otherwise be subgranted to participating LEAs.”

When will our state legislators wake up? We need leadership changes at the Delaware Department of Education NOW ! DEDOE’s charter school office is a shambles and yet no one is being held accountable for lack of required Charter School Annual Report and inconsistencies in required Citizen Budget Oversight Committees. My guess is, the lack of action om the state legislators side is due to their inability to comprehend what the F is going on. They pass new laws at the same time the Department of Education says F the current laws.

Seems like the investment for kids paid-off in a big way for the adults who played the RTTT slot machine including former DSEA Prez.

Race to The Top is only a four-year grant and consequences associated with these amendments are invalid after the grant terms expires.

Yet anther Markell delay request from March

Reach Academy on the move towards better transparency and a bright future

Making my rounds visiting various school websites and I see Reach Academy’s webpage coming alive. Monthly finance reports updated and  first Budget Oversight Committee set for August 10, 2011 5:00 -7:00 PM


Random drug tested needed at the Delaware Department of Education

State education departments stuck on rules, Vermont better than most; By Gabrielle Levy Medill News Service – Published: July 27, 2011

WASHINGTON — State education departments across the country are struggling to strike a balance between a growing demand for leadership in reform and shrinking budgets.

A report released Wednesday in a bipartisan collaboration between the Center for American Progress and the American Enterprise Institute found state education agencies as a rule are too focused on compliance with federal and state regulations, rather than proactively advocating for improving schools.

“No one knows what a district needs more than the people who live it every day,” said Lillian Lowery, Delaware’s secretary of education.Vermont’s teachers said the state office does better than most states at formally including teachers in decisions that affects schools and students.

“No one knows what a district needs more than the people who live it every day,” said Lillian Lowery, Delaware’s secretary of education. Such bullshit ! Markell and DEDOE shoved the Race to The Top MOU up the asses of local school boards saying either you sign and share in the RTTT funding or you’ll fund new state regulations aligned with RTTT with local dollars. I was there for Red Clay board vote on the MOU and heard it for myself. What the districts need is for Jack Markell to stop blowing Arne Duncan and DEDOE kissing Jack’s ass! The Delaware Department of Education has lost the capacity to effectively work as a partner with local school districts and charter schools. Markell and DEDOE mode of operation is F you local school boards.

Will Delaware Governor Jack Markell allow an execution?

Murders should be punished but what good is it to take another life? If this guy killed someone in my family I’d rather see him rot in jail than death.

It’s not a question of will Jack Markell show passion but rather address the morals of this event.

If were going to have a death penalty shouldn’t it apply to all murders rather than a select few?

Hey Jack, are you going to call Arne Duncan to see what he would do? Maybe you should put out an RFP for a Death Coach. Who knows one of your butcher friends on Wall Street could use the money.