Delaware’s newest blog! OUTSIDE THE MACHINE

Delaware’s newest blog with some old dogs with new tricks. Welcome Outside The Machine. Not sure who the head dog is but here are the contributors, Dana Garret ( I knew he when he was a kid :),  Joe Madjeski ( don’t know him but I am sure he is not related to the Bidens), Steve Newton (the best Libertarian I’ve ever met), Anonone ( not sure who this person is but could be Ruth Ann Minner, who knows?), Tyler Nixon ( Owner of Bob Barker’s collection of sports jackets) and Donviti (use to be lookout man at a famous water ice stand on Union Street, water ice out the front and numbers out the back. And almost forget, he us to sell protection insurance to other kids at the Italian Festival. $5.00 would guarantee your ass wouldn’t get kicked. )

Outside The Machine has been around since March and looks like it had a slow start. Great layout and you won’t struggle with grammatical errors like at Kilroy’s :). These boys are college educated. Give them a try!


One response to “Delaware’s newest blog! OUTSIDE THE MACHINE

  1. Thanks for the love sir. Very much appreciated. I got tired of dealing with a blog that has a lot of writers on it all beating the same drum. I figured a nice wide swath of political views would be good for Delaware and for blogging in general.

    Just trying to fill in a void that is out there.